The Leadfoot Festival pays respect to the most significant and outstanding drivers. Rod Millen personally hand selects championship racers from around the world along with their distinguished racing machines to receive the coveted invitation to participate in the Leadfoot Festival.

Guests will be given one of a kind experiences featuring unparalleled access to the drivers, pits and race cars. Nowhere else would you be able to meet and chat to these motoring heroes and legends in such a relaxed atmosphere.

Shane Allen

Shane Allen – 1999 Ford Falcon

Shane started racing speedway at the age of 14 and was picked for the New Zealand Youth Ministock Team which raced in Australia over three years. He was named Speedway Driver of the Year and moved onto the D1NZ at 18 years old.
1999 Ford Falcon:
1999 ex Dean Perkins V8 Touring Car. Currently set up as a Drift Car.

Tony Anton

Tony Antonievich – 1969 Camaro Z-28

Tony is the owner of Auto and Aero Restorations and has an impressive collection of cars.
1969 Camaro Z-28:
Raced in 1969 – 1970 Trans- Am series USA. It was shipped to New Zealand in 1971 and raced by Dennis Marwood in the NZ Saloon Car Series 1971-1973. It was also raced by Johnny Riley in the Big Banger Saloon Series 1974 and was restored by Tony Antonievich.

Cole Armstrong

Cole Armstrong – 2002 Nissan 250GT Skyline

Cole is a D1NZ competitor who has been drifting for the last 5 years using an R34 Skyline and competing in both New Zealand and Australian events.
2002 Nissan 250GT Skyline: This is Coles first season in the Nissan 250GT Skyline which is powered by a Dodge NASCAR engine.

Steven armstrong

Steven Armstrong – 1981 Mazda RX7 Series II

Steven has built and competed in RX2, RX3’s, and RX7’s at club and national Level. Competitor in the Production Supercar series in the 80’s in a class winning 10A RX3. Member of the Paul Adams Rally Team – engineer and co-driver.
1981 Mazda RX7 Series II: Built in 2012 as a detailed replica and tribute to the infamous #43 Alan Moffat Group C RX7 Australian Touring car, to run in the Heritage Touring car series for Group C and Group A cars.

Fred Bailey

Fred Bailey – 1961 Ford Consul Classic

Fred started competing in the early 70’s in both a Mini Cooper S 1293cc and an Mk2 RS 2000. Competed at Pukekohe Club Circuits in Cooper S, RS 2000, Phase 3 GTHO (EX Robbie) and twin cam 105E Anglia. Fred enjoys re-building old classic cars and motor bikes.

1961 Ford Consul Classic 2 Door Saloon: A rare 2 door saloon built by Fred with modified non/cross flow engine 1790cc with twin 45 DCOE’s and 5 speed, LSD, full homologated roll cage.

Jim Barclay

Jim Barclay – 1961 Gemini Mk3A FJ

Jim has been racing his Gemini M3A since he purchased the car in 1996. He saw the Gemini he now owns being raced at Levin and Ohakea in 1962 and 1963 by it’s first owner, Rex Flowers.
1961 Gemini Mk3A FJ
: Raced in the International series in New Zealand in 1962 and 1963 it was then raced as a very early Formula C (Formula Ford) in 1970 before being discarded. Rebuilt in the late 1980s to NZ National Formula specs with 1500cc engine. Returned to Formula Junior specs in 2002 with Ford Anglia 1060cc engine.

Robert Bartley Car

Robert Bartley – 1955 Ford Customline

Robert began racing Saloons in the 1970’s, the era of the PDL Mustang. He was involved in OSCA campaigns in the South Island and meetings in Levin and Pukekohe.
1955 Ford Customline: The creation of a new car by Robbie Francevic and Tony Kriletich was a triumph of improvisation and cunning. This car, matched with V8 created the Custaxie. The ‘Colour Me Gone’ Custaxie which only raced one victorious season went into history as one of the most celebrated examples of successful Kiwi motorsport ingenuity.

Graeme Bjerring Car

Graeme Bjerring – 1974 Hillman Avenger

Graeme is the son of the late David Bjerring one of the founding members of the Thames Valley Car Club. Graeme is a 9 time TVCC Club champion, winner of the ICE Autocolor Rallycross in 1992 and 1st place in the Inter Club Hill Climb Series in 1995.
1974 Hillman Avenger: Built in the late 80’s by Steve Murphy & Richard Leage. Graeme purchased the car in 1989. It was the overall winner in Rally Sprints , Rallycross, Autocross, Hill Climbs and Grasstrack.

Rick Bone Car

Rick Bone – 1972 Datsun 1200 Coupe

Rick has been a competitive Tarmac/Track racer for over 15 years and has most recently raced for numerous seasons in GTRNZ NZ’s fastest saloon cars, placing 2nd over all for GT2 in the 2013/2014 season.
1972 Datsun 1200 Coupe:
The car was orginally built for SS2000 in the late 1990’s and has won the 0-1600 cc class in SS2000 for 5 seasons. It’s current engine package is a Nissan SR20 Turbo motor.

Daniel Bray Kart

Daniel Bray – 20014 GP 13 KZ2 Kart

In 2007 Daniel started racing Go Karts internationally and moved to California in 2009 to race professionally. He is a multiple New Zealand Karting Champion and holds the title of 2014 NZ Prokart Champion along with placings in many international events.
2014 GP13: 125cc TM KZ10B Engine, 46hp at the rear wheels, 175kgs with Driver, 6 speed sequential gearbox. Dry Clutch, 0-100kmph in 2.8 seconds, 4 wheel aluminium ceramic disc brakes.


Andy Booth Car

Andy Booth – 2007 Lotus 211

Runner up 1st division, British Formula Ford Championship, Formula Palmer Audi Rookie of the year 1998. Winner New Zealand Grand Prix 2000, Winner Denny Hulme Memorial Trophy 2000, Tasman Series Champion 2000, NZV8 Champion 2004 and 2005. First ever driver to win back to back Championships.
2007 Lotus 211: This vehicle is based on the Lotus EXIGE S and has the same supercharged Toyota 2ZZ-GE Engine. Weighing 670 kg (1,477 lb) and with 252 bhp (188 kW; 255 PS), the 2-Eleven can The 2-Eleven can sprint from 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds and has a top speed of 150 mph (241 km/h).


Russell Burling Car

Russell Burling – 2007 Lotus 211

Russell is a NZ Sports car competitor.
2007 Lotus 211: This was the first production Lotus Track Spec build and is chassis number 005. The car was used for international motor show displays and was purchased from Lotus Australia in 2011 and shipped to NZ. The vehicle has been modified and now weighs 740kg dry and has 370hp at the crank from the Toyota 2zzg motor and runs a Quaif dog box gear set.

Tony Christiansen

Tony Christiansen – 2006 Star Car GSX-R Suzuki

Tony lost his legs at the age of 9yrs old in railway accident and has been racing in motorsports for 35 years. With a background competing in Speedway Midgets, Sprintcars and Saloon cars for 28yrs Tony was a Race to the Sky competitor in 2000 and Bonneville Salt Flats Speedweek Competitor in 2008. Tony has been Drag Racing for 6 years in a Circuit Racing Star Car.
2006 Star Car GSX-R Suzuki: Star Car VX Commodore Body GSX-R 1100 Suzuki 400kg, 5 Speed sequential gearbox with electronic shift, Hand controls for accelerator and brakes

Grant Clegg

Grant Clegg – 1971 BMW 2002 ti Alpina

Having worked in the automotive industry for much of Grant’s life, cars have become an increasing part of his social and sporting life. His involvement with the BMW Car Club led him into classic racing in the mid-nineties, and he has raced and rallied a variety of 2002’s ever since.
1971 BMW 2002 ti Alpina: After winning the 1970 Silver Fern Rally in a stock-standard BMW 2002, Paul Adams built this car in 1971 and ran it in three consecutive Heatway Rallies, with a best finish of fourth in the 1972 event.

Mark Collier Car

Mark Collier – 1989 Mazda MX5

Mark recently retired from National Motocross racing. He discovered All Classic Japanese and built a Mazda 1989 MX5 Turbo to race. In his first season he managed to secure 3rd place in the series and a “Best Presented” car award.
1989 Mazda MX5 1600cc Turbo: Approx 260 HP at wheels at 14 PSI boost. 15×9 6ul racing wheels with Nitto 225×45 NT01 tyres. 13.75″ Willwood Big Brake Kit. Koni Race Coilovers with 10kg Front and 6 KG rear Springs.

Tony Cross Car

Tony Cross – 1973 Lola T340 Formula Ford

Tony spent a year in the Midget class at Western Springs before buying a historic Formula Ford in 1998 but got serious when he purchased the T340 Lola in Feb 2008. Tony has been quite successful winning two championships and currently leading the points this year.
1973 Lola T340 Formula Ford: This car is Lola’s factory development car under the guidance of Frank Gardener and is Chassis number 1. Many well known drivers have competed in this car including Wally Galloway, Mike Garlick, Graeme Newth, Nigel Barclay.

Sloan Cox

Sloan Cox – 2004 Hillclimb Special Evo 8

Sloan started competing in NZRC at 15 years old and was accepted into the Elite Motorsport Academy. Then at 18 years old he upgraded to the current Taslo Engineering Evo 10 Rally car. Sloan became the 2010 New Zealand Junior Rally Champion and the New Zealand Hillclimb Champion in 2011/12.
2004 Hillclimb Special Evo 8:
Ex Andrew Hawkeswood Hillclimb Evo with some new modifications. Now has a 6 speed sequential holinger gearbox, 6 pot front calipers, 4 pot rear callipers.

Steve Cox CarSteve Cox Go Kart 2

Steve Cox – 2002 Ferrari F40 and KZ2 Shifter Kart

Steve has spent most of his life racing in all sorts of vehicles, from rallying to an International Level, competed in the Wellington Street race, and racing in the North Island Circuits.

2002 Ferrari F40: Built in 2002 and raced for 5 years. Powered by a a twin turbo Lexus V8, drive is delivered via heavily modified Quaife 6 speed sequential transaxle with paddle shift.

KZ2 Shifter Kart: This an international spec kart that has a custom Maxtor 125cc Single cylinder water cooled kart specific engine. 45 hp, 14,000 rpm. 6 Speed sequential gearbox. Chassis: 2011 Maranello RS8, ceramic brakes, lightweight body kit, carbon seat.

Steve Day Car

Steve Day – 1959 Briggs Mercury V8 Special

Steve has competed in various car club and VCC events and owns a collection of historic Australian and American muscle cars.
1959 Briggs Mercury V8 Special:
An historic New Zealand race car built by Brian Briggs the car has an extensive motor racing history. The Chassis is a combination of a Zeded Model A Ford Chassis, hand made aluminium body, and Early V8 running gear with an Offenhauser equipped Flathead V8 engine.

Michael Delmont Car

Michael Delmont – 1975 BMW 2002

Mike has been involved in Motorsport in one form or another since the late 60’s. He won the Dunedin Street Race in this car and many other circuit race vents over the years. Mike has competed in many Tarmac rallies in this car and won the Targa Bambina outright in 2003.
1975 BMW 2002 Turbo: This car runs a 2.3 litre SOHC 2 valve 4 cylinder engine. It runs a Garrett turbocharger and makes well in excess of 600 HP and revs to 8500 rpm. It runs a Getrag close ratio 5 speed box and a BMW plate diff.

Karl Douglas Car

Karl Douglas – 2001 Subaru Impreza STI

Karl started his motorsort career a little late in life in 2005. The Pukekohe Car Club event at Kemp Road produced a 4th overall for Karl and co-driver Damian van Heusen. Since that first event, the pair have racked up 30 or so rallies plus numerous rallysprints and hill climbs.
2001 Subaru Impreza STI: Version 8 Impreza Rally Car. It has a Possum Bourne Motorsport Engine, gearbox and diffs. Motec ECU, MCA suspension and AP gravel spec brakes.

Bert Dove

Bert Dove – 1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Bert started his racing of classic cars in the early 1990s & developed one of the quickest Triumph TR3s in the country with great success. Today club events in his BMW M6 keep the passion for motorsport in the blood.
1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
: NASCAR # 24 DuPont raced by Jeff Gordon for Hendricks Motorsports, winning the championship for the third time that year.

andy duffin

Andy Duffin – 1969 Mazda RX7

Andy is a 3 times Pro7 (rx7) NZ Champion who is also a SS2000 NZ Champion. Returning to motorsport after a big crash at a V8 supercar meeting at Pukekohe in the GT Class.
1996 Mazda RX7:
Built for the SS2000 and won the championship in 2012/13 it was rebuilt for GT2 with a 20b pp, 6 sequential dog box, dry sumped, 1000kgs.

Ross Dunkerton Car

Ross Dunkerton – 1972 Escort MK1

Ross is a five time Australian Rally Champion, Four time Malaysian Rally Champion, Two time Asia Pacific Rally Champion and was the 1988 Mitsubishi International Driver of the Year. He won the 107 FIA sanctioned rallies. Only ever “A” seeded Australian rally driver, he was the first Australian to stand on the WRC podium.
1972 Escort MK1: Full FIA Historic MK1 Escort. 2 Litre BDG, ZF.

Mike Ensor Bike

Mike Ensor – 1977 Ducati Desmo Supersport

Mike has had a passion for older bikes for 40 years, in particular, Ducati bevel twins from the 1970s and has been collecting and restoring collectible machines of all types from the 1940 to 1970 era.
1977 Ducati Desmo Supersport: This 1977 900ss has been restored by Ducati expert Kenny Dreer of vintage rebuilds in Oregon, engine by GP motorcycles in San Diago. One of the earlier thoroughbred Ducati bevels of the 1970,s, which had huge success in many races of its era, and is a highly sort after classic today.

 Angus Fogg

Angus Fogg – 1969 Morris Cooper S

Angus won the NZ V8 Touring Car Champion and Gold Star Saloon Race in 2012. In 2009, he finished first in both the North Island Winter Endurance series and the Northern Sports Car Club Six Hour Endurance Race.
1969 Morris Cooper S:
Restored by Angus in 2009 to present condition. Original Arden 8 port head and twin Dellorto carburetors. Bodywork all original, glass windows, updated seat and roll cage.

Joe Gillman

Joe Gillman – 1935 Ford V8 Coupe

Joe has been driving his 1935 Ford coupe for 55 years. He raced the car at the Tahuna Beach races in Nelson and has competed in many South Island hill climbs.
1935 Ford V8 Coupe
– Equipped with a 284 cubic inch Ford Flathead V8 prepared by H&H Flatheads in California, Navarro heads and four barrel intake. It has a Holley 450 carburetor and MSD ignition, Ford V8 3 speed transmission, Mitchell Overdrive, Juice brakes.


Mark Glidden – 1979 Porsche 911 SC

Mark is a competition race license holder who has raced in the Porsche Bridgestone series from 2005 to 2009 plus various classic race series.
1979 Porsche 911 SC: This car has competed in three full targa events and many Porsche series and classic car series over the last twenty years

Andrew Hawkeswood

Andrew Hawkeswood – 1985 Audi Quattro S1

One of New Zealand’s best rally drivers, Hawkeswood is based alternatively in Alexandra and Auckland depending on where his gold mining works takes him.
1985 Audi Quattro S1:
This car is a replica, but with a convincing body kit, factory livery and genuine German five-cylinder, 20-valve Quattro engine.

Roger Herrick

Roger Herrick – 1947 Herrick A40 Special

Roger started racing karts in the 1970s and began actively motor racing again fifteen years ago predominantly in historic single seaters but also competing in sports cars and saloons. John is also involved in motor sport administration as President of TACCOC and co-ordinator of New Zealand Formula Junior Register.
1947 Herrick A40 Special:
While orginally built by Des Herrick and campaigned by him as a successful speedway and hill climb car, the car’s main claim to fame was with two future New Zealand Formula One stars – Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon.

Garth Hogan Car

Garth Hogan – 2006 Ford GT

Garth has been involved in motorsport from an early age and became a competitor in 1975. From 1975 through 1993 he ran a series of Nitromethane burning Dragsters and Funny Cars and held the outright NZ record.
2006 Ford GT: In the 1960’s Ford USA produced the Ford GT40 with the aim of beating Ferrari at Le Mans. They did this successfully over a 4 year period. 40 years later in 2005-2006 Ford recreated the GT40 using a more modern engine and drivetrain.

 John Holmes

John Holmes – 1960 Lotus 18 Formula Junior

John restored this car in the early 1980’s and has been competing in historic racing in New Zealand and occasionally Australia ever since.
1960 Lotus 18 Formula Junior:
The car was originally built by Lotus in 1960, one of about 125 Lotus 18s made specifically for International Formula Junior Racing.

Ron Hope Car

Ron Hope – 1932 Austin-Bantam Roadster

As a teenager, Ron was quite active in the Dry Lakes Racing and Bonneville Land Speed Record Racing. In 1964, Ron and a partner set a Bonneville speed record in a C/Gas Roadster using Chrysler power in a 1932 Ford roadster.
1932 Austin-Bantam Roadster: The Rat Trap as we know it today was the product of the ‘engine wars’ of the 60’s when Chevrolet powered altereds challenged the Chrysler powered altereds. The Rat Trap was one of four cars which made up the legendary Fuel Altered Tours of 1970-72

leigh hopper

Leigh Hopper – 1995 Subaru Impreza

Leigh is an 8 year competitor in Targa NZ category 10 (unrestricted 4WD). He has had four event wins, including the last 2014 3 day Targa Rotorua.
1995 Subaru Impreza:
This car is a two door coupe implanted with 2003 WRX STI running gear. Modified 2.0 ltr engine, dry sump, output approx. 300 kw. It was designed in Targa spec and New Zealand’s typical rural tarmac roads.

Barry Howard

Barry Howard – 1947 Stanford Special

Barry’s first racing experience was 1975 in a vintage invitation race, pre grand prix, at Pukekohe, racing his 1932 Sunbeam Saloon. He has extensive hill climbing experience with different sports cars and competed at club level and Chelsea Hill Climbs for the past 25 years.
1947 Stanford Special
– Built as the Stanford Special in 1947 by Mr Bob Crisp, he hilled climbed it extensively throughout NZ winning the South Island Championship in 1950/51. The restoration was completed in 2010. Stanford 1937 flying 8 chassis, Ford 100E Running Gear, 1172CC, supercharged, Hand built alloy body.

Ben Hunt Car

Ben Hunt – 2008 Subaru WRX STI

Ben has been rallying for 6 years and placed and won many events including 2014 2nd Gold Star New Zealand Rally Championship, 2x Junior Driver New Zealand Rally Championship, 2 x New Zealand 2wd Rally Champion, Inaugural 2009 Rally New Zealand Rising Stars Driver.
2008 Subaru WRX STI: This vehicle competed in 2013 & 2014 with Ben Hunt and Tony Raswtorn and previously Cody Croker and Emma Gilmour.

Bob Hyslop Car

Bob Hyslop – 1974 Mazda RX Coupe

Bob started competing in the late 60s and raced sportscars throughout the 1970s winning the Ken Wharton trophy 1970 NZGP NZ sports car champion 1975.  2002 Kiwi Sports Sedan Champion(tri rotor rx7), currently classic racing with rx2 and Austin Healy.

1974 Mazda RX Coupe: Owned since 1978, rallied and raced national and club rallies, circut race meetings including 1980,81,82 International rally. Car was in storage since 1986 until restored in 2013.

Tim James Car

Tim James – BMW E92 M3 V8

Tim is the founder of the Mercy Hospice “Race for Life”, held annually at Hampton Downs. He’s also a member of the Porsche Race Series Committee and competed in the 2014 South Island Endurance Series in a Porsche 997 GT3 Cup car.
BMW E92 M3 V8: This vehicle was the North Island Endurance Champion 2010, Targa 4th in Class 6 in 2014 and raced in the BMW Race Series in Open Class.

Neil Johns Car

Neil Johns – 2003 BMW M3 CSL E46

Neil competed in his first hillclimb in 1959.  Most recently he has competed in 3 Targa’s, placed 4th overall in 2004 and won the CC standard production series in 2005 and 2006.
20013 BMW M3 CSL E46: Lightweight version of M3 E46 (1000 made in 2003) owned since new, factory standard unmodified. Used as a road car but has done occasional production car races & tarmac HC’s & street sprints.

Jeff Judd

Jeff Judd – 1976 Vauxhall Chevette HSR

Jeff started rallying in 1981 both as a driver and co-driver. Competed in every Silver Fern Rally since 1990 as a co-driver and then as a driver since 2008 winning the Silver Fern Historic Rally in 2010.
1976 Vauxhall Chevette HSR:
Rebuilt by John Kershaw for the 2006 Silver Fern Rally and Otago Classic Rally. After it was crashed by Jeff at the 2010 Possum Bourne Rally it was rebuilt with a new engine and painted into Silver works replica Castrol livery. GP4 Spec 2.3 twincam engine five speed ZF gear-box Atlas 5.1 diff AP brakes.

Bruce Kett Car

Bruce Kett – 1968 Chev Camaro

Bruce started racing in 2005 with Production Muscle Cars in a Red Holden Commodore. His next car was the Camaro which he took to Eastern Creek 2009 and to date Bruce has successfully won Group 2 twice in this car.
1968 Chev Camaro: This car is a replica of Rod Coppins Cambridge Camaro which he raced back in the 70’s. It is quite an iconic car and has had many features in NZV8 mag along with the nostalgia factor at the track.

Barry Kirk Burnnand Car

Barry Kirk-Burnnand – 1998 BMW E30 M3

One of only two drivers who have competed in every Targa NZ, Barry also enjoys circuit racing. He has competed in several endurance races and also runs a replica BMW M3GTR in the BMW Race Driver Series.
1998 BMW E30 M3:
This car competed in Targa NZ for 8 years and has won the Classic class a number of times with many top placings. The car is modified to retain reliability (producing about 260 HP) and is a wonderfully balanced, reliable and fun car to drive.

Zac Lawrence Car

Zachary Lawrence – 1984 BMW

Zachary has been involved in various car clubs and racing since the mid-2000’s. He has been a committee member of the BMW Car Club for seven years and has raced in the BMW Race Series European Race Classic and at various festivals and invited classic meetings.
1984 BMW M6: This car was converted to a race car in 2008 for the Group B BMW Race Series Class with minor modification over factory specification. The car has a 24 valve M88 engine producing roughly the same 300hp as the historic Group A 635Csi’s but the car is around 100kg heavier and runs on dot tyres.

 Glenn Leach

Glenn Leach – 1965 Corina FT

In the late 1960’s, Glenn raced the last two years of group two saloons ina 1963 Lotus Cortina. Around the same time, he contested hill climbs and grass track racing around the North Island in a 1964 Cortina GT. He was also a member of both Auckland and Thames Valley Car Clubs. Glenn is the Mayor of the Thames-Coromandel District Council.
1965 Cortina FT:
Original Stock Standard

Brett Lightfoot Car

Brett Lightfoot – 1964 Austin A40 Farina

Brett started rallying in 1997 and has competed in the Race to the Sky in 2000, Chris Amon Festival of Speed 2011 and Leadfoot Festival 2013. He is a tutor at Rally Drive NZ.
1964 Austin A40 Farina: The A40 has competed in numerous hill climbs and sprints through the Hamilton Car Club. In 2011 competed at the Chris Amon Festival of Speed and at the 2013  Leadfoot Festival qualifying in the top 10 shoot out for vehicles manufactured pre 1975, finishing a creditable 4th.

Justin Lowe Bike

Justin Lowe – 1976 Moto Guzzi Le Mans Mk 1 Replica

After dabbling in Formula 3 motorcycle racing in the mid 90’s Justin had a hankering to get back onto the track and the Moto Guzzi is proving to be a really enjoyable bike to compete on.
1976 Moto Guzzi Le Mans Mk 1 replica: This motorcycle has morphed from a touring Moto Guzzi carting a sidecar around into a 1976 open class classic racer. The bike has only had a handful of meetings but is already proving to be a competitive mount.

 Philip Macey

Philip Macey – 1982 Ford Falcon Group C Replica

Philip has been competing in motorsport since 2005 and has completed several Targa NZ events.
1982 Ford Falcon Group C Replica:
Custom built in 2013 and debuted at Leadfoot 2013. Set up for both Track and Targa competition, 351 Cleveland and Tremec gearbox.

Stewart Martel

Stewart Martel – 1965 E Type Jaguar Roadster

Most of Stewarts motorsport history has been associated with the E Type although for the last two years he has raced a Citroen BX 16v in the ERC series.
1965 E Type Jaguar Roadster:
Extensively rebuilt over the last 20 years it has been raced extensively throughout NZ including the Dunedin Street Race, Coronet Hill clime and the ERC series in the upper North Island.

 Richard Mason

Richard Mason – 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX Sti

By winning the 2014 New Zealand Rally Championship Richard now stands alone as the most successful driver in the 38 year history of the New Zealand Rally Championship with 5 National titles.
2008 Subaru Impreza WRX Sti
: Left hand drive vehicle built in Group N trim by Prodrive in the UK. Converted to it’s current ‘open class’ state in 2013.


Joe McAndrew – 2002 Jeti 1000

Joe was the London to Sydney overall winner in 2004, three times New Zealand Rally Champion 1993, 94 and 96 and Targa NZ Winner in 2006/07.
2002 Jeti 1000: This single seater car ws bought as a partial kit from its UK makers, Jeti Racing Cars, in 2001.  Much of the manufacture and completion work was carried out by Don O’Connor in New Plymouth.

Dean McCarroll Car

Dean McCarroll – 2008 Juno SSE

Dean is fairly new to car racing with his first event in a Juno in 2012, racing in the NZ Sports Car Series. He was runner up in the championship in the first year, followed by winning the Championship this year.
2008 Juno SSE: This car runs a standard Honda Mount tune engine, with power delivered through a Hewland paddle shift gear box producing 240hp at the wheels. Weighing 560kg’s the car is very quick and is an absolute pleasure to drive.

 Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy – 1974 Ford Escort RS1600

Paul has been involved with classic cars and motor racing for many years and has owned Mini Coopers and several RS escorts. He has driven various race cars including RS1600 Escort, Lotus Europa47GT and 722 March.
1974 Ford Escort RS1600:
This cars was built as a full GRP 2 spec car as raced in the 1974 DRM . Has an alloy BDG engine with Lucas mechanical Fuel injection and weighs 720kg wet

Stuart McFarlane Car

Stuart McFarlane – 1975 Porsche 911

Stuart started competing at the age of 15 and was a top competitor at Mystery Creek Rally cross events in the mid 70s in a purpose built rallycross mini. 
The last couple of years Stuart has been competing with his son Brad in classic rallying in a Porsche 911
 and competed in the Silverfern marathon rally around the South Island last November.
1975 Porsche 911: This car was a Tarmac targa car and converted to a gravel rally car two years ago, competed in the 2012 Silver fern Rally

Rob McNair Car

Robert McNair – 1931 Riley Nine Special

Robert McNair is an aircraft engineer, vintage car restorer and vintage aviator. His driving experience includes vintage club racing, hill climbs and rallies with vintage cars. His passions are flying vintage aircraft, aerobatics, and exciting motor cars from all periods.
1931 Riley Nine Special: – A New Zealand built Special, based on Riley 9 components fitted with an engine from a De Havilland Tiger Moth. It was inspired by the Brooklands Riley from 1927.

Jimmy McRae Car

Jimmy McRae – 1970 MK1 RS1600 Ford Escort

Jimmy started rallying in 1974 after ten years plus competing in motocross.  He won the British Rally Championship five times during the 1980s and also finished runner up in the 1982 European Rally Championship having won rallies in Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland and Belgium.  At present Jimmy is still rallying in the Historic scene having finished 5th overall and 3rd in Class in the 2014 British Historic Rally Championship driving a Vauxhall (Chevrolet) V8 Can Am Firenza.
1970 MK1 RS1600 Ford Escort: Built to Group 4 Specifications for gravel rallying, 2lt BDG Cosworth engine, 48mm DCOE Webers.


Rod Millen – 1994 Toyota Pikes Peak Hill Climb Celica, 1974 Mazda RX3, 2000 Toyota Tundra Off Road Truck

To learn more about your host and his racing history click here.

1994 Toyota Pikes Peak Hill Climb Celica: The Pikes Peak Toyota Celica raced in the Unlimited Class at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb to claim two overall victories and set the fastest time of 10:04:06.  This record was set on an all dirt road in 1994, which stood for 13 years and was only broken when 75% of the road was paved.  The Pikes Peak Toyota Celica shares little with its production inspiration.  A potent 2.1 litre turbo-charged inline four cylinder mates to a tube frame chassis and runs through a custom four-wheel-drive system.  The one piece carbon composite body shell looks the part, but is all about aerodynamic performance.

2000 Toyota Tundra Off Road Truck:  To support the launch of the new Toyota Tundra, MillenWorks Racing was contracted to design, build, and campaign a racing Tundra in the Championship Off Road Racing (CORR) series in a highly competitive Pro 4 class.  Despite a weight penalty for running an overhead cam engine, Rod Millen finished second in the 2000 championship.  The Championship Off Road Racing (CORR) Toyota Tundra was designed entirely in CAD to optimize all structural elements for weight and stiffness.  MillenWorks Racing also worked diligently to develop the four-wheel-drive system to reduce weight without compromising reliability.  The result was an extremely light and nimble vehicle, despite imposed weight penalities.

1973 Mazda RX3: Three time winner of the New Zealand Rally Championship from 1975-1977.

Gordon Molesworth Bike

Gordon Molesworth – 2005 Harley Davidson Buell XBRR

Gordon raced in the Harley Davidsion series from 1992 until the cancellation of the series in about 1999. In ’96 he rode Harley support class at Phillip Island and that same year, rode the Eastern Creek Support Class Moto GP.
2005 Harley Davidson Buell XBRR: This is a factory built Buell XBRR. Only 50 were produced for AMA racing. It is 150bhp with 100lbs of torque at redline at 8500 rpm.


John Mulrennan

John Mulrennan – BMW 320i E30

John won Targa New Zealand 2010 Auckland-Wellington Road Race – Index of Performance in Peugeot 106 Xsi. He also competes in Targa Road Races & Rallysprint including the BMW Race Driver Series.
BMW 320i E30
: Developed for the BMW Race Driver Series track racing, and also used in Targa Road Rally. Standard production engine, gearbox & diff as required for the BMWRDS series class racing, but with race suspension, brakes, cage, intercom & trip meter etc.


Andy Mygind – 1972 Datsun 240Z

Andy first competed in club events in the late 70’s and re-entered motorsport in 2007. Andy has been a regular Targa competitor since 2008 and was third in the 2014 Taupo Classic 2WD Tarmac Rally.
1972 Datsun 240Z:
L28 inline six cylinder stroked and bored to 3000cc, 5 speed synchro Nissan C type transmission, 6 point Motorsport NZ homologated cage and strengthened floor. Total car weight no fuel or crew 1040kg.

Darcy Prendergast Bike

Darcy Prendergast – 2003 Honda XR650 Super Motard

Darcy has had a mixed racing history including Race to the Sky seven years in succession, racing a Super Quad, Super Motard racing, Cross Country Enduro, Quad, Road and Car racing.
2003 Honda XR 650 Super Motard: Started life as a standard Honda XR 650 trial bike that you purchase off the shop floor.2007 this motor cycle went in the work shop of Honda Country Ashburton and under went a transformation into a highly competitive Super Motard race bike of the day.

Brendan Price Bike

Brendan Price – 2009 Harley Davidson XR1200X Turbo

Brendan has been a motorcycle racer since 1977 and has competed eight times in the Silverstone Race To The Sky. Brendan is currently building a turbo Honda CBR1100 for a New Zealand motorcycle land speed record attempt then he’s off to Bonneville.
2009 Harley Davidson XR1200X Turbo: Spent the first three years of its life as a naturally aspirated race bike competing in street sprints, race circuits and the odd hill climb. Now sports an Areocharger turbo system custom made by Dynoworx in Ashburton. The Turbo is unusual because its self lubricating, has variable vanes and no wastegate.

Steve Rasmussen Car

Steve Rasmussen – 1972 911 Carrera RS

Steve owns Porsche Specialists Europacific and Carrera Sport and has been a fan of the brand since owning his first Porsche in the UK back in 1981. He has been preparing and racing various Porsche cars for over 20 years and has successfully competed in various racing events with multiple wins in both the Porsche Bridgestone Championship series and the North Island Endurance series.
1972 911 Carrera RS: Built in 1990 as a 911 Carrera RS from a 1972 911 2.4E this car has competed in Targa NZ and Bridgestone Porsche series.

 Danny Ryan

Danny Ryan – 1919 Lancia Kappa Sport

Danny has been restoring vehicles since the late 70’s. He is an avid restorer with an eye for detail.Each restoration has had many hours of research searching for the most correct style or design of each part.
1919 Lancia Kappa Sport:
Found at Donnelly’s Crossing, Northland New Zealand and restored in 2001.The Lancia has competed in Race Track and Hill Climb events and travelled most gravel roads in the North and South Islands.

Colin Sargison Car

Colin Sargison – 1973 HQ Holden

Colin has been racing cars for 27 years and has raced HQ’s and HQ Muscle Cars. He’s never raced a Hill Climb but is very much looking forward to it.
1973 HQ Holden: 410 Alloy Donovan Engine, 4 Speed Jerico gearbox and Ford 9″ diff. Runs on Hancock tyres.

Michael Sexton StanguelliniMichael Sexton Gemini

Michael Sexton – Stanguellini Formula Junior and Gemini Mk2

Michael has many years of circuit racing and tarmac rallying in NZ, Australia and Europe, mostly involving historic or classic race cars from single seaters to tin tops.

Stanguellini Formula Junior: Chassis number 152 was part of a fleet of racecars in Juan Manuel Fangio’s Race Driver Driving School. It arrived in New Zealand in 1982 and into the ownership of Colin Waite. Colin raced the car for 31 years before agreeing to sell it in early 2014.

Gemini Mk 2: Chassis number 1. The Formula Junior class of racecars was started in Italy by Count Giovanni Lurani in 1958 and was the single seater entry class to Formula 1. This vehicle was shipped to New Zealand for restoration in 2008 and has since competed in many race meetings in New Zealand and Australia.


Clive Sheweiry – 1986 Ford Group A Mustang

Clive has been club racing for 25 years in Production Muscle Cars and Sports Sedans with his favourite circuit being Bay Park.
1986 Ford Group A Mustang: As the car will be running in the Product Muscle Car Series it has factory brakes, Kumho Road Race tyres, Bilstein Shocks & Springs, 16×10 Simmons wheels all round and a very mild road engine while a race engine is being put together this year.

 Gary Smith

Gary Smith – 1979 Ford Escort RS1800

Gary started out as Tony Teesdales car builder and co driver up until 1984. In 2011 he competed in the NZ Historic Rally Championship where he came in 2nd overall in the series.
1979 Ford Escort RS1800: This car has been built as a replica of the highly successful Ford Escort RS1800. Built as brand new in 2010 for that years Silver Fern Rally.

Rayden Smith

Rayden Smith – 1968 Ford Escort

Rayden started competing with a Singer Le Mans Special in 1962 and has owned and raced the ex-Jim Richards Willment Escort Twin Cam since 1990.
1968 Ford Escort Twin Cam:
An early Escort twin cam that was developed by the John Willment Group in the UK in 1968 for Mike Crabtree, culminating with him winning the 1969 2ltr class of the British Saloon Car Championships.

Grant Guy Car

Carter Strang – 1990 Nissan Safari

Carter has recently won the 2014 Southern Rally Series outright, and has been a co-driver for Rodger McKay in the 2010 Silver Fern Rally placing 1st in class. Carter has also been privileged enough to drive the Mickey Thompson Offroad Race Truck since 2009.
1990 Nissan Safari: This vehicle has completed every Taupo 1000 race since 2007 and many other offroad endurance races around the country. Most recently it received a custom chassis, full coil-over suspension with triple bypass shock absorbers and hydraulic bumpstops and a new 480kw supercharged 5.7L GM alloy V8 power pack.

 Ben Thomasen

Ben Thomasen – 2015 Polaris RZR 1000

Ben is the current offroad New Zealand Utility Terrain Vehicle Champion. He has a background in Motorcross and has a 2005 grp a STI Subaru Impreza rally car.
2015 Polaris RZR 1000:
This vehicle is a brand new 2015 model and is being used for the last two rounds of the New Zealand Offroad Championship.

Conrad Timms Car

Conrad Timms – 1992 BMW M3

Conrad raced karts since age 12 and cars since age 35. He worked in motorsport for 25 years for race teams around the world and now runs a company manufacturing and exporting race car parts for BMW M3’s.
1992 BMW M3: Built in 1992 by Italian team Bigazzi and entered in the 1992 DTM with driver Emanuele Pirro as a works entry. Sold at the end of 1992 and converted into a 2.0 “Supertourer”. Purchased by Conrad in 2009 and fully restored back to 12992 DTM spec. Raced in selected events since completion.

Anne Thomson

Anne Thomson – 1906 Darracq Grand Prix

Anne has been competitively racing the Darracq at a number of events in England since 2006.
1906 Darracq Grand Prix:
The Darracq was built in 1906 to run in the first Grand Prix at Le Mans. After WW1, the engine was bought from Ireland to NZ with the intention of using the engine in a speedboat. Instead the engine ran for a stand-by generating plant in the Christchurch Press newspaper for 35 years.

 Neil Tolich

Neil Tolich – Ford Capri V8

Neil has raced and rallied in Club events since he was 15 years old and competed regularly for 30 years in his Jag 3.8 and Porsche 356’s. Over the past 10 years he has competed in New Zealand and Europe.
1970 Ford Capri V8:
Based on the South African Perana Mark 1 Capris that were built in the early 1970s this car has over 450hp and is set up to do the New Zealand Targa Rally in which it has been very successful. The Capri is also a winning classic circuit race car and regularly takes top podium placings.

Jodie Verhulst Car

Jodie Verhulst – 1993 Toyota Supra

In 2008 at the age of 20 Jodie got her first taste of drifting by attending a Drift Motorsport track day where she was given an opportunity to drive a S13 Silvia for a lap and she was hooked!
 The coming season will see Jodie proving her skills in the Pro League in D1NZ and playing alongside her partner and team mate Drew Donovan.
1993 Toyota Supra: Powered by an LS2 V8 Power output 330kw. After two years of testing, this car has developed into a force to be reckoned with having a chassis built for traction and plenty of potential left under the hood.

Gaz Whiter

Gaz Whiter – 1996 Nissan Silvia S14

Gaz is a four time D1NZ Chamption, NZ Drift Nationals Champion 2010, Kaipara sportsperson of the year 09 and Rotary Jamboree Champion, #1 qualifier World Time Attack drift Australia, Most event wins of any active driver.
1996 Nissan Silvia S14:
Engine – LS7

Curt Whittaker Car

Curt Whittaker – 2000 Nissan R34 Skyline

Curt custom built a drift car from the ground up and has been a competitive drifter in the D1NZ since. In the 4 seasons since the car was built he has had a podium placing every year. He has also competed in international events such as the Tectaloy Drift Challenge in Australia.
2000 Nissan R34 Skyline: R34 GTR custom wide body and Z tuned bodykit. Engine is a 410ci small block ford V8. Power 700hp. Custom built from the ground up by Whittaker Motorsport.

Mad Mike Car

Mad Mike Whiddett – RX7

Mike’s drifting career began in 2007, and now backed by some of the worlds biggest brands, Mike competes in two pro drift spec Mazda rotary powered cars – all over the globe. In 2014 Mike was the first Nz Drift driver to receive an award from Motorsport New Zealand for Outstanding Achievement.
RX7 Naturally Aspirated 26B Four Rotor ‘MADBUL’

Shane Wigston Car

Shane Wigston – 1973 Holden HQ Monaro

Shane has been racing since he was 15 starting in Mini 7’s. He then did a number of years in an HQ before building his current Holden HQ Monaro in which he has won two NZ Muscle Car Series.
1973 Holden HQ Monaro: Built six years ago it has a Joe Gibbs NASCAR engine, 4 speed Jerico, 9 inch PFC. brakes.


Rob Williams

Rob Williams – 1952 Allard K2 Sports

Rob started motor racing in a Ford Y in 1957. Currently he is a member of the Historic Racing and Sports Car Club, running his 1959 front engine Elva Formula Junior at all the circuits in New Zealand.
1952 Allard K2 Sports
: K2 Allards were hand built in England with only 119 K2 models made. The Allard was bought into New Zealand in l953 and had lots of owners before Rob procured it in 1974 and restored the car.

Bill Williams Car

Bill Williams – 1969 Lotus Cortina

Bill purchased his Lotus Cortina in 1984 and competed throughout New Zealand in almost every road race and track event. Drove for Nissan in Group N Manufacturers Series competing at Pukekohe, Timaru and Manfield.
1969 Lotus Cortina: This race car has achieved many race wins in iconic events. It has an original undamaged shell with twin cam Lotus engin, four speed straight-cut TranX gearbox in original Ford casing and the original English rear axle with limited slip diff option. 185 60 14 competitions tyres on Minilite wheels.

Allan Woolf Car

Allan Woolf – 1954 Mk8 Cooper 500

A motorsport competitor for some 60 years. Firstly competing in the Auckland Car Club hillclimb series at Muriwai driving a 1933 Ford Y, 8 hp. Allan also ran this car in the Indianapolis and Hepolite car trials and gained a second overall finish.  In 1983, Rod Millen kindly made available an RX7 Mazda for Allan to drive at the Pikes Peak hillclimb event. Allan won Rookie of the Year in the rally car class which matched the efforts of his late son John in the same class in 1981. Allan returned to the event in 1984 and 1986 driving Rod’s 4wd RX7 cars and the experience provided some great memories.

1954 Mk8 Cooper 500: Imported new to New Zealand by Ron Frost, owned and driven by N.S.C.C. member Bob Hugill.   Raced in NZ GP Armore 1956, 57 and 58 also Ohakea and Levin circuits 1954 till 1958.   It was then sold to Ian Cullen, Maungatoroto, North Auckland who replaced the Norton motor with a Hillman Imp 875cc motor and competed and won many North Auckland events till Colin Waite took over in 1981 and rebuilt and improved the car. This car has been used throughout NZ for the last 30 years, all South Island tracks and street races, Coronet Peak, Three Mile Hill (Dunedin), Wellington Street Race (Historics) and all of the North Island tracks. This car has run a standing ¼ mile in 13.2sec.

Bevan Wright

Bevan Wright – 1989 Almac Cobra 427 R

Bevan has been a competitor in grass roots level Motorsport for the last 25 years, competing in street sprints, hill climbs and circuit racing.
1989 Almac Cobra 427R:
1989 Shelby Cobra replica built by Graham Berry Race Cars as a purpose built race car in the classic race series. The Cobra is powered by a 454 Chevrolet LS7, Hillborn Injected and Dry Sumped, running approximately 650Hp.

Shane Wright

Shane Wright – 1990 Nissan Skyline

Shane is a committee member of Motorsport Bay of Plenty and regularly competes in rallysprints and hillclimbs, including NZ Hillclimb championships. Best position 3rd 2wd in 2011-12.
1990 Nissan Skyline: This car was built from a beaten up ex-boy racer car into a predominantly gravel based rallycar. It runs a 2ltr non-turbo Skyline motor built and developed over the last 7 – 8 years. Naturally aspirated with custom independent throttle bodies the engine is a one of a kind. The car featured in the April 2014 edition of NZ Performance Car magazine.

Alan Wylie

Allan Wylie – 1936 V8 Coupe

Allan’s first involvement in motor sport was crewing for, and eventually driving, a TQ midget at Templeton speedway at age 18. Allan was a founding member of the BEARS motorcycle racing club.
1936 V8 Coupe:
Allan bought his 1936 Ford Coupe when he was an apprentice in 1969. In the 1990’s Allan completely stripped and rebuilt the car.


1973 McLaren M23-01

The new wedge-shaped McLaren M23, prepared for New Zealand racing by owner Phil Mauger, was a front runner from the first practice session of its first race in the South African Grand Prix at Kyalami in March 1973.  The M23 has won two world championships, in 1974 and 1976.