The Leadfoot Festival pays respect to the most significant and outstanding drivers. Rod Millen personally hand selects championship racers from around the world along with their distinguished racing machines to receive the coveted invitation to participate in the Leadfoot Festival. Guests will be given one of a kind experiences featuring unparalleled access to the drivers, pits and race cars. Nowhere else would you be able to meet and chat to these motoring heroes and legends in such a relaxed atmosphere.

343_Paul Adams

#343 PAUL ADAMS – 1970 BMW 2002 RALLY CAR

Paul Adams has competed in many aspects of motor sport since the 1960’s but his main love has always been rallying, especially on gravel. Paul was a factory driver for Toyota NZ and General Motors in their Vauxhall Chevette becoming a champion in NZ Rally, RallyCross and Hill Climbs in the early 1980’s.

1970 BMW 2002 RALLY CAR:
Purchased brand new by Adams in 1970 from Ross Jensen Motors, it is believed to be the first BMW to race in New Zealand competing at Pukekohe, Bay Park and what is now referred to as NZ’s first ever International Rally – The 1970 Shell Silver Fern Rally. Only four owners in NZ, Adams commenced restoration 5 years ago to prepare for classic rallying and still keeping the original plates, body shell, bumpers, lights and engine. The engine is 2 litre, the gearbox is a 5 speed and it has a limited slip diff.

281_Steve Aldersley


A self-confessed car nut, Steve Aldersley was convinced in the early 1980’s by Robert McNair and his father Wallace to purchase an Austin Seven Special after a slightly “misguided” Triumph phase in the late seventies. He has since completed a Lotus 11 replica (chassis by Peter Bruin) and currently owns a 1926 Delage DI, Jaguar C Type and an MGB GT.

Built up from parts as a sporting special around 1985 the car was made as light as possible making the most of the limited horsepower. The suspension is radical for an Austin 7 and the engine is built up copying original Austin Sports components of the day including pressure fed crankshaft, high capacity sump, high lift cam and lightened flywheel. A two main bearing crankshaft with 1 1/2 inch bid ends, the rpm limit is around 6500, a Rootes type supercharger fitting giving 8 pounds boost and 50 horsepower at the back wheels.

 322_Shane Allen


Twenty three year old Shane started racing speedway at the age of twelve and was picked for the New Zealand Youth Ministock Team which raced in Australia over three years. He was named Speedway Competitor of the Year from the Rotorua Stock Car Club and moved onto the D1NZ at 18 years old.

1999 ex Dean Perkins V8 Touring Car. The Falcon is currently set up as a Drift Car.

348_Cole Armstong


Cole is a D1NZ competitor who has been drifting for the last 5 years using an R34 Skyline and competing in both New Zealand and Australian events.

This is Coles first season in the Nissan 250GT Skyline which is powered by a Dodge NASCAR engine.

295_Fred Bailey


Fred started racing in the early 1970’s in both a Mini Cooper S 1293cc and an Mk2 RS 2000. Fred has competed at Pukekohe Club Circuits in a Cooper S, RS 2000, Phase 3 GTHO (EX Robbie) and twin cam 105E Anglia. Fred enjoys re-building old classic cars and motor bikes.

The Ford Consul Classic two door saloon is road registered making the car quite usable for many events and classic outings. Fred rebuilt the car and motor over ten years ago, using the original non cross-flow type engine. The original 1960’s steering box makes racing the car a real handful, especially steering around these tight corners, however, it is fun to drive an old original classic which is rarely seen these days as most of them rusted away and were stripped of their front disc brakes to fit to the much lighter and popular 105E Anglia. Fred has another restored and road registered four door model 315 with the same mechanicals and colour combo as well as a very fast 105E Anglia which he rebuilt twenty years ago with a twin cam engine. All Fred’s engines are carbureted using twin side draft Weber 45mm carbs.

Aiden Barret


John started racing in 1968 in a mini Cooper “S” 1293cc with brother Murray “Team Barrett”, racing at Pukekohe, Levin, Bay Park and Ruapuna. A move to Taupo in the 70’s saw John join the Peugeot Rally team for the NZ round of the international rally in the Group B era, then for the Mitsubishi World Rally team in 1987 with the VR-4 Galant.  John introduced his son Aidan to racing continuing the “Team Barrett” tradition. Aidan has a love for rotaries which has developed with Dad over the years and was lucky enough to have a Dad involved in motorsport and to be introduced at 16 to a S1 RX-7. Aidan has since owned many street/race RX-2’s/3’s and 7’s. He has won many awards at the Four and Rotary nationals and competed in the SS2000 and NZGT championship racing the Group C RX-7.An RX-3 GR Savanna currently sits in the shed undergoing a complete restoration and 13b turbo conversion.

1980 MAZDA RX 7
Built as a circuit car it has been developed over many years by father and son and seen many alterations/combinations in that time. The vehicle has competed successfully in SS2000 NZGT and the NZ Festival of Motorsport in recent years. Currently running a Green Brothers Racing fuel injected 13B PP and 6 speed close ratio gearbox.

Kat Benson


Katherine (Kat) is one of a new and emerging breed of female racers who race against the clock over a single flying lap, rather than within the traditional ‘first-past-the-post’ race classes. Owner and driver of the ‘2TEAZU’ BurgerFuel Mitsubishi Evo, Kat holds the title of being the current 2013-2014 NZ Superlap Series Pro-street Champion.

Kat’s EVO is a 4 door sedan, 2.0L Turbo, 536 HP, 5 speed manual, 18 x 10.5 inch + 15 Enkei RPF1. 275/35 R18 Nitto NT05’s.

357_Rick Bone

#357 RICK BONE – 1972 DATSUN 1200 COUPE

Rick has enjoyed the thrill of racing for over thirty years including Go-karts, Super Mini’s and his current car which is prepared and driven by himself. Rick has successfully defended national titles at Circuits racing around the North Island, racing in clubs including SS2000, NZGT and GT2 with GTRNZ. Rick raced at the Leadfoot Festival for the first time in 2015 and placed 3rd in the pre-75 class. He had such a blast he couldn’t wait to come back.

Built as a circuit car in the early 1990’s and owned and raced by Rick for the last 12 years.

337_Andy Booth


Andy was the runner up first division British Formula Ford Championship, 1998 Formula Palmer Audi Rookie of the year, Winner New Zealand Grand Prix 2000, Winner Denny Hulme Memorial Trophy 2000, Tasman Series Champion 2000, NZV8 Champion 2004 and 2005. He was the first ever driver to win back-to-back Championships.

2009 LOTUS 2 – ELEVEN:
The 2-Eleven is a purpose built track sports car based on the Series 2 Lotus EXIGE S and has the same Toyota 2ZZ-GE Engine available in both supercharged and naturally aspirated versions. This example has the high revving naturally aspirated engine and whilst making do with a modest 189hp the Weighing 670 kg (1,477 lb) curb weight and typically sublime Lotus handling makes for giant killing performance. The track spec 2-Eleven features Ohlins adjustable suspension, variable launch and traction control and full FIA spec roll cage as standard. At last year’s event this car, still with only delivery mileage on the clock, raised eyebrows by storming through to the top ten and taking 7th quickest in the shootout. This year Andy and the Lotus Auckland team are looking to return and use the knowledge gathered from last year’s event to push the little Lotus into the 51 second bracket and hopefully another strong top ten result.

334_Todd Bradley


Growing up at race tracks with his parents and a fourth generation mechanic there was no chance for Todd – a mechanic for 20 years now. Todd has set up many cars for others to drive as well as his own but getting behind the wheel is a deep love. Allan Woolf (who is a good customer of his) inspired himto enter his car. Mostly Motocross and rallying fill Todd’s history but now the North Island race tracks are where you will find Todd.

Owned for eight years, built to enjoy club racing and track days with friends and not overly modified but enough to worry some of the bigger budget cars. Concentration on suspension and braking as it’s a quick little car. The Subaru is in show room condition and featured in several issues of Performance magazine.

steven briggs


With over thirty years racing experience, Stephen has held multiple NZ titles (Jr MotoX, Speedway, Road Racing and Supermoto). A professional rider for 10 years at World Championship 500cc level on the BSL 500, Superbike rider for Muzzy Kawasaki and Lemstra Motoren in the Netherlands competing on Ducati 998 Corsa, he also rode for Netherlands Yamaha in the SuperSport 600 class at the European Championship. Stephen also finished runner up in CR and S Britten in the World Championship Battle of the Twins and Bears. Further racing included competing at World Championship Endurance racing for Phase One Kawasaki and representing KTM at Supermoto.

Single cylinder 450cc, four stroke engine and the bike Steven used to run at the NZ Championship level.

Bill Buckley


Bill Buckley has a fascination with technology and a desire to build big things. Taking an early interest in nuclear physics he established his first Engineering Company in 1978 and in 1986 set up Buckley Systems Ltd with the intention of pursuing a global market opportunity in the supply of precision electromagnets. Bill’s passion is also speedway bikes and cars. He was a Speedway Sidecar champion, winning one Australasian title, two New Zealand titles, seven North Island titles and three Auckland titles over a 25 year span and has been the promoter of Western Springs for the last 14 years.

This is a 1950 Vincent Egli replica built up by Bill from the motor out of the Speedway outfit.

328_Russell Burling


Russell is a NZ Sports car competitor.

2007 LOTUS 211:
This was the first production Lotus Track Spec build and is chassis number 005. The car was used for international motor show displays and was purchased from Lotus Australia in 2011 and shipped to NZ. The vehicle has been modified and now weighs 740kg dry and has 370hp at the crank from the Toyota 2ZZG motor and runs a Quaife dog box gear set.


#382 GORDON BURR – 1968 FORD ESCORT 302 V8

Gordon has competed in motorsport for 35 years mainly in Classic and Historic car events including the Porsche Bridgestone Championship races, Targa Rally New Zealand in a Ferrari 308GT4LM and the New Zealand Festival of Speed with ex Moffat Cologne Capri in Historic Touring Car class and the ex Algie Alfetta in the Historic Sports Sedans. He has competed in car club hill climbs in an ex Ian Taylor Gold Star Championship V8 302 Escort. This is Gordon’s third time at the Leadfoot Festival. He previously race in a Ferrari and Alfetta.

1968 FORD ESCORT 302 V8:
Constructed by Ian Taylor from Wellington. T Escort has won the 1985/86 Gold Star Hill climb Championship. Taylor competed in all the southern region hill climb championships and did several Dunlop Targa Rallies.
In Gordon’s ownership I have done historic track racing and car club hill climbs.


#384 Bevan Claridge – 1992 VP SS Commodore

Bevan started competing in Targa in 2009, as a complete novice, not having any motorsport experience at all. The whole idea of doing Targa was on Bevans bucket list, but as its turned out that old competitive streak in him has paid off. He has competed every year since 2009 either winning or receiving a placing in Category. Bevan has twice won the Peter Hanna Memorial Trophy for the 1st V8 home overall and had 2nd and 3rd placings in the 2WD Classic Competition. In 2015 Bevan won both the Targa Bambina and Targa New Zealand 2WD Classic Competitions. With that comes the 1st Overall Targa NZ Seria Campione Tarmac Rally 2WD Competition.

1992 VP SS Commodore was the first V8 Bevan ever owned. Currently it has a 400hp, Tremec 5 speed gearbox, Standard VP Commodore Diff with 4:11 ratio, V8 Ute Brake Package with Brembo callipers, Bilstein shocks, 18 inch wheels and weighs in at 1500kg.

370_Grant Clearwater


Brought up in Gore, Grant departed New Zealand in the late 80’s with a goal of participating in 2 rallies – African Safari and the Paris Dakar. Grant returned to New Zealand after over 20 years abroad, having taken part in the two events plus the WRC several times. Before leaving the UK Grant owned and ran a successful British Touring car team under the banner of SEAT Sport.

1965 CAPELLA 11:
Built on a dirt floor in Southland by Bill Barber (Bill went on to building air craft), this car is advanced for its age. Rack and pinion steering, suspension ball joints and disc brakes, cast uprights and fiberglass bodywork. First raced at Teretonga in 1965 (Lap Record in 1967, 2007); Coronet Peak Hillclimb winner 2000; Josephville Hillclimb winner 2014 and raced at the following events: Wellington Street race, Dunedin Street races. Queenstown Street races, Waimate Street Races, Levels, Ruapuna, Taupo, Manfield, Doctors Hill, Gore standing 1/4, 3 mile hill.

332_Grant Clegg

#332 GRANT CLEGG – 1971 BMW 2002 TI ALPINA

Having worked in the automotive industry for much of Grant’s life, cars have become an increasing part of his social and sporting life too. His involvement with the BMW Car Club led him into classic racing in the mid-nineties, and he has raced and rallied a variety of 2002’s ever since. Grant was actively involved with the establishment of the BMW Race Series in 2006. About 10 years ago, Grant and his wife Jo joined the TACCOC Committee and have become more involved organising classic and historic motorsport events.

1971 BMW 2002 TI ALPINA:
After winning the 1970 Silver Fern Rally in a stock-standard BMW 2002, Paul Adams built this car in 1971 and ran it in three consecutive Heatway Rallies. After passing through several hands in the late 70’s, the car was purchased
by Warren Good in the mid 90’s and completely rebuilt and converted to left-hand-drive before being regularly raced in Classic events all over the South Island. Grant first saw the car in the 2000 Dunlop Targa and immediately fell in love with it and it was the first on the list to purchase the Alpina when it came up for sale the following year. In 2005, he got back into circuit racing and the car has run in almost 50 events since then, including the 2013 and 2015 Leadfoot Festivals. The current BNZ livery duplicates the car’s appearance in the 1973 Heatway Rally.

304_Graeme Coley


After being brought up watching and participating in gravel rally, Graeme has been involved with Targa and 2K cup racing for the last five years.

2001 AUDI RS4:
The car was built from brand new with no expense spared by Ron McMillan at Road Race and Rally for the Targa. It featured MCA suspension and Movit brakes though essentially is still mostly in road car form. Unfortunately it was written-off in its first event but subsequently re-shelled and then campaigned by John McIntyre and Mike Eddy culminating in a win in the Mainfield round of the endurance series against dedicated track cars. Returned back to Targa trim in 2007 and has been campaigned in Targa events since. One of only 2 known B5 RS4 station wagons made into race cars in the world.

268_Mark Collier


Mark has been racing in competitive motorsport for 20 years, starting in road motorbikes and later in motocross – where he was a nationally ranked rider on a Honda CRF450 four-stroke, until age and family encouraged him out of racing bikes. Having competed for so long, doing nothing was not an option, so he joined the Auckland Car Club and built a road-legal MX5 turbo race car. In his first year, he finished 3rd in the Classic Japanese Class. 2015 was Mark’s first year at Leadfoot, and after such a fantastic time last year and having posted times up Rod’s drive very near the times of the famous cars he grew up dreaming of, he was very keen to return and try to match or better his time of 58.09.

1989 MAZDA MX5 1600CC TURBO:
Approximately 250 HP at wheels at 14 PSI boost, 15×9 6ul racing wheels with Nitto 225×45 NT01 tyres, 300mm Willwood Big Brake Kit, Koni Race Coilovers.

282_Sloan Cox


Sloan started competing in NZRC at 15 years old and was accepted into the Elite Motorsport Academy. Then at 18 years old he upgraded to the current Taslo Engineering Evo 10 Rally car. Sloan became the 2010 New Zealand Junior Rally Champion and the New Zealand Hillclimb Champion in 2011/12.

Ex Andrew Hawkeswood Hillclimb Evo with some new modifications. Now has a 6 speed sequential Hollinger gearbox, 6 pot front callipers, 4 pot rear callipers.



Officially well into ‘Middle Age’, Steve has enjoyed competing and crewing in various forms of motorsport for over 30 years. He has driven rally cars up to Rally NZ level, with reasonable success, raced ‘Shifter’ Karts to national level, competed in circuit racing including the Wellington Street Race, and currently races in the 2K cup which boasts the largest fields of cars in the country. This will be Steve’s third visit to Rod and Shelly’s driveway, a great event he looks forward to every year.

This car is a well-known replica of the iconic Ferrari F40. Built in NZ and completed in 2002, Steve raced it for 5 years with great success before retiring the car and concentrating on other racing. It is powered by a race prepared twin turbo Lexus V8 pumping out 750hp, drive is delivered via heavily modified Quaife 6 speed sequential transaxle. The car is a testament to the ability of car builders in NZ.

315_Paul Dallenbach


Paul has had an illustrious career including 8 Time Pikes Peak winner, 3 overall wins; current record holder in Open Wheel, Time Attack and Production; VW Cup Rookie of the year; Formula Atlantic Rookie of the year; 2nd place finish at 24 hours of Daytona. 2 Time CHCA Champion. He has also competed in Trans-Am, Daytona Prototype, Can-Am, SCCA Trucks, ASA, Indy Lights, Super-Vee. 3 time Alcan 5000 Winter Rally winner.

Originally a Wells Coyote open wheel car built for the dirt on Pikes Peak. Over the years, the car changed as the road changed on Pikes Peak. The more pavement added, the more Dallenbach changed it to a pavement car. Wally Dallenbach Jr. won the Open Wheel Class on Pikes Peak in 2006. Paul Dallenbach won the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2007 in this car. It always remained a backup car for Paul until a big crash on Pikes Peak in 2012. In 2015, Paul set a new qualifying record and race record on Pikes Peak beating the old Open Wheel record by 19 seconds. It is the fastest car ever to go up Pikes Peak on DOT tires and non Turbo/Electric. In 2016, Paul plans on entering in the Unlimited class and trying to join Sebastian Loeb and go under the 9 minute mark. The car weighs 1850 lbs. and has a small block Chevy V8 putting out 900 hp.

Grant Dalton

hhhgudfs141 (1)

#329 Grant Dalton – 1970 Camaro z28 central muscle car,
#361 2016 FS450 Husquvarna

It could be said that Grant is something of a fish out of water when it comes to motor racing but when time allows him the opportunity away from his day job in yachting he is able to pursue his love of all things motorsport – with bikes and cars. Although it’s a passion which has spanned many years its only in the last 10 years he has actively started racing cars and only in the last 3 years racing bikes although he has owned numerous bikes since his school days – a long time ago.

1970 CAMARO Z28:
Most recently Ken Hooper built the Chevy Camaro 1970 Z28 and this is its first time at Lead Foot having watched as a spectator last year. Hardly the ideal car for the hill with lots of horse power and little traction from the 413 cu inch small block. This Camaro races as part of the Central Muscle Cars in various races round New Zealand. It is one of the most successful current class’s racing at present with grids of up to 35 cars. This can be put down to the exceptional group that organise the class, the camaraderie between the competitors and the love both the owners and the public have for the noise and look of these classic vehicles. If you are a motor racing fan it’s hard to beat the sound of a Chevy or Ford V8 in full song!

TS450 is a specific factory Motard bike. Motord racing has been popular around the world for a number of years now, but only a few manufacturers have actually built bikes for the class. Most bikes are converted dirt bikes running smaller wheels with slick tyres. There is little to tell these bikes apart from the specific bikes though, and most produce around 60 – 65 hp in race trim. There are two distinct styles of riding these bikes -if coming from a dirt riding background, the rider will use the ‘ inside leg extended’ technique while cornering while a someone with a road race background will tend to ride with a more classic ‘knee out’ technique.

 turbo_photo (1)


Mike has been involved in Motorsport in one form or another since the late 60’s. He won the Dunedin Street Race in this car and many other circuit race events over the years. Mike has competed in many Tarmac rallies in this car and won the Targa Bambina outright in 2003.

1975 BMW 2002 TURBO:
This car runs a 2.1 Litre SOHC 2 valve 4 cylinder engine with a Holset Turbocharger and makes well in excess of 600HP and revs to 8500 rpm. It also runs a Getrag 5 speed close ratio Gearbox and a BMW LSD plate type Diff.

285_Scott Dixon

scott Dixon


2016 marks Dixon’s 15th year with Target Chip Ganassi Racing – the longest tenure for a driver in team history (1990-Present). Dixon holds the distinction of being the winningest active Indy car driver with 38 victories, which ranks him fifth on the all-time list and one shy of tying Al Unser Sr. with 39. In addition, he ranks seventh on the all-time list for most consecutive starts with 191 straight Indy car starts dating back to the 2004 race in Michigan. The New Zealand native has 254 starts between the CART and Verizon IndyCar Series, producing 38 wins, 25 poles, 126 top-five and 177 top-10 finishes (2001-Present).
Dixon, like many before him, started his racing career in karting and captured two championships in the New Zealand Formula Vee series. After a successful racing career in Australia and New Zealand, including a championship in the class I Formula Ford Series and a “Rookie of the Year” award in the Australian Formula Holden Championship, Dixon moved on to Dayton Indy Lights series in North America. There he added another championship to his resume in 2000 for PacWest Racing with six wins, seven podium finishes, and one pole position. At the time, he was the second-youngest driver in history to win the Indy Lights title, just six days older than the late Greg Moore. After his championship performance in 2000, Dixon received the call to move up to the CART Series in 2001. Dixon started the season by making a name for himself in Monterrey, Mexico, where he led 14 laps in his season debut. Just two races later, in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Dixon entered the record books by becoming the youngest ever winner of a CART race, or any major open-wheel race, by capturing his first victory at the age of 20 years, 9 months and 14 days. He followed that record-breaking performance by adding a podium finish of third at Milwaukee, and fourth-place results at Chicago, Road America and Laguna Seca.
In his rookie Champ Car season, Dixon scored championship points in 11 of 20 starts and led the FedEx Championship Series in laps completed, with 2,521 out of a possible 2,610, and miles completed, with 4,351.217 out of a possible 4,520.983. He finished eighth in the championship with 98 points while capturing the “Rookie of the Year” honors along the way. In 2002, Target Chip Ganassi Racing picked up the young driver after the PacWest team folded following the third race of the season. Dixon joined Target team drivers Bruno Junqueira and Kenny Brack for the Milwaukee race and put in a solid season that saw him amass 12 top-tens including a second place finish in Denver. 2003 was a storybook season for Scott Dixon. After a move to the Indy Racing League with Target Chip Ganassi Racing, the New Zealander began with a victory at the season-opening in Homestead, Florida, becoming just the third driver to win in his IndyCar® Series debut. Dixon continued to perform after his hot start and captured the series championship with 507 total points. Dixon won the 2003 Championship with a 343 consecutive laps led, three wins, five pole positions and a total of 748 laps led. The young phenom took the checkered flag at Homestead, Pikes Peak, and led every lap in his victory at Richmond. As the defending IndyCar Series Champion, Dixon performed consistently throughout the 2004 season, finishing among the top-10 in ten of 15 races with a second place finish in Phoenix, another top-five finish at the Indy Japan 300 in Motegi and capped off the 2004 season on a positive note with four straight races in the top-ten. The end of the 2005 season finally brought a close what can be described as a difficult period in which the team’s championship contention had been hampered by reduced horsepower. Dixon, however, showed that he had not forgotten what it takes to finish first. He and the Target team celebrated a long awaited win on the road course at Watkins Glen in 2005 and still posted six top-10 results.
The positive momentum began in 2006 when the Target Team implemented many exciting improvements to its program, including a return to the Honda engine and switch to the Dallara chassis, as well as the addition of 2005 IndyCar Series Champion Dan Wheldon as a teammate. All those factors had Dixon aiming high once again and it paid off with a return to the front.
That season, Dixon earned two wins, including a second consecutive victory at the Watkins Glen road course and a night race win at Nashville Speedway, along with a pole position on the road course at Sonoma, as well as nine top-five finishes. The driver of the no.9 Target Honda also led laps in nine of 14 races for a total of 261 laps. Dixon was a contender in every race and in a battle that came down right to the final laps of the season finale at Chicagoland, he closed out the 2006 season fourth in the IndyCar Series Championship standings. The 2007 season started off with Scott posting top-5 finishes in the first six races. Starting with Watkins Glen through Mid-Ohio, he rattled off three consecutive wins tying Kenny Brack (1998) and Dan Wheldon (2005) for the longest win streak in league history. He got his 4th win of the season at Infineon. The Championship would come down to the last turn on the last lap of the last race at Chicago with Scott running out of fuel and allowing Dario Franchitti to take the win and the title. Building on the 2nd place points finish from 2007, Scott opened the 2008 season with a victory at Miami-Homestead. During the next seven races Scott picked up two wins (including the Indy 500) and never finished worse than 4th place. He would go on to victory lane at Nashville, Kentucky and Edmonton on his way to his second overall Indycar Championship. For the season he posted a series record-tying six wins, seven pole positions, and led a series-record 899 laps. In 2009 he contested the race season alongside new teammate and 2007 Indy 500 and Indycar Series Champion, Dario Franchitti. Scott, Dario and Ryan Briscoe would hold the top three points positions for most of the season with Scott picking up five series wins (Kansas, Milwaukee, Richmond, Mid-Ohio, and Motegi). Scott became the winningest driver in the IndyCar Series when he earned his 20th career victory at Mid-Ohio – surpassing the previous record of 19 wins held by Sam Hornish Jr. The Championship came down the last race at Homestead-Miami with Dario taking the race on a fuel mileage strategy and the Championship along with it. 2010 saw Scott pick up three more series wins (Kansas, Edmonton, Homestead), and recorded 9 top-5 and 15 top-10 finishes on his way to 3rd place in the Championship. Through four races in the 2011 season, Scott found himself in 8th place for the Championship, but would finish out of the top-5 only twice over the next 13 races to repeat his 3rd place in the Championship. He scored two more wins (Mid-Ohio, Motegi), and recorded 12 top-5 and 13 top-10 finishes during the season. In 2011, Scott had two wins, two poles, 12 top-5 finishes, and 13 top-10 finishes on his way to a 3rd place finish in the Championship.
American Championship Cars.

Built in 1906 as one of the Team Cars for the first Grand Prix held at Le Mans, the 3 Darracqs all withdrew with valve problems but the car went on to America a few months later where it won the Vanderbilt Cup at Long Island. In 1910 it was purchased by Malcom Campbell in England and christened Bluebird – the first of a long line of his cars, boats and aircrafts. Campbell raced the car with success until selling it in 1914 to his friend Neville Minchin. In 1960 the engine was acquired by Bob Beardsley who set about the task of finding the correct parts to recreate the car into its original form. Although Bob never got the car to run he did succeed in piecing together the major parts into a rolling chassis, so saving the project. Anne’s pestering over a 20 years period finally saw its purchase in 2003 and complete restoration by her husband Wallace McNair. The car has been returned to its 1906 Grand Prix form but still incorporates some of the mods done pre WW1. Technical details; 4 cylinder 180mm x 140mm, 14.25 litre, 4 speed Darracq gearbox with 1.75:1 axle, top speed 100+ MPH at 1650 RPM.

335_Bert Dove


Bert started his racing of classic cars in the early 1990s and developed one of the quickest Triumph TR3s in the country with great success. Today club events in his BMW M6 keep the passion for motorsport in the blood.

NASCAR # 24 DuPont raced by Jeff Gordon for Hendricks Motorsports, winning the championship for the third time that year.

278_Andy Duffin


Andy is a 3 times Pro7 (RX7) NZ Champion who is also a SS2000 NZ Champion. After returning to motorsport after a big crash at a V8 supercar meeting at Pukekohe in the GT class he took out the GT2 championship for 2014/2015.

1996 MAZDA RX7:
Built for the SS2000, won the championship in 2012/2013 it was rebuilt for GT2 with a 20b pp, 6 speed sequential dog box, dry sumped, 1000kgs. The aero package was totally redesigned after Andy was invited to World Time Attack Challenge in Sydney in October 2015. The aero was designed by David Higgins from Kinetic Sim and built by Sandbrooks and Tim Dorset. Green Brothers Racing also rebuilt the engine before this event and it made an astonishing 515hp at the wheels. Which is believed to be one of the highest hp outputs for a naturally aspirated 20b engine in the world!

John Elliot


Kumeu based GP John Elliot is a self-confessed amateur driver who has always had an interest in motor racing. Wellington born, he began racing a VW Beetle at university events moving on to compete in the original Bridgestone Porsche Series in a Porsche 930 Turbo which he raced for many years. He served on the medical panel at Manfeild for 15 years covering Wellington Street races and an infamous NZ land speed record attempt gone wrong with Owen Evans. After coming out of a work’a’holic hiatus, he returned to racing in a Torana GTR XU-1, just like his Father before him and at 6 foot five, finds the biggest driver in the smallest car jokes are a plenty. He won the ‘tribute to LeMAns Endurance Race in California and now at home drives a Porsche Cayenne S, a 1972 VW Kombi Westalia camper van and a 1965 Corvair Spider Turbo.

Won the Levin “Shell 100” in 1974 in the hands of the 1968 NZ Saloon champion Rodger Anderson who also competed in a number of Castrol GTX races in the car. With several owners and being raced at Taupo and BayPark, it was stolen, disappearing to be found engineless two decades later. Rebuilt from all its surviving parts, John has owned the car for over 10 years now and have restored it back to its original specification, with the exception of its now added Phil Irving down port head which he designed in the 70’s for this car. It is the only six cylinder car competing in Central Muscle Cars and has been immensely successful and attracts a crowd where ever it goes.



Jacob hails from Christchurch and has been involved with Motorsport from a young age. He raced motocross for 8 years, then moved onto racing go karts and can now be found racing rally sprints around Canterbury in his Toyota MR2 rally car. He is a student at the University of Canterbury and in 2015 he joined the UC Motorsport team and has gone to prove himself on the team as the fastest driver.

Dom is a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Canterbury and is a key member of the UC Motorsport team. He has been involved with motorsport for a few years, growing up as a close friend of rally driver Sloan Cox. Dom has many track days under his belt before joining UCM, his racing experience being in Formula S.A.E for the last two years, competing in Melbourne and proving himself as one of the teams top drivers.

2015 UCM 15:
UCM15 is a student designed and built Formula SAE car. 2015 is the 20th anniversary of John Britten’s passing and this car’s livery is a tribute to the man and his bike, the Britten V1000. John, the bike and his team are an inspiration to student team that built this car. The car has a single cylinder 450cc Husqvarna engine with the addition of a turbocharger and running on E85. The car has Carbon Fibre monocoque chassis with 10 inch wheels and large aerodynamic wings, all in accordance with FSAE rules. The use of Carbon Fibre links back to the V1000 which could almost be considered a pioneer in the use of it.

Ian Ffitch 1

Ian Ffitch 2

#303 2008 HONDA TRX450R

Ian has been racing quads for 28 years securing more than 30 national titles in all forms of the sport from moto-x through to speedway. He raced pro in the states for 5 years and was the only non US rider to win US national. Ian is an 8 time winner of the quad/ motorcycle division of Race To The Sky. Regularly featured in the top 5 overall and was the inaugural winner of the Possum Bourne Memorial trophy for being 1st resident kiwi home finishing 3rd behind Monster and Rod! Ian went on to post 3rd overall in the return of this event in 2015 securing the Possum Bourne Memorial trophy for a second time after finishing behind the flying Scot of Alister McRae in Posssums old car and Aussie Brett Hayward in his supercharged 1300 plus cc Hyabusa powered 4wd buggy. Finished 2nd at Leadfoot 2012 and 4th in 2013, just missed out on the top ten by one spot in 2015.- Would love to visit the top ten again in 2016 and feels if the weather gods gave them a wet track for the top ten he could be in with a real shot at a top 3 again. Ian’s family has raced quads, with his partner and there 3 daughters all racing as the sport is very family orientated here in New Zealand with the Canterbury Club being particularly strong. The last few times Ian has ridden the superquad were the last two times here at Leadfoot and the 2015 Race to the Sky with only the odd gravel sprint like Ashley Forest in years gone by since the earlier demise of Race To The Sky. So even though Superquad has spent as much time on tarmac as gravel in recent times Ian really considers this event as a huge challenge as quads simply aren’t designed for this surface. Ian has also previously won the Burt Munro beach race the years that he has traveled to it and enjoys any chance in getting out and stretching the quads legs. Ian says more than ever he just races for fun feeling he has nothing to prove but would love to get one over Rod, but that’s a fairly long list of people who would love to be able to do that too!!!

Hand built in 2003 by a team lead by 2 Way Industries owner Jason Way. The Chassis started out as a 1989 Suzuki LT500R and was the custom modified to take a Suzuki GSXR1000 engine that has been taken out to 1080cc. There would be less than 5% of the original bike used with either the new parts being a one off custom build or an aftermarket performance part. The bike was rebuilt from ground up prior to the 2012 Leadfoot. It has 143 rear wheel horsepower, weighs with a top speed of 230km.

2008 HONDA TRX450R:
This Honda has a highly modified engine from Sparks Racing in the US but it still runs the standard bore and stroke making it 450cc. It runs a standard frame but pretty much the rest of the chassis components are aftermarket with the suspension by PEP and A-Arms and steering components by Laeger custom fabricators. Its top speed is probably only 120km but it’s pretty light so you can be freely aggressive on the seal even though at times it runs out of power to slide it and tends to two wheels. It’s more designed with its long travel suspension to rough tracks and 80 foot jumps than high speed traction filled tarmac- It is great fun to ride!

Tanner Fousts

Tanenr Foust


Tanner Foust is a versatile and multi-talented driver known for his supreme car control and a proven track record of podium placements, national championships and world records. He is a three-time U.S. rallycross champion (2012, 2011, 2010) who has also won four X Games gold medals (2013, 2010, 2007), and two Formula Drift championships (2008, 2007). He has also held multiple world records including for the astonishing Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare, which saw Foust drive a car through a 66-foot loop-the-loop. He also scored the indoor speed record for TV’s Top Gear USA, and set a distance jump record with Hot Wheels when he made a 332′ ramp-to-ramp leap in a truck at the Indy 500. A dominant driver in the sport of rallycross, Foust is the only American driver ever to win a round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship. He made his rallycross debut overseas in 2010 with a select campaign and finished both 2011 and 2012 ranked in the top three. At home, Foust has been a leading driver in the sport since it was first introduced to the United States in 2010, and in 2014 won the New York round of the Global Rallycross Championship for the new Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross team. His varied competition experience includes multiple years of open wheel racing, the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, rally racing, off-road truck competition, various types of sports car racing and the SCORE Baja. He has represented the USA in the annual Race of Champions three times, teaming with NASCAR star Carl Edwards in 2008, Travis Pastrana in 2009, and Mick Doohan in 2010.

When he isn’t racing, the professional driver also performs in films and on television. He is an on-air host for the U.S. version of the seminal BBC auto show Top Gear, produced by BBC Worldwide Productions and airing on the HISTORY channel. Episodes of his online documentary series, Life in the Foust Lane, are available on the Rockstar Energy Drink YouTube channel. Foust also handles stunt driving in numerous popular films, TV shows and commercials. He is featured as a stunt driver in the Need 4 Speed film, as well as other major releases including the Bourne Legacy, Bourne Ultimatum, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, Dukes of Hazzard, Red Dawn and Iron Man 2 movies.

The rear-wheel drive converted Volkswagen Passat from Tanner Foust Racing will produce some 900 nitrous-boosted horsepower from a V-8 engine. The car features a four-speed dog-engagement transmission, a Tilton clutch, AEM Infinity-10 fuel injection, RS-R suspension and an extroverted APR Performance swan-mount wing. Its distinctive supercar exhaust note comes from a specially designed eight into one sequential collector. It rides on KMC wheels wrapped in sticky rubber from Nitto Tire.


#380 Nigel Fraser – 1927 chevrolet speedster

Nigel is the Owner/Manager of Classic Auto Repaints in Opunake. He has a passion for cars from the 1920 – 1930 era and has a collection of vintage cars from 1923 – 1931. His first competitive race in the 1927 Chev Speedster was the Ngawhini Hill Climb in Hawera in 2015.

Built and painted by Nigel Fraser in 2012. The woodwork was done by Neil Carter from Normandy. The motor is a 2.8 Chev 4, Oldsmobile 3 port head conversion. Rear wheel brakes only, top speed 90km.

Matt Gaskin


Matt has been involved in motorsport for most of his life whether it’s watching, crewing or driving. The racing started for him in 2002 on a speedway track and he went on to compete locally and nationally for about six years with good results including winning the Wellington street stock champs in the 2003/2004 season. After a brief OE in 2008/2009 he came back to NZ and wanted to try a different form of motorsport. Late 2011 he purchased a tarmac race car to compete in hill climbs, sprints and rallies. In 2013 to now he has achieved top five positions at most events and also won two hill climbs.

Built around 2010 and purchased by Matt in late 2012, the car has had an extensive rebuild this year before the 6 day Targa event in October. Engine: 2.5 lt inline 6 cylinder DOHC Turbo run by a Link G4 and race technologies dash. Driveline: 5 speed Nissan R33 gearbox, R32 GTR mechanical LSD diff. Suspension: Tein adjustable coil over’s, adjustable arms all round. Brakes: Front : Wilwood two piece 330mm rotors, Wilwood callipers. Rear: R32 GTR. Wheels/Tyres: 17″x8″ / 17″x9″ Enkei NT03’s, Nitto NT01 semi slicks. Performance: 358KW at the wheels @ 7000 rpm and 17psi boost.

294_John Gray


John is a relative newcomer to motorsport starting racing only ten years back and it was an interest in older racing vehicles that got him trying a variety of cars including a Cortina GT, MGB, MGBGT V8 and Torana XU1 in both circuit and hill climb competition.

The Torana was originally built into a race car by Greg Kirkham in the mid 90’s and raced very successfully by him in the early Targa New Zealand events. Acquired by the current owner in 2007 the car has raced extensively in classic circuit events and hill climbs in the Southern North Island. Modestly powered the engine is built to original XU1 specifications.

320_Roger Greaney


Roger raced speedway in the 70’s and went on to race a 1956 buckler in the early 90’s, his highlight was racing in the Wellington street race in historic racing and sports car class. He was also involved with the late Ashley Stichbury running his V8 team through to his untimely death.

The vehicle was raced in Ireland in 1961 in the hands of Malcolm Templeman and won that year’s championship. Raced in F3 in England and imported into Christchurch by Tony Shaw in 1965. It went on to be raced by Graham Baker, Dave Mitchell and Bill McCabe, and raced in the 1968 Tasman series in the six events. After a crash in 1970, it was put in a shed until now and has been restored by Roger using 90% of the original parts.

Andrew Hawkesworth


One of New Zealand’s best rally drivers, Hawkeswood, who is based alternately in Alexandra and Auckland depending on where his gold mining work takes him.

2015 MAZDA 2 4WD:
AP4 1800 Turbocharged , 6 speed SADEV sequential gearbox Built to using the new AP4 4WD rally components manufactured by Force Motorsport in Auckland . Leadfoot will be the debut event for the Mazda and it is one of 5 cars currently being built for customers both in NZ and for export.

307_Tony Hembrow


A lifetime motor sport enthusiast, for Tony it all started watching the Millen brothers running their V6 Beach Buggy at the Albany Hill climbs on Aucklands North Shore in the early 70’s and continued on through all forms of Motor Sport as a sponsor of circuit cars, speedway cars and drag racing. So after many years of being on the other side, Tony has decided to feel some of the excitement and adrenaline for himself by getting behind the wheel of the Nissan GTR built by Dodson Motorsport. Having never competed in any motorsport competitions before, he has built this car with the intention of running in Targa New Zealand in the future but to start his goal is to have fun and keep out of the trees!

2014 Nissan GTR Red prepared by Dodson Motorsport



David has made a big statement within the NZ rallying community in a short space of time and it’s not just his 6ft6″ stature. Securing a couple of championship titles out of only 25 rallies so far so it wasn’t long before Hayden Paddon noticed David and he has since become Hayden’s protégé, learning everything he can to give him the best chance at success on an international level. His career was almost cut short by an accident early in the 2015 season but the NZ rallying community stepped up and helped the young talent not only compete again but display outright pace only moments after getting behind the wheel again.

Originally built by NZ Rallying legend Brian Stokes in the early 2000’s to Group N specification, nowadays the car has been modified to run within the NZ championship’s current ‘open class’ rules, meaning around 100kgs has been removed from the shell as well as some added extra power thanks to E85 fuel and some forged pistons. The car certainly isn’t lacking fame either as it’s also the original ‘green machine’ of our very own Production WRC champ and current WRC driver Hayden Paddon, with Hayden cutting his teeth in this very car, it’s now been passed on to his promising protege David Holder to once again show what the old girl still has left in her! 2L – 4g63 Evo 9 Engine – 34mm Turbo Restrictor, MCA Suspension, 5 Speed Dogbox Gearbox, Front and Rear plate diffs.

Leigh Hopper

#339 Leigh Hopper – 1996 mitsubishi lancer evolution iii

Leigh has been a competitor in Targa NZ category 10 (unrestricted 4WD) for 8 years. He has had 4 event wins, including the last 2014 3day Targa Rotorua.

1998cc turbo.

 2010_007 (2)


Barry’s first racing experience was in 1975 in a vintage invitation race, pre-grand prix at Pukekohe racing his 1932 Sunbeam Saloon. He has extensive hill climbing experience with different sports cars and competed at club level, Chelsea Hill Climbs and has been rallying for the past 28 years. Barry is an enthusiastic motor sport owner/driver.  

Built as the Stanford Special in 1947 by Mr Bob Crisp, he hill climbed it extensively throughout NZ, winning the South Island Championship in 1950/51, the NZ Championship Hillclimb Northern Sports Car Club in 1952. Crisp sold the car to Bruce McLaren in 1955 and Bruce fitted a 1172cc ford engine, raced it and won a sports care race at Western Springs in May 1956, and an Autocross at Kumeu in Nov 1956. He also raced the car at Muriwai Beach. Barry Howard purchased the car in 1993 in poor condition, he restored the car, completed in 2010. Stanford 1937 flying 8 chassis, Ford 100E Running Gear, 1172CC, supercharged, hand built alloy body.

 Ben Hunt


Ben loves all forms of motorsport and has been rallying for 7 years, placing and winning many events. Ben is the current 2015 4wd New Zealand Rally Champion, he piloted his 2008 WRX STI to win 4 NZRC rounds to secure the 2015 Championship. He placed 2nd to Richard Mason in 2014. Along the way he has also picked up various other titles inuding 2x Junior Driver New Zealand Rally Champion, 2 x New Zealand 2wd Rally Champion, Inaugural 2009 Rally New Zealand Rising Stars Scholarship Driver. Hunt is now busy preparing his brand new 2015 Subaru WRX STI to campaign in the NZRC unfortunately the car wasn’t ready for Leadfoot.

Owned and built by Dan Kane who is a race mechanic, engine builder, fabricator and tuner at E&H motors. The car produces a massive 450kw with a 6 speed Kaps DogBox behind it. The car has mainly been used for 4wd drifting so I will be interesting to see this piloted up LeadFoot. .

296_Bob Hyslop

#296 BOB HYSLOP – 1974 MAZDA RX 2

Bob has competed continuously for the last 50 years, he started in trials in the mid 60s and has raced in sports cars, speedway, go karts, rallies and a variety of circuit cars, winning multiple sport sedan titles including NZ sports car championship (1975), the Ken Wharton trophy (1970) and the Coca cola Rallysprint at Mystery Creek in the early 70’s. He spends his time restoring and racing his collection of vintage and race cars and is  looking forward to returning to Leadfoot to go just that little bit faster.

1974 MAZDA RX 2:
Owned since 1978, rallied and raced national and club rallies, circuit race meetings including 1980, 81, 82 International rally. Car was in storage since 1986 until restored in 2013



Sixty year old David has been a Fonterra milk tanker driver since moving to the Waikato from Nelson 18 years ago. He bought his first Jaguar in 1982 when he started the Nelson Jaguar Drivers Club and was president for 12 years, enjoying the National Rallies, meeting many people and becoming a life member of the club. He started racing and continued to modify the car as he went, competing in the very first and second Targa event and finished second in class both times. David has raced at Ruapuna, Levels, Manfield and Hampton Downs and won several trophy’s.

1957 JAGUAR MK V11:
Red, with Number 57, modified with disc breaks, 4L engine, Triple Webbers 48mm – first raced in 1987. Competed at the Skope Classic at Ruapuna and the Castrol Charity Classic at Manfield Multiple times. Wining the Andrew O’Neill Memorial Trophy in 1999, and in 2000 the Neville Boon Memorial Cup. Raced at Levels Raceway, Timaru, and Wigram in Christchurch. Competed in the very first and second Targa Rally, finishing 2nd in class both times. More recently raced at Hampton Downs at the classic meetings.

clynt inns


Clynton has been involved with vintage cars at Ruapuna raceway, Dunedin Road, racing on Wharf circuit and various other VCC hill climbs. He has owned the Jaguar for over 5 years and has attended Rallies and toured both North and South Islands.

Car built by the late Peter Bruin for a North Canterbury Farmer. Peter had experience as a chassis builder for McLaren and made about seven chassis’ including two complete cars, one being for himself. This one is painted in the blue used by the Scottish Racing Team, Ecurie Ecosse. The Car incorporates the chassis per original design, torsion bar suspension both front and rear following that used originally, a 3.8 Jaguar engine, Moss 4 speed Gearbox and body to the correct shape. Most ancillary components were sourced from a Mk 7 Jaguar which were in production concurrently with the 53 C Types built and apparently their parts bin supplied many of the bits. Clynt has owned the car for over 5 years and has attended rallys and toured both North and South Islands travelling fairly quickly where road and traffic conditions allowed. Its a well put together and sorted car attempting to emulate those used in the 1951 Le Mans campaign.

338_Neil Johns


Neil has an extensive history in motorsport, competing in his first hill climb in 1959 in a Mini Cooper but couldn’t afford to get in to racing so got a break doing lucrative mini-spinning demos during lunch breaks at the 4 international race meets with Roger Anderson. He went on to build/race Escorts, Triumphs but eventually decided to only own standard or mildly modified cars so did early 80’s Laser sport NI rounds, then acquired 1985 Corolla GT AE86 for tarmac events. Next car was a Honda Integra Type R 2003. Most recently he has competed in 3 Targa’s, placed 4th overall in 2004 and won the CC standard production series in 2005 and 2006.

New standard production car doing four hill climb street sprint events this year.

269_Paul Jones


Paul has been involved in rallying around NZ as a service crew since 1977, initially servicing for Stuart Eyre in a RX3 then to the ex Rod Millen RX7. He also worked on Ken Adamson’s Ae86 and Mazda 4WD and built Simon McGills Toyota lift back. Competing in a few hill climbs and rally sprints was enough to maintain an interest over the years with a chance to track events in recent years competing in 2×12 hour races, a hand full of 6 hour races and numerous sprint events in the BMW E30 series. For the last 3 years he has been heavily involved in the NZ V8’s as a mechanic and back up driver.

This car was 1 of 3 brought into New Zealand by Toyota to compete in the 1973 Heatway Rally, affectionately known as the GG’s (based on the registrations GG41-43) this car was driven by Ian Pinkerton and was featured as the cover shot of the commemorative booklet and finished 91st after clutch issues. GG43 went through a few hands, suffered a bad crash and sat unloved until it was purchase in 1988 by Rob Aitken who carried out an extensive restoration and campaigned in events such as Targa and sealed rallies. Paul purchased in 2007 and soul purpose is to ensure that the car will remain as part of NZ rally history.

346_Peter Jordan


Dirt Track Racing Northland, Kaikohe. 1970-80. NCC 60th Anniversary, Doctors Hill Hillclimb.

Modified with V8 Engine, was a standard road car but Peter re-designed the body and gave it some more power. Donor Parts from the Wrecking Yards. Running a 351 Windsor Motor and FMX Auto. Independent Rear with EL Fairmont Front Suspension.

001 (1)


Ray is 73 years old and has been racing for over 55 years, still having heap of fun and lives by the “raced, rallied and still no rolls” mantra. If he isn’t out racing, he is out fishing.

I1938 original Chevy Coupe with a 327 Chevy engine, automatic gearbox and a 9 inch Ford diff.

331_Jeff Judd


Jeff started rallying in 1981 both as a driver and co-driver. He has competed in every Silver Fern Rally since 1990 as a co-driver and then as a driver since 2008 winning the Silver Fern Historic Rally in 2010.

Rebuilt by John Kershaw for the 2006 Silver Fern Rally and Otago Classic Rally. After it was crashed by Jeff at the 2010 Possum Bourne Rally it was rebuilt with a new engine and painted into Silver works replica Castrol livery. GP4 Spec 2.3 twincam engine five speed ZF gear-box Atlas 5.1 diff AP brakes.

317_Frank Karl


Frank stated racing in 1978 (Austin Healey works replica), which he still owns and races. He has competed in this car at most NZ race, road and airfield circuits including Bathurst, Adelaide and Philip Island. Paul has also owned a Formula Libra car (wings and slicks with 6 ltr V8 ) since 1998. Frank bought the M10B project 11 yrs. ago and ran it for the first time at this year’s Hampton Downs Festival.

1970 1970 MCLAREN M10B: 
First raced by Mike Walker in the UK for the 1970 season, then John Butterworth in 71/72, Mike Domingo in South Africa 73/75 and bought by Renie Mackrory in 1986 and Duncan Fox in 2002.

Andrew Knightly


Andrew started as part of the service crew for rallying back in 1984 with a then new RX7 and made the step into the role of co-driver in 1986, then into the driver’s seat in a RX7 in 1987. He has been racing since then trying out different cars along the way; Datsun Sunny; Escort BDA; Honda CRX and Mitsubishi Lancers. He recently started to compete in the Silver Fern Marathon events – the first being in 2014.

This is one of 2 Ford Fiesta Mark 5 Super 2000 cars, constructed on behalf of the Ford Motor Co of Australia by Jason Brights BRITEK V8 Super car team. These cars are built to FIA schedule S2000 and hold FIA homologation. The chassis was the Michael Guest PRITEK sponsored car, as found on Playstation. Due to the GFC Ford Australia reduced funding for many V8 Super Car teams and also to the BRITEK Rally program, the entire cars and spare parts were purchased and shipped to New Zealand and have been competing in the NZRC.

276_Glenn Leach


In the late 60’s, Glenn raced the last two years of group two saloons in a 1963 Lotus Cortina. Around the same time, he contested hill climbs and grass track racing around the North Island in a 1964 Cortina GT. He was also a member of both Auckland and Thames Valley Car Clubs. Glenn is the Mayor of the Thames-Coromandel District Council.

Replica Alan Mann lotus cortina. Running a SR20det Nissan. With 6speed c/r box

288_Ricky Lee

#288 RICKY LEE – 1992 MAZDA RX7

Brisbane born Ricky Lee now resides in Wanganui and is Operations Manager at Global Products Ltd, Director of Hardwired Industries Ltd, Director of Battlemania Promotions Ltd and driver at Ricky Lee Drift. Ricky is a real family man whose hobbies include drifting and all things motorsport. He has taken out multiple awards, places and titles.
1992 MAZDA RX7:
This is far from standard as far as RX7 Batmans go! Ricky opted for a 20B triple rotor with large single turbo charger, the engine was built and maintained by Warren Overton of Pulse Performance Race Engineering. On a mild tune of 12 psi of boost its pumping out 530 horsepower at the wheels. ON an 18 psi tune it is just on 700 horsepower at the wheels so its certainly no slug on the race track. In the three years of competitive drifting we have enjoyed several podium places as well as picking up awards such as Most Improved Driver, Most Dedicated Driver, Best Presented Team, Best Style just to name a few from D1NZ. The car itself has picked up numerous awards at car shows as we always keep in maintained at a high quality to showcase our sponsors. 



After years as an avid spectator, Allan decided in 2004 to enter the Targa Tour and in 2007 after building a rally car, he has done every Targa event since – along with the odd track day too.

1972 DATSUN 24OZ:
The Datsun 240Z was made into a rally in 2006 2007.It was built for Targa and has competed in every Targa since.The Datsun is fitted with a supercharged LS1 Chev V8 and sequevtial gearbox custom made suspension and drive components were as the body shape remains almost true to form.

340_Brett Lightfoot


Brett started rallying in 1997 and has competed in the Race to the Sky in 2000, Chris Amon Festival of Speed 2011 and Leadfoot Festival 2013. He is a tutor at Rally Drive NZ.

The A40 has competed in numerous hill climbs and sprints through the Hamilton and Taupo Car Clubs. In 2011 competed at the Chris Amon Festival of Speed and in 2013 and 2015 competed at the Leadfoot Festival qualifying in the top 10 shoot out for vehicles manufactured pre 1975, finishing a creditable 4th.

316_Robin Longdon


Robin is a UK entrant who has raced every year of his life since 1977, mainly in historic sports cars and single seaters. He currently mainly races Lola Formula Juniors, owning a Lola Mk2, 3 and 5a. He won the front engine class in the FIA Lurani Championship in 2005 and the Championship outright in 2007. He brought his Lola Mk5a to New Zealand in 2010 for the Bruce McLaren event and again in 2013 for the Chris Amon meeting and now tried to visit NZ as often as possible (most often with a race car). He also owns the ex Leston Lotus Elite known as DAD10 and the ex Graham Lawrence Lola MK1 (BR29) sports car which he has raced at Goodwood, Le Mans and many other circuits. Robin has competed at most UK and European circuits and has raced in NZ, Australia, South Africa and the USA.

Originally a UK built 1275 Cooper S which was exported to New Zealand as a new car in December 1967. It was restored to 100% original condition a couple of years ago.

 289_Philip Macey


Philip began racing in his late thirties but had owned many cars from an early age including a V8 powered MG Midget, Valiant Charger, Mustangs and GT Falcons. After first competing in a 1963 Sunbeam Rapier, Philip purchased an EVOII and competed in numerous Targa events winning class and performance of index awards. The move to a Falcon came with a desire to go circuit racing and eventually take the car to Australia for classic events.  Also on the build is a 1977 XC Hardtop due for completion in the next few years.

This car was purchased as a shell in 2008 and completed the week before Leadfoot 2013. Exterior wise the car is a replica of the Johnson 1982 Bathurst car with genuine body kit and paint. Internally the features modern safety gear including a full roll cage and fire system. The car can be set up for both Track and Targa competition, runs a 351 Cleveland and Tremec gearbox supported by a Ford nine inch diff. The engine puts out a modest 500 hpwr and runs massive 18*13 wheels on the rear and 18*10.5 on the front.

mike marshall

#311 Mike Marshall – 2003 Peugeot 206 GTi 180

Mike has rallied for many years and was the winner of the 1975 Heatway Rally of New Zealand driving a Mk 2 Ford Escort.  He battled for a week with the Millen brothers to take out the overall title. Mike was also New Zealand Rally Champion. Mike competed in the 2015 Sol Rally Barbados where he finished 3rd in 2 litre modified cars.

2003 PEUGEOT 206 GTI 180:
Built from scratch by Marshall Motorsport in 2004.  Engine prepared by Peter Davidson, fitted with Peugeotsport sequential gearbox, reiger suspension, 250BHP a 8000 rpm. Built for gravel rallies but converted to tarmac specs for Rally Barbados 2015.

321_Stewart Martel


Most of Stewart’s motorsport history has been associated with the E Type although for the last two years he has raced a Citroen BX 16v in the ERC series.

Extensively rebuilt over the last 20 years it has been raced extensively throughout NZ including the Dunedin Street Race, Coronet Hill climb and the ERC series in the upper North Island.

306_Andy Martin

#306 ANDY MARTIN – 1974 MAZDA RX 3

Competing in NZRC 2014 and 2015, Andy placed 3rd in Historic Class last year, coming second this year going into the last rally at Wairarapa.

1974 MAZDA RX 3:
Car built by Charlie Evans and developed by Deane Buist at Palmside NZ. Runs MCA suspension, Modena dog box, Atlas rear end, and Al Marsh 13b PP.

Joe McAndrew


Joe was the London to Sydney overall winner in 2004, three times New Zealand Rally Champion in 1993, 1994 and 1996 and the Targa NZ Winner in 2006/07.

Built up using original factory parts. Brought into New Zealand from Finland. Only ever rallied on Tarmac in Finland. Just undergone extensive rebuild in New Zealand to comply with New Zealand Rally Classic Regulations. Full works specs including engine – 550 hp

277_Paul McCarthy


Paul has been involved with classic cars and motor racing for many years and has owned Mini Coopers and several RS escorts. He has driven various race cars including RS1600 Escort, Lotus Europa47GT and 722 March.

1974 FORD ESCORT RS 1600:
This cars was built as a full GRP 2 spec car as raced in the 1974 DRM. Has an alloy BDG engine with Lucas mechanical Fuel injection and weighs 720kg wet

 341_Stuart McFarlane


Stuart started competing at the age of 15 and was a top competitor at Mystery Creek Rally cross events in the mid 70’s in a purpose built rallycross mini. His driving career ended in 19880 after a serious eye injury so he took up rally co-driving with may top NZ drivers, Stuart Eyre, Gary Smith, Ken Adamson and even had the opportunity with Bjorn Waldgard. The last couple of years Stuart has been competing with his son Brad in classic rallying in a Porsche 911 and competed in the Silverfern marathon rally around the South Island last November.

This car was a Tarmac targa car and converted to a gravel rally car two years ago, competed in the 2012 Silver fern Rally

363_John McGregor


John started racing a Mini Cooper in the early 1960’s. Had a break due to family and career commitments and came back to classic racing with a Triumph TR4A in 1988. John launched McGregor Motorsport in 2000 building a Lotus 7 replica sports car and competed at Ruapuna until bought out and moved to Auckland. Built a Lotus ELEVEN, replica, and has raced it at Ruapuna, Hampton Downs, Pukekohe, Taupo, Manfield and at Leadfoot.

Built in 2007, the Lotus Eleven Replica runs a Ford 1600 Xflow which has been progressively modified over the years. It is currently developing 140BHP.

Donald McLean


Member of the Dannevirke car club for last 30 years and ring since age 16 from club events to rally and hill climbs. Donald has multiple event wins and podiums over the past years. He raced a MK1 Ford Escort with a mid-mount V8 for most of his career. Donald has raced the Subaru for three years competing in over 55 events during this time. Other accomplishments are: 2014-15 New Zealand hill climb championship runner up (gravel), 2014-15 New Zealand hill climb championship runner up (tarmac), 2015 4th place Ashley forest hill climb (couldn’t complete top 4 run off due to broken axel).

This is a stock standard road car and was owned by Monster Motorsport in Japan before coming to new Zealand with Richard Mason using it as his daily driver. Donald bought the car three years ago and has built it up as a hill climb/rally car. The Subaru is built to a very high standard with development still undergoing on the car every year. It has been raced by Donald and son Michael in over 60 events over the last 3 years without any crashes or major break downs.

michael mclean(2)

#326 Michael McLean – 2001 Subaru impreza wrx sti

Mike is a 21 year old student. He has been racing club level motorsports since age 14. In November 2014 he bought his first rally car and has competed most weekends since.
He has won or been on the podium many of those events. He recently competed in his first rally (rally of wairarapa 2015) winning his class and leading the central region rally series rookie driver.

Mike will be competing in the 2015-16 Nz hill climb championship and the 2016 NZRC.

Mike has owned this Subaru for one year and it had only been competed in once before he took ownership.
It is built to rally/hill climb spec and is progressing every event. It has mainly been built by Michael and his crew.



Chris has always liked Minis and the concept of “the pocket rocket”, since they won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, 65 and 66 (provoking a desperate D/Q by the French stewards) and 1967. He has been a member of the Mini Car Club of Auckland for 20 years, including the jobs of President, Club Captain, and Secretary and devised the annual “Italian Job” run for Minis through inner-city Auckland.

1964 MORRIS COOPER 1000:
BYGGLS was a shed find in 2004, as a primered shell with surface rust, an engine block, and 12 assorted boxes of parts. It is an original and genuine Mk I, proven by matching chassis and engine plates with the original NZ registration certificate, and a recently obtained Heritage Certificate, along with all the other clues and features. It was restored by Minibits, with the engine reconditioned and prepared by Lynn Rogers. It has a 1-litre Cooper motor, with the standard factory 12G295 head, and twin SU 1.25 carburettors, but does run a Kent 266 cam. It has been rebuilt to Schedule A (not Schedule K), and has competed in the last 2 Targa Rallysprints.

 284_Robert Mcnair


Robert McNair is an aircraft engineer, vintage car restorer and vintage aviator. His driving experience includes vintage club racing, hill climbs and rallies with vintage cars. His passions are flying vintage aircraft, aerobatics, and exciting motor cars from all periods.

A New Zealand built Special, based on Riley 9 components fitted with an engine from a De Havilland Tiger Moth. It was inspired by the Brooklands Riley from 1927.

349_Alister McRae


The McRae name has been synonymous with the spectacular sport of rallying for three decades. Father Jimmy and sons Colin and Alister have, between them, won just about every title worth winning, including British, Asia-Pacific and World Rally Championships. Their sport has taken them to some of the most challenging environments on the planet, on almost every continent. Alister took his first foray into motorsport at the age of twelve, when he took up motorcycle trials and motocross but it was always rallying where success came. In 1992, he won the prestigious Shell Scholarship and the production category of the UK’s round of the World Rally Championship. The following years saw further triumphs, winning the 1995 British Rally Championship, a two-year contract to drive the Formula 2 Volkswagen Golf, leading to his services being secured by Hyundai, Mitsubishi and eventually Proton Motorsports. With some 80 WRC events under his belt and endless enthusiasm for the sport, Alister is looking forward to the next chapter in his motorsport career.

In 1999 the car was driven and crashed at Rally NZ by Finnish driver Kuha Kangas and the damaged shell was purchased by, the late Possum Bourne. In 2001 Possum drove it to victory at RTTS and in 2003 Vantage Motorsport purchase the car after Possum’s unfortunate death. It is still maintained by Possum Bourne Motorsport.


#312 RHYS MILLEN – global rally cross hyundai veloster turbo,
#324 1985 MAZDA RX7 GROUP B

Multi-talented driver, Rhys Millen has over 19 years racing experience and has carved out a solid career and reputation becoming one of the most sought after performance drivers in the gigantic US automotive scene. Rhys has developed legendary car control skills through various outlets including drifting. Rhys more recent Motorsport achievements include – 2012 Pikes Peak overall hill climb winner, 2014 Red bull global rally cross win Daytona Speedway, 2014 RedBull global rally cross win Los Angles, 2015 Pikes Peak overall winner (new overall electric class record)!

Current specifications – 4wd, 585hp 610ft tq. 45mm turbo restrictor, 2,686 lbs Yokohama 240/40-17 tires.

This is one of eight still existing Factory Mazda Rally Team Europe Group B RX7’s. Rod drove for the team in the 1985 RAC rally finishing 9th overall and 2nd 2WD. While the original shell of the car he drove in 1985 was destroyed in the 90’s, all the parts are from the 001 car he drove, and they have been installed in shell number 011 that Rhys purchased from Belgium last year.



#319 ROD MILLEN – 1994 Toyota Pikes Peak Hill Climb Celica
#308 1975 MAZDA RX3

Motorsport and Racing Legend and all time nice guy, developed a reputation as a leader in rally driving in NZ in the 70’s. Moving to the USA in 1978 Rod turned his attention to off-road stadium racing; Rod dominated the Mickey Thompson off-road racing series – where he became the only driver in the 12 year history of the series to win three consecutive Grand National Sport Truck titles. During Rod’s racing career, he conquered the famous Pikes Peak Hill Climb, where it has become known as “Millen Mountain”. Rod captured the record for the fastest ascent as well as capturing the fastest overall time five times. The challenges of Pikes Peak became part of the inspiration to create the Leadfoot Ranch racetrack driveway which this weekend will become the perfect hill climb.

The Pikes Peak Toyota Celica raced in the Unlimited Class at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb to claim two overall victories and set the fastest time of 10:04:06. This record was set on an all dirt track in 1994, which stood for 13 years and was only broken when 75% of the road was paved. The Pikes Peak Toyota Celica shares little with its production inspiration. A potent 2.1 litre turbo – charges inline 4 cylinder mates to a tube frame chassis and runs through a custom four – wheel drive system. The one piece carbon composite body shell looks the part, but it is also about aero dynamic performance!

1975 MAZDA RX 3:
The Mazda RX3 was a very rare car in rallying. Rod Millen’s RX 3 was a three time winner of the New Zealand Rally Championship. 1975-1977.

Ryan_Millen Toyota Tundra

Ryan_Millen RX7

#272 Ryan Millen – 2000 TOYOTA TUNDRA OFF-ROAD TRUCK
#274 1983 MAZDA RX7

To support the launch of the new Toyota Tundra, Millen Works Racing was contracted to design, build, and campaign a racing Tundra in the Championship Off Road Racing (CORR) series in a highly competitive Pro 4 class. Despite a weight penalty for running an overhead cam engine, Rod Millen finished second in the 2000 championship. The Championship Off Road Racing (CORR) Toyota Tundra was designed entirely in CAD to optimize all structural elements for weight and stiffness. MillenWorks Racing also worked diligently to develop the four-wheel-drive system to reduce weight without compromising reliability. The result was an extremely light and nimble vehicle, despite imposed weight penalties.

1983 MAZDA RX 7:
This car was built for the US Rally Championship with main the focus to beat the dominant Audi Quattro factory team in 1985. It won the Manufactures Title.

287_Johnny Moore


Johnny was introduced into vintage motoring by his father Garry at a very young age. Having owned many classic and vintage cars and motorbikes, including Mk1 Cortina, 1936 Plymouth, 1952 G80 Matchless, 1936 Riley 12/4 special. Johnny has attended and competed in many hill climbs including Hawkes bay, Ashley, and Hawkeswood.

1936 RILEY SPECIAL 12.4:
Vehicle was built for Mike Haggart in Dunedin in the mid 80’s and has been motored extensively throughout the country since.

373_Greg Murphy


A seasoned driver in Australian V8 Supercars, Greg Murphy’s mark on the sport is indisputable. With over 400 V8 Supercar race starts, multiple Bathurst 1000 wins and appointments with some the highest profile race teams in Australasia, Greg is rightfully considered one of the greats by fellow competitors and fans alike. Greg’s flagrant disregard for detractors and adversity has resulted in some of his most memorable performances despite the odds. An attitude applied to both his life and business decision making.

This Car was campaigned by Greg Murphy and run by M3 Racing for 3 seasons from 2012 -2014. It recorded 2 championship wins – 2013 and 2014, 22 race wins, 7 round wins and 36 Podium finishes. That car is a Fabricated Control chassis, designed and built by Paul Ceprnich of Pace Innovations in Australia. The power plant is a Chevrolet 7 ltr all alloy V8 producing around 580hp at 6500rpm.

Andy mygind


Andy first competed in club events in the mid 70’s and remembers competing on the Levin circuit, before it was given back to the horses, and racing began at the inaugural meetings at Manfield. Andy re-entered motorsport in 2007 after buying a restoration project but found chasing tenths of a second on a race track was more fun than polishing chrome. Andy became a regular Targa competitor in 2008 and is a regular competitor in tarmac rallies and classic track events.

1972 DATSUN 240Z:
Started life in NZ as an export delivery Datsun 240Z and like many Z’s from that period was modified by a string of enthusiastic owners from that point on. The car now runs a Nissan L28 injected and normally aspirated inline six through a Quaife 5 speed H pattern dog transmission and a helical LSD . Total car dry weight is 1080kg but like many as they age is putting weight on as the comfort of steel doors, extra mufflers and sound proofing is rediscovered by the owner.


#385 Malcolm Ngatai – 2012 Murray Gordge built superstock

44 years old from Christchurch self employed
Speedway Superstock driver. Results: New Zealand1nz 2009 , Raced world champs 2010 in England. Battle of the stocks 5 times winner, 2nd twice. Sportsperson of the year 2010. South island champs 1st top three 2011 2012 2015, 1st club person of the 2010. Highest club point 08, 09, 2010, 2013. Also 2nd New Zealand GP 2014. Canterbury champ 2002/ 03/ 06\ 07/ 09/ 2011/2012/2015 best mechanically prepared 2008/10/12/14/. Best presented car 2003 /05 09/2012/. John Webster 2012 Auckland. Manawatu superstock champs 2012. Three time Huntly Speed Fest winner and many many more.

2012 Murray Gordge New Plymouth built superstock running a Lexus Toyota V8 built by CHS ( Christchurch speed) and Midwest Motors.
It runs a Raptor gearbox and Winters quick changed diff using EXP fuel and oil lines.


314_Rhys Millen


After many years on the fringes of motorsport, Rhys found himself in the position to take part in a greater number of exciting events in the last 3 years, primarily with vintage race cars and the classic fraternity. He has had a couple of Bucklers, Hillman Husky with the bigger engine, an earlier model with the famed Millen Cob, rallied one of the ex Heatway Skodas and then stumbled into the fun of vintage racing. From then it has been Ford 10 specials, an Austin 7 special and currently Rhys has a choice of Lotus eleven replica, or a period A35 race car as well as the occasional chance to run the Lycoming.

This is one of a series of NZ built specials constructed in the 1950s by Hec Green, Jack Brewer and friends in Christchurch. This was their only 2 seater. It had a series of different engines, from Fiat 1100, Chev 6 cylinder, Vauxhall and then finally the Lycoming engine from an aircraft. It is a “flat four” of around 4900cc. It has a 3 speed gearbox fitted after a step up box. In the hands of Duncan Rutherford it won the South Island Beach Racing Championship in 1961, and was second in the NZ Championship in 1960 and 1961. After that it was parked until first aired at the Roycroft Trophy meeting in 2015. Since then the tyres, which were last available in 1956, have been replaced, giving a touch more confidence.

344_Tim O'Connor


Tim’s first motorsport competition was as an entrant in the last Golden Shell Rally, Heatway Rally marshall and then 6 times Targa New Zealand entrant. 3 times in his 1973 BMW CSL, 2 times in Ferrari F355 Challenge and 1 x Ferrari F430 Challenge. He has done two seasons in north and South Island Endurance Series and won the 2012 Pukekohe 6 hour endurance “Dan Peoples Memorial Trophy” race.

Purchased new in 2012. The 458 Challenge is manufactured by Ferrari for their International one make, controlled race series, competing in Europe, USA and Asia. (same concept as the Porsche Carrera Cup). The 458 is powered by a 4.5 litre V8, developing 420kW (580HP), weighs 1225 kg and is constructed in aluminium and composite materials. Brakes are Brembo CCM (carbon ceramic) with the front rotors of 398mm and rear rotors 380mm. 6 piston front and 4 piston rear calipers. Wheels are centre lock BBS race light alloy and the gearbox is a 7 speed Getrag, F1 dual clutch type with the standard 458 Italia E-Differential. Engine and Drive train are all standard 458 Italia road car components.

Mike Pero

#318 MIKE PERO – 1989 YAMAHA TZ250W

Mike is six times New Zealand Road Race Champion 1978-82 (410cc Production x2; 350cc Racing Class x2; 500cc Racing Class x2), New Zealand 350cc Land Speed record holder, 18 New Zealand Grand Prix Titles. Mike retired in 1984 however chose to ride 3 times in the last three years after a break of 30 years from the track. His last ride was the Philip Island Classic 2015 and he finished 3rd in the 250cc Grand Prix Classics. Mike chooses to ride now at only very selective events and is a Patron for Motorcycling New Zealand. He is a keen car and motorcycle enthusiast and has raced motorcycles, V8 Touring Cars, V8 Utes, jet skis and now rides road cycles. Mike was a Commercial (airline) Pilot and continues as an aviation enthusiast.

1989 YAMAHA TZ250W:
Owned by Rod Price of Helicraft Helicopters and restored in 2014 by Rod and Mike Pero to compete in a Melbourne event by Mike Pero in January 2015. It is a 250cc two stroke factory built road racer with Reverse cylinders, Power Valves and capable of 230Km/hr. This type of machine was one of the most popular Grand Prix machines of its time and is still considered one of the very best handling 250cc speed machines to the current day.

358_Darcy Predergast

#358 DARCY PRENDERGAST –2015 Honda CRF 450R

Darcy has a mixed Racing History, taking part in Race to the Sky seven years in succession and in 2015 racing a Super Quad. He has competed in Super Motard racing, track and street both club and national level; Cross Country Enduro, club and national; Quad racing, club and national; Road racing, club and national; Car racing, club level. Darcy enjoys the competition of racing, the people involved long with having fun. He claims he would race anything.

2015 Honda CRF 450R:
This is a purpose built Super Motard bike constructed by Andrew Rudd from Dynoworx in Ashburton. In that time Andrew has piloted this bike to the podium in almost every event it’s been to including; 1st overall Motard – Greymouth Street Sprints 2015, 1st overall Motard – Port of Nelson Street Sprints 2016, 1st overall “ King of the Port” – Port of Nelson Street Sprints 2016, 2nd overall Motard – Teretonga, Burt Munro Challenge 2015. The 450 cc motor pumps out 59 rear wheel horsepower or approximately 67 horse power at the crank, around 12 more than stock. This output equals 149 horse power per litre at the crankshaft which is extremely good for a single cylinder engine of this size. Extensive headwork, stage two cam, Dynojet Powercommander fuel/ignition management, a standard Honda piston believe it or not, and many hours testing and tuning on the Dynoworx dynamometer ensure this bike has class winning performance. The transmission has a slipper clutch to reduce engine braking on downshifts allowing the bike to steer from the back end at corner entry.



Gary is a 32 year old welder from New Plymouth who loves anything motorsport and hanging with family and friends. He started racing go karts at the age of 12 then moved to racing ministocks and riding dirt bikes for a bit of fun. He then moved into off-road racing at the age of 25 in class 3 and won the New Zealand short corse champs in class. Gary is now racing class 8. He has been around off-road racing his whole life as his father raced and was New Zealand Champion in 1996. .

Gary and his father imported this race truck from California USA. It is a Mason motorsport pre-runner frequently found racing in Baja and desert racing. This truck has a 2.4 Chevrolet in it so we have replaced it with a Chevrolet 6.2 ls3. They had to sort out the set up on the truck to suit New Zealand conditions. It has a 500hp ls3 into a 400 transmission with a 9 inch diff fox shocks and triple bypass with 28 inches of travel.

Brendon Price


Brendan is a motorcycle shop owner and dynamometer technician from Honda Country, Ashburton. Having tried a few motorsport disciplines including car club sprints and hillclimbs, he competed in the 2002 500 V8 Touring Cars Endurance race, South Island SuperKart Champs and in the International class (SuperKart). He has entered many forms of motorcycle racing since 1977; Motocross, Supercross, Enduro, Cross Country, Road Racing and Hillclimb events. He has also competed in 9 Race To The Sky events in Wanaka.

1992 HONDA NR750:
Hand built by Honda Japan, initially 500cc the first oval piston race bikes built had some reliability issues and earned the name nearly ready (NR actually stood for New Racing) but with typical Honda perseverance they eventually gained some success with the NR 750 race bike. Unfortunately two strokes had advanced considerably in this time and ultimately when the FIM banned oval pistons the race programme ceased. The NR 750 road bike you see here is Honda flexing its corporate muscle to show what they were capable of had the programme continued. The engine is essentially V8 merged into a V4. Each of its four pistons is supported on two titanium conrods. There are two throttle bodies, two sparkplugs and eight valves per cylinder. Each piston is 100mm by 50mm, simple maths tells you its two 50mm pistons side by side with flat thrust faces. Early ring technology took some sorting initially but is now reliable.

Paul Radish


Paul Radisich is now established as one of the world’s most acclaimed Touring Car drivers, most notably for his pair of successive wins at the FIA Touring Car World Cup. However, Radisich’s early motorsport career was dominated by motorbikes and single seaters in his home country of New Zealand.
Radisich’s first taste of motorsport competition came at the age of eight when he competed in the Junior Motocross Championship throughout the north island and progressed into the Senior Series until he was eligible to drive race cars at the age of 17. The following 13 years saw Radisich compete all round the world in many of the well-known single seater championships, including the prestigious British Formula Three Series. Radisich impressed by winning races in Japan, Europe, The United States, Australia and New Zealand. With consistent results under his belt, an opportunity came his way in 1993, in the form of British Touring Cars when the works Ford team offered Radisich a full time drive in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC ) – considered the world’s most competitive saloon car motor racing series of its time. Radisich burst onto the scene by taking a clutch of race victories in his inaugural season culminating in the win at the 1993 FIA Touring Car World Cup, a feat which he repeated the following year to become the first double world touring car champion. After a five year partnership with Ford and a season with Peugeot, Radisich made the move from British Touring Cars to Australia’s V8 Supercar Series, partnering Dick Johnson in a Ford-backed team. During his time with Ford in the V8s, six round wins, a pole position and a victory in the Queensland 500 race were welcome additions to Radisich’s trophy cabinet.
Radisich retired from full-time driving in 2008 after a high speed accident at the Bathurst 1000 left him with multiple injuries. Since that time, the Kiwi racer has enjoyed ‘gentlemen racing’ taking part in classic and vintage motorsport festivals such as the Goodwood Revival and Festival of Speed in Britain.

Targa Car driven by Frank Radisich and Graham Lawrence.

293_John Rae


John has been involved for many years in racing and started off in speedway modified’s then moved onto sprint cars. When he retired from racing, he became so restless he built a replica HDT Torana Hatch and raced this for a few years. He then built a Super GT Camaro which after racing for four years was burnt in a fire. He then purchased a Corvette Transzam from Florida and rebuilt it raced it for several years. He has now built a car for Targa and car club events – pretty busy for a man retired from the sport!

2011 2011 VW POLO – DYTKO PROTO :
Polo body was built in Poland, imported into NZ May 2015. The car was built and assembled in New Plymouth at his workshop in New Zealand. The car was used for the first time in October in the 2015 Targa. Despite an engine failure which required replacement on day two the car completed Targa without any further issues.

leadfoot_2015 (1)


Steve owns Porsche Specialists Europacific and Carrera Sport and has been a fan of the brand since owning his first Porsche in the UK back in 1981. He has been preparing and racing Various Porsche cars for over 20 years and has successfully competed in various racing events with multiple wins in both the Porsche Bridgestone Championship series and the North Island Endurance series.

1972 PORSCHE 911RS:
Built 1990 as 911 Carrera RS from a 1972 911 2.4E this car has Competed in Targa NZ and Bridgestone Porsche series.

 305_Stuart Rose


In his first event he was seeded 113th out of 114 cars – after 3 stages they were 7th outright and finished 9th outright for the day .
Stuart has competed in Targa for several years as a classic until the rules changed. He won Targa Rotorua Classic Class in 2012. He followed that up with 2nd in classics at Targa New Zealand the same year. Stuart also took out the Seria Campione Champion the same year.
Stuart now days competes in a few hill climbs and Taupo classic rallys. He also sponsors several events and drivers in classes of speedway, rally, and circuit through his company Dign4u Ltd.

Stuart built this ute in 2005. It is a supercharged Lexus powered with G force gearbox. Coilover suspension and never goes anywhere without the dog on the back!!



An avid historian, collector, restorer and competitor of Formula Junior, Nigel typically is seen racing his Whakatane built FMX Formula junior. A car that he has owned for 38 years, restored and competed in for the last 20. Venturing 3 times to the Australian circuits with other NZ Formula Junior he is looking to take the car to the UK and Europe in 2016 for the 60th Anniversary celebrations. He is chairman for NZ Formula Junior Register and is currently organising the NZ round of the 60th Anniversary celebrations that will take place. Nigel is also a Historic Racing and Sports Car Club committee member and its registrar.

CS00198 is a series II, being different from the earlier cars in having longer rear trailing arms, and a sliding block arrangement to locate the rear axel, rather than using piano wire as in earlier cars. The car has the outboard mounted shock and spring arrangement adopted by the factory as standard on the latter production cars. The body with the nose, bonnet, trailing arm covers and tail are slightly different from the early Series 1 cars. CS00198 was somewhat unusual in having 13″ wire wheels on the front when 12″ was standard fitment. The car was also fitted with a special five speed Fiat Colotti transmission which is still with the car. Brakes are Stanguellini pattern Bi Metal, wider than usual, allowing the fitment of the larger Fiat 1200 brake shoes. The engine is still fitted with the original steel billet crank and the car in Pedro Rodriguez hands was more than competitive with the rear engined cars it faced up to.


#353 KEVIN SANDERSON – 1984 toyota starlet

The first event Kevin competed in was the 1974 Woohill Rally in a Holden Torana XU1, coming in seventh outright. Now, mainly a club competitor, he has done numerous hill climbs over the years in a variety of cars – his most memorable being his VW Beetle powered with a Chev Corvair Flat 6 which won the Auckland Interclub Hillclimb Championship several times in the 80’s, as well as taking it out in a 1980 RWD Sunny with a factory 240RS engine & running gear which he built. Another winning car was a jointly owned Subaru RX Turbo with Rally Legend Possum Bourne, this car also secured the Auckland Hill Climb Championship and during this time Kevin worked servicing/crewing for Possum on his Rally Programs until his death in 2003.

This car was ex Ray Wilson 1982 Starlet which was Reshelled in 2008 after I had an altercation with a drain at Bright Road, my sons Michael, Paul & I hillclimbed this car for approx 6 years with a 5k pushrod engine, In 2012 we were looking for more power, & wanted to fit an engine with the most possible reliability, after much consideration we fitted the Suzuki Hayabusa 2008 Gen 2 Motorcycle Engine. The Gen 2 Hayabusa Engine makes 198hp @9800 rpm & comes with a six speed close ratio sequential gearbox, the complete engine weighs less than 80 Kg, which is 40Kg less than the original 5k engine & gearbox, Car weight it 780Kg.

Mike Sexton 1970 Escort


Michael has many years of circuit racing and tarmac rallying in NZ, Australia and Europe, mostly involving historic or classic race cars from single seaters to tin tops.

This Mk 1 Ford Escort has been a race car from new. The shell was developed in period as full rally spec modelled on the famous Works Escort XPU217L. It then sat unused for 10 years, made obsolete by the arrival of the Ford Escort Mk 2. It was first driven in anger in the mid 1980’s as a gravel rally car and competed as such through until 1994 when it was purchased by Graeme Pearce and restored as a replica of XPU217L and in this form competed in the first TARGA NZ and featured on the cover of the November 1995 NZ Classic Car. The car was then developed into a circuit race car which it has remained ever since. I purchased the car in 2004 and have developed it over the last 12 years.

Today the car runs a 2.4 litre Holbay/Ford DOHC 4 cyl engine with twin 50mm Weber DCOE carburettors, a 5 speed straight cut dog gear box and puts the power down through a 4 link rear end with coil over shocks. The engine puts out 305 bhp and the car does 1.13 at Hampton Downs. As with most Ford Escorts…it is a blast to drive!



In the early 70’s, James started racing at age 15, in a MK 1 Escort which he still owns. He competed in NZ Gold Star Hillclimb series taking 2nd with Paul Adams, Shell Sport and did 2 years of Targa. He built a Series 1 RX7 and did Pro 7s for 6 years, running the local club in Christchurch. Entering this year in his late Father’s car, Robert Shand, it was brought into NZ in 1949. His Dad was a co-founder of the VCC Club and competed in various events. The car has been enjoyed by many members of the family and is now used as flagship for the family vineyard, Straight 8 Estate.

Built as the Work’s competition model, it has a sister car in England that was built for the London Motor Show. DPA 231 is in the top 10 most photographed jumping cars in the world, it was the first sports touring car to lap Brooklands at over 100mph. It held hillclimb records pre-war, lots of trials and rallies through Europe. We believe it may have been used to pull training gliders. In New Zealand the car competed in street races, beach races and came 2nd in NZ Hillclimb Championship. It won the SI standing 1/4 mile championship from Sybil Lupp with of a time of 17.01 secs. The car had a rest and was used as a road car then resurrected in the early 1970’s and used in Country Gents. It was last used at Chelsea Hillclimb in the 80’s.

Rayden Smith


Rayden’s first event was a hill climb in 1962 then various gymkhanas, hill climbs and grass track racing through to 1967. Then after establishing a farming career Rayden restarted his other passion with motorcycles in 1975 participating in club MX, Trials, Hare Scrambles and Enduro’s through to 1982.
In 1989 he drove a Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 at the Ardmore reunion rekindling his interest in getting back into the sport.

John Willment Group Ford Escort Twin Cam 1968. This is one of the earliest Escort Twin Cams and was provided to the John Willment Group by Boreham based Fords Walter Hayes and developed under Group 5 for Mike Crabtree to drive. She was modified to Group 5 specs and raced on many famous tracks of the time including Oulten Park, Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Thruxton, Chrystal Palace, Mallory Park and Croft through 1968 and cumulating with Mike winning the under 2ltr class of the 1969 RAC Group 5 British Saloon Car Championships. Jim Carney imported her to NZ in December 1969 for Jim Richards to drive and launch his career. Jim went on to display his wonderful talents and ability with many giant killing displays against larger and more powerful cars resulting in many wins and high placings on tracks throughout the country including Bay Park, NZIGP Pukekohe, Levin, Wigram, Teretonga, Timaru and Ruapuna. Jim’s exploits with this car are many and well documented including winning every round of the National Touring Car Championships 0 to 4200 cc class. Lin Neilson purchased the car early 1972 racing her under the livery of “Fairmonte Motor Court” on all of the above tracks in the North and South Islands including the OSCA Series where he also had many well documented races winning the ACE OSCA Class C championship. Rayden Smith purchased the Old Girl in 1990 and has competed with her through until 2004 then occasionally since then. Current SPECS: Hart 416B Lotus Twin Cam 1720cc, Ford 4 speed with Quaiffe internals, LSD, Disc font and drum rear brakes.

Warren 72 Corolla (2)

#299 WARREN SNALAM – 1972 ke25 toyota corolla

Warren began rallying in 1982 and competed in and around the Hawkes Bay region, owning 3 Mk1 Escorts, one of which ended up being wrapped around a tree during a rally sprint. He has always owned and raced and now competes in club events enjoying track days at Hampton and Pukekohe. Warren is an Aircraft Engineer and currently runs the Royal New Zealand Airforce Motorsports Club in Whenuapai.

This has been a race car for the last 20 years and has slowly evolved into what it is today. The engine and gearbox are standard – but not out of a 72 Toyota Corolla. The engine is an F20C Honda S2000 motor that produces around 240hp standard and revs to 9300rpm. Some tuning to the intake and exhaust system mean that the car produces around 260hp at the engine. The gearbox is the standard 6 speed Honda box. The engine is dry sumped and the car was rebuilt to a space frame chassis with on board jacking system by High Tech motorsport in 2010. The car finished second in the SS2000 class in 2011. It was then purchased in 2012 and Warren has been restoring the body to make it at least look like a 72 corolla again.



Taranaki dairy farmer, Brendon Sole has competed in over 130 hill climbs and is 7 times Taranaki Series Hill Climb champion, setting hill climb records around the North Island. He raced V8 Touring cars for 2 years before moving on to Endurance racing. This is his 6th RX7 race car and he believes the LSX is the perfect hill climber due to its smooth and consistent power curve.

1993 MAXDA RX7:
The car is also set up for Circuit Racing and Tarseal Rallying as now is fully road legal. The car runs a Chev LSX 454, 7400 cc, 720 horsepower with a triple plate clutch, Tremec gearbox, 3 way adjustable limited slip diff, air jacks 295/30 tyres and 50/50 weight split front to rear.



Early childhood teacher Sharn’s, interest in motorsport began as a young girl and in the last few years she has become involved with racing vehicles from track to off road, drag racing and more but her passion is with cycles, participating in this arena with her sportsbike as well her off road motorcycle.

The KTM is a model with a colourful reputation, and at its time of release it was the only type of motorcycle in its class. Being a 200cc two stroke not only does it offer strong power delivery but also dramatic effect; it has a wonderfully rich tone that is a little nostalgic to those familiar with such machines. Its European history adds a little character to its styling, and it will be changed to road format and ridden in a Motard type fashion.



Paul has been involved in Motorsport and the Motor Trade industry since 1959, Racing at National Level but mainly at Club Level. He is the Father of Ashley Stichbury.

1958 HUMBER 80:
Purchased new by Harold Heasley of Rangiora it has raced its beginnings and won NZ Saloon Car Title 1959-60 Season. It was sold to Doctor Dick Langley of Napier then Dave Bruton also of Napier where it remained in Hawkes Bay as a Club Car. After being laid up for a number of years Paul purchased it in mid 80’s. It still has its original ownership papers and all its early history thanks to Harold Heasley and club records.


#309 JASON SUTHERLAND – 2007 lotus 7 replica

Jason manages an engineering workshop servicing mainly transport and process equipment and his love for motorsport has existed for as long as he remembers. As a teenager at Wairarapa College, he was given the change to build a race car and went on after school to work for David Short in Fielding making Countach replicas in a farm shed. He modelled his scratch built car around a Lotus 7.

First raced in 2007, it ran a standard ford Zetec motor with quad throttles, ap 4 pots and drums in the rear. Run like this until 2011 it was fitted with a supercharger. After some development it now has the ford zetec motor putting out more than 350HP at the wheels and lapping Manfeild at 1.12s flat. Link ECU has come on board and is helping me out with a new ECU, it now runs the Like Fury on E85.

Todd Sutherland


#381 Todd Sutherland – 1981 Yamaha tz350

Todd grew up in the Waikato riding trail bikes with road tyres on the road. Now it’s called Supermotard.
Todd had some success in the early 1980’s on small / medium road race machines. The odd club title.
Traveled to the UK and was a mechanic for a team in the 1990’s.
He returned to New Zealand and worked for New Zealand’s original motorcycle magazine since the late 1990’s

A regular commuter to Australia where he works, part time as an on track coach, for the internationally franchised ‘California Super-bike School’

1981 YAMAHA TZ 350:
The bike is owned by Helicraft New Zealand’s Rod Price. Originally built to compete in everything from national to World championship events Yamaha production racers were very popular through the 1970’s into the late 1980’s. This machine has been raced by Rod Price, veteran Dave Ogden, Mike Pero and today’s pilot Todd Sutherland. The bike has had success here and abroad, winning races in the Pre 1982 Junior class here and the 500cc class at Phillip Island in Australia earlier this year.


#377 Daynom Templeman – 2012 chevy silverado nascar truck

His extensive motorsport career started in 1995 with a win in the NZ off road championship and from there he moved to Formula Ford where he placed third in his debut year. He progressed to Formula 3 moving on to rally in a Mitsubishi Evo6 winning many national events and third place in the group N International Rally of New Zealand. He then shifted to speedway midgets and finally Formula Toyota which resulted in a podium finish in the New Zealand Grand Prix. He burst into the D1 scene in late 2008 and has quickly established himself as one of the most talented drivers in the field. 

Purchased out of USA December 2014 was especially built for corporate rides has done very little miles since constructed. The Leadfoot event will be the first time it has been driven in anger in New Zealand apart from tuning on the dyno to run on NZ fuel. The engine produces just over 800 hp.

wd4e2375_dthexton (1)

#355 DAVID THEXTON – 2006 Subaru impreza

David has been rallying since 1976, winning Hillclimbs and Rallysprints and has competed in the Ashley Forest and Race to the Sky. Australian V8 Supercar driver and team owner 2003/4 and Australian Carrera Cup driver 2005, he recently returned to NZ and bought ex Richard Mason championship winning Subaru Impreza. He competed in the NZ rally championship 2013/14 and the car has now converted to a hillclimb/rallysprint car with sequential gearbox and around 600hp.

Was built for Chris West 2006 then bought by Richard Mason who won the NZ rally championship 3 times in it. It sat in a shed for 2 years until purchased by David and then it ran the NZ rally champs 2013/14 and then converted to a hillclimb/rallysprint car.

 Ben Thomasen


Ben is the current offroad New Zealand Utility Terrain Vehicle Champion. He has a background in Motorcross and has a 2005 grp a STI Subaru Impreza rally car.

The ALL-NEW! 144HP Polaris ProStar® Turbo engine, with integrated turbocharger is specifically built to take extreme performance to a new level. The ProStar Turbo is the most powerful side-by-side engine available from the factory on a stock vehicle for unequalled power, torque, durability and excitement. The new engine includes a huge number of improvements, including forged pistons, an upgraded 270 degree firing order crankshaft, high strength connecting rods, closed deck cylinder, sodium filled exhaust valves and new oil system. To control the massive power delivered by the ProStar Turbo, the engine management system has also been updated to include knock detection, boost control and a high flow return style fuel system ensuring that the engine delivers maximum power under all conditions, altitudes and temperatures.

Neil Tolich1

#371 Neil Tolich – 1965 ford ‘fleetwood’ mustang

Neil has owned, raced and rallied classic cars extensively overseas and in New Zealand for many years. In 2009 he took his historic 1965 ‘Fleetwood Motors’ Mustang to Europe and won the Spa 6 Hour Touring Car race in Belgium. Then at the Leadfoot Festival in 2013 he won the pre-1975 Top Ten Shootout in his Targa V8 Ford Capri. Neil lives in Auckland and is married with two children and has two grandchildren.

The Ford ‘Fleetwood Motors’ Mustang was the first Mustang to race in New Zealand, arriving in 1965. The original owner and driver was Ivan Segedin from Hamilton. In 1966 he sold it to another famous racer Red Dawson. The Mustang did over 50 races at Kiwi circuits in the 1960s including iconic tracks such as Levin, Pukekohe, Bay Park and Levels. Neil Tolich has now owned the Mustang for 10 years and restored it to period race specification. Since then Neil has raced the car in England, Europe (including a win at the Spa 6 Hour) and New Zealand. Paul Radisich also enjoyed a stint behind the wheel at the Hampton Downs Festival.

Jodie Verhulst Car


In 2008 at the age of 20 Jodie got her first taste of drifting by attending a Drift Motorsport track day where she was given an opportunity to drive a S13 Silvia for a lap and she was hooked! The coming season will see Jodie proving her skills in the Pro League in D1NZ and playing alongside her partner and team mate Drew Donovan.

Powered by an LS2 V8 Power output 330kw. After two years of testing, this car has developed into a force to be reckoned with having a chassis built for traction and plenty of potential left under the hood.

Mike vincent1

#383 Mike Vincent – 1975 Hillman avenger

A member of Hamilton car club since 1987, competing in club hillclimbs and sprints. In 1991 Mike entered his first rally and competed throughout the 90s on gravel and tarmac rally’s. In 2000 Mike began competing in Targa and continued until 2007, where he achieved first overall classic at Targa Rotorua and third overall classic in the main event.

1975 Hillman Avenger, owned, developed and campaigned in regional, national and Targa Rallies since 1992. Revenga has been improved and upgrade continuously and now runs a 2 litre (still avenger) engine that produces 200 flywheel horsepower through tilton twinplate and quaife 5 speed to escort lsd rear end. Currently the body is undergoing a freshen with new panel and painting, having the motor refreshed this winter and new headers built. The car weighs 900 kgs in rally trim and would go on a diet for your hillclimb and performs really well and is always very competitive.

Dave West

#345 Dave West – 2000 Freightliner Argosy

Dave has been involved with Dirt Track Racing 6 cylinder Production 2011/2012
1st Overall and Driver of the year. He also drove the 8 cylinder Open Class in 2012-2015 and won 1st Overall Waiuku Dirt Track Club and Meremere Dirt Track Club. He was Feature Overall Winner Meremere 2012/2013, Feature Overall Winner Meremere 2013/2014, Dirt Track Nationals 2nd Overall 2012/2013 and Dirt Track Nationals 1st Overall 2013/2014. In 2016 Dave will be a NZ Supertruck Competitor.

2000 Freightliner Argosy:
This was built into a race truck in December 2015. Engine is a Detroit Series 60 -14Litre with compound turbo’s capable of producing 2000 bhp+. Transmission is an Allison 4500- 6 speed with a Meritor 20-145 diff 2.93 ratio and disc brakes-ABS.

Mad Mike Car



Mad Mike has always had a passion for all things extreme and fast, right from his first 3wheeled trike as a toddler he was never content with riding on the flat his mother Sue says he had to race down steep hills and over ramps!! Mike raced motocross from the age of 6 and placed 2nd at the New Zealand 1997 Pro junior 85cc motocross champs. Preadolescence he also competed in BMX then eventually transitioned into the extreme sport of Freestyle Motocross to compete pro for 3yrs. His 3 year stint had mixed results and many broken bones and concussions – earning his nick name ‘Mad Mike’. He then made the switch to another form of motorsport which gave him that same rush of adrenaline but with the safety of a roll-cage and thus his DRIFTING career was born in 2007. Now backed by some of the worlds biggest brands Red Bull, Mazda, Nitto, Rotiform, Holinger, KW suspension, Turbo by Garrett, Snap-On Tools, PWR Performance, & Wilwood to name a few. Mike competes in four pro drift spec Mazda rotary powered cars – all over the globe & every time he is behind the wheel and initiates his high speed drift he still experiences that same rush of adrenaline that keeps him hooked. In early 2011 EA Games released – Need For Speed Shift Unleashed which features Mad Mike & his 2010 competition Mazda RX8. Pushing the boundaries as an ambassador of the sport Mike has been privileged to take drifting around the world and be the first to drift at prestigious tracks and events. The list of countries is forever growing here are some to date: New Zealand, Australia, across United States of America, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Sweden & Norway. In 2012 Mike created and brought to life Red Bull Drift Shifters in downtown Auckland, New Zealand. The event is a world first with an electronically scored run, based from triggers and sensors on the track scoring drivers on proximity and successive triggering of sensors. Making what is known as High Octane Pin Ball. The event was a hit and returned again to Auckland in 2014 bringing drivers from USA, JAPAN and Australia this time with Mike taking home top bragging rights. Stay tuned for more big news on Red Bull Drift Shifters! Mike was also the first NZ Drift driver to receive an award from Motorsport New Zealand for Outstanding Achievement. 2015 saw the completion of the Mazda MX5 aptly dubbed ‘RADBUL’ which made it’s debut outing in Formula Drift USA.

1996 MAZDA FD3 RX7:
For his second appearance at the Leadfoot Festival Mad Mike returns for 2016 in his Mazda FD RX7 AKA MADBUL, one of the most iconic cars on the drift scene boasting the notorious naturally aspirated, flame producing 26b quad rotor.

Gaz Whiter


Gaz is a four time NZ Drifting Champion, 3x runner up NZ champion, 2010 NZ Drift Nationals Champion, 2009 Kaipara sports person of the year, Rotary Jamboree Champion, #1 qualifier World Time Attack Drift Australia, D1NZ spirit of drifting award and D1NZ sportsmanship superstar award. Gaz has competed in the Red Bull Drifting World Champs in Long Beach USA, He also has the most event wins of any NZ driver.

This chassis is by far the most successful Chassis in New Zealand and has allowed Gaz to win four championships. The suspension is designed for Drifting with every component Custom designed for Drifting. Gearbox is a GSR 4 speed Nascar Dog Box, Diff is a Winters quick change, enabling quick Diff adjustments tailored to different tracks. Axles are custom made 2000hp rated Engine is a modified LS7 stroked to 7.2 litre, Link engine management, Harrop intake individual throttle bodies with a powerful 400KW at the wheels.

Curt Whitiker


Curt custom built a drift car from the ground up and has been a competitive drifter in the D1NZ since. In the 4 seasons since the car was built he has had a podium placing every year. He has also competed in international events such as the Tectaloy Drift Challenge in Australia.

R34 GTR custom wide body and Z tuned bodykit. Engine is a 410ci small block ford V8. Power 700hp. Custom built from the ground up by Whittaker Motorsport.



Racing Ray has been racing for more than 45 years and won more than 300 Races. He has raced a variety of cars, from Ford Escorts, Nissans, MGs, Porsches, Formula Fords through to Formula 5000 and a March Indy Car. In 1996 Racing Ray set the New Zealand Outright Land Speed Record at 316 km/hr in my Porsche 930 Turbo (some NZ records still stand today). In 2006 Racing Ray was part of the team to set NZ Endurance Records for 1 hour, 6 hour, 12 hour, 18 hour and 24 hour (these Records still stand).

Built in South Africa as a Production Car. The engine is Ford Windsor V8, producing 460hp. Neil Tolich built this car and won the Class in Targa NZ several times. Neil also won many races in the Classic race series. Neil sold the car to Ray. At the 2013 Leadfoot Festival, this Capri won the pre-1975 Top Ten Shootout, proving that it was a very competitive car.

Ray wilson


At 60 Ray is into his 5th decade of motorsport. It all started back in the 70’s when he joined the Hibiscus Coast Motorsport Club entering their club events in his Mini 850, soon a roll cage was fitted and it was suggested he try rallying…and a career began. Ray’s career was dominated by rallies throughout New Zealand and Asia – Pacific area. Some of his many highlights are: 1st in the 0 – 1300cc class on the 1979 Motorgard Rally, in a Mini Clubman GT.
1st in class with the Toyota Starlet on 3 consecutive Rally NZs 1984, 85, & 86.
2nd overall and 1st New Zealander at 1988 Rally New Zealand, in the Mazda 323 4WD, a round of the 1988 FIA drivers’ championship which gave Ray an FIA seeding. (Finishing just ahead of Malcolm Stewart.) 1988 – Travelling to Malaysia and Perth to compete in rounds of the inaugural
FIA Asia – Pacific Championship and finishing 2nd overall in the series by only a few points.
7th overall and 1st New Zealander at 1989 Rally New Zealand. 1989 also saw the beginning of a successful circuit racing experience with the local Ford Dealer Team using Ford Laser Turbos in the New Zealand production car championship. In 1990 he debuted the Mazda 323 GTX in the World Rally Championship round in Perth, Australia.
The last two and half decades have seen Ray less behind the wheel and more involved with the preparation, organisation, management and export of rally cars for various teams and clients competing in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, New Caledonia and Vanuatu. The opportunity to get back behind the wheel, and drive an Audi Quattro, with the Stewart Motorsport team has given Ray the chance to do more of his favourite occupation…Enjoying the company of friends while travelling New Zealand driving a rally car.

This car has a 5 cylinder 2200cc, turbo charged engine producing approx 230kw. It has a 6 speed gearbox with a mechanical centre, front and rear diffs that produce the amazing 4WD traction that these cars are famous for. Four wheel vented discs brakes with competition pads and special MCA 55mm rally suspension to improve the grip on mainly gravel roads of rallys around New Zealand.

Allan Woolf Car

#364 ALLAN WOOLF- 1954 Mk8 COOPER 500

A motorsport competitor for some 60 years. Firstly competing in the Auckland Car Club hillclimb series at Muriwai driving a 1933 Ford Y, 8 hp. Allan also ran this car in the Indianapolis and Hepolite car trials and gained a second overall finish.  In 1983, Rod Millen kindly made available an RX7 Mazda for Allan to drive at the Pikes Peak hillclimb event. Allan won Rookie of the Year in the rally car class which matched the efforts of his late son John in the same class in 1981. Allan returned to the event in 1984 and 1986 driving Rod’s 4wd RX7 cars and the experience provided some great memories.

1954 Mk8 COOPER 500:
Imported new to New Zealand by Ron Frost, owned and driven by N.S.C.C. member Bob Hugill.   Raced in NZ GP Armore 1956, 57 and 58 also Ohakea and Levin circuits 1954 till 1958.   It was then sold to Ian Cullen, Maungatoroto, North Auckland who replaced the Norton motor with a Hillman Imp 875cc motor and competed and won many North Auckland events till Colin Waite took over in 1981 and rebuilt and improved the car. This car has been used throughout NZ for the last 30 years, all South Island tracks and street races, Coronet Peak, Three Mile Hill (Dunedin), Wellington Street Race (Historics) and all of the North Island tracks. This car has run a standing ¼ mile in 13.2sec.

hhhgudfs141 (1)

#361 Grant Woolford -2016 FS450 Husquvarna

At the age of 42 Grant has ridden motorcycles for 35 years. He raced for 20 of those years in Motocross and now focuses on running the Cyclespot Group. After watching Leadfoot 2015 he knew he had to race the worlds coolest driveway.

2016 FS450 Husquvarna:
TS450 is a specific factory Motard bike. Motord racing has been popular around the world for a number of years now, but only a few manufacturers have actually built bikes for the class. Most bikes are converted dirt bikes running smaller wheels with slick tyres. There is little to tell these bikes apart from the specific bikes though, and most produce around 60 – 65 hp in race trim. There are two distinct styles of riding these bikes -if coming from a dirt riding background, the rider will use the ‘ inside leg extended’ technique while cornering while a someone with a road race background will tend to ride with a more classic ‘knee out’ technique.


Fanga Dan

#360 ‘FANGA’ DAN Woolhouse – LS2 V8 Holden Commodore VZ

‘Fanga Dan’ is a two-time D1NZ Champion and professional Drifting driver from Whangarei, New Zealand. By the early 2000’s drifting was rising from the underground into a professional motorsport and, after following the culture and competitions in Japan, Dan and 7 others would go on to form New Zealand’s first drift team, Driftcorp. Driving for Driftcorp (the now iconic 7-championship winning team) he began drifting competitively in 2003, entering his first full season in 2005 driving an RB26 powered Nissan Laurel C33 in the D1NZ National Drifting Championship, finishing 3rd overall in his rookie year. Earning the nickname “Fanga”, he moved to a purpose built Nissan S15 Silvia which went on to win the 2006 D1NZ Championship in just his second year of full competition, also becoming the third Driftcorp driver to win a national title. In 2008 Woolhouse built and drove one of the first Holden VZ Commodores in competitive drifting, powered again by a 2.6 liter Nissan RB engine. In 2010 ‘Fanga Dan’ represented New Zealand and competed in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia driving for Goodyear Racing in the Holden VZ Commodore, claiming wins and podium finishes in Formula Drift Asia and the Goodyear International Drift Series. Dan competed overseas again in 2011 and 2012, driving for Castrol Edge in the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge as part of the annual World Time Attack event in Sydney, Australia. After retiring his championship winning Nissan S15 in 2010, Woolhouse went on to compete a rebuilt LS2 V8 powered Holden VZ Commodore in the 2013 D1NZ Championship Series for his naming rights sponsor Castrol Edge, in which he became the 2013 New Zealand Drift Champion. 2015 Fanga Dan now competes in his 2010 VE Holden Commodore, which is powered by a Supercharged LS2 V8. With Century Batteries as his naming rights sponsor.

LS2 V8 Holden Commodore VZ
-LS2 6-Litre L98 Chev
-12:1 compression
-377kW at the wheels

Bevan Wright


Bevan has been a competitor in grass roots level Motorsport for the last 25 years, competing in street sprints, hill climbs and circuit racing.

1989 Shelby Cobra replica built by Graham Berry Race Cars as a purpose built race car in the classic race series. The Cobra is powered by a 454 Chevrolet LS7, Hillborn Injected and Dry Sumped, running approximately 650Hp.

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