Paul Adams - 1970 BMW 2002 Ti

Paul began his motorsport career in the 1960s driving a Morris 1100 and competed in the first ever hill climb run at Cosseys’ Farm in Drury run by the Northern Sports Car Club. It belonged to a salesman working for his father, who had no idea it was being used to race on. From this small beginning, Paul went on to win three separate New Zealand championships; the NZ Rally Championship, the NZ Hill Climb Championship and the NZ Rallycross Championship. Paul was also a factory driver in New Zealand for both General Motors (Vauxhall Chevette) and Toyota NZ (Toyota Starlet and Corolla AE86). He has also competed overseas doing a number of the Southern Cross rallies in Australia.

1970 BMW 2002 Ti:

This car won New Zealand’s first international rally, the four-day 1970 Shell Silver Fern outright. It is competing with all the same livery that it had during that event 47 years ago. It was also used very competitively around the North Island race circuits, in the standard production class, thrilling the crowds especially at the Bay Park circuit in Tauranga with its very tail-out approach to Baypark’s unique turns. About 22 years ago Paul purchased this current car and began the restoration process (with tremendous help from Don Fenwick, Peter Davidson, Earle McFarlane, Peter Jordan and numerous others about six years ago. It runs a two-litre engine of around 200hp with a ZF five-speed gearbox and a limited slip differential.

Shane Allen - 2008 Ford Shelby

Shane (24) started racing speedway at the age of 12 and was picked for the New Zealand Youth Ministock Team, which raced in Australia for three years. He was named Speedway Competitor of the Year by the Rotorua Stock Car Club and moved onto the D1NZ at 18-years-old. Currently, Shane has been competing in the D1NZ Drifting Championship. He first started in the Pro Am class where he finished 8th overall. He then moved on to the Pro Class, and has worked his way up to be in the top 14 every year.

2008 Ford Shelby:

This 2008 Shelby Mustang has been built to race as a drift car. It houses a 468 cube small block Ford, 800 plus horsepower and 750ft pounds of torque, all alloy block, d3 NASCAR heads, Baswell carb, Callies billet crank and rods, 3 plate Tilton clutch and runs a hgt 5 speed sequential gearbox with a 9 inch diff. The Mustang also runs JRI double adjustable shocks, custom-made bottom front a-arms, custom-made front spindles and sway bars, front Endless 6 pot, and the guards have been widened 2 inches. The front wheels are 18×10 works wheels with 245x40x18 Zestino tyres, while the rears are 18×11 works wheels with 265x40x18 Zestino tyres

Tony Antonievich - 1969 Chevrolet Z 28 Camero

Tony is the owner of Auto and Aero Restorations. He is a passionate car owner and collector of early Ford V8s and hot rods. He is the son of Louie Antonievich, an early car racer and member of the famous 1958 stock car team with Red Dawson, Johnny Riley and Garth Sounous. Tony watched these guys in his youth and this had a big impact on his passion for the look, sound and feel of these cars. He was very fortunate to be able to purchase this Camaro and restore it back to its glory days . Tony races this Camaro and all so a 1938 Chevy coupe, which is a replica of his father’s old race car.

1969 Chevrolet Z 28 Camero:

In the 1970s, V8 saloon car racing enjoyed a high profile across the Tasman. Some of these cars still survive today, including this 1969 Camaro Z 28. It was restored and now raced by Tony. Originally built for Trans Am racing in the United States, the Camaro found its way to New Zealand via its American owner/driver Joe Chamberlian. He sold it to Bay Park Raceway’s Ian Rorison. The car was then campaigned in the NZ Saloon car series by Dennis Marwood and later driven by Johnny Riley in the Big Banger Series. The 500hp 302ci V8 racer was fully rebuilt and is presented the way it arrived in the country almost 46 years ago.

Barry Armiger - 1981 Mazda RX7

Barry has been competing for about 33 years now – 29 of them in this car. He did a number of rallies around the top half of the North Island many years ago but mainly does hill climbs and rally sprints in the Northland area. Most of the time he gives the 4WDs a hurry up. Barry has built and developed this car himself and does all his own engine work. He competed in the last four Race to the Sky events, winning the 2WD rally course class in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2015. He held the fastest 2WD record in 2006. Barry has finished in the top three in a number of tarmac hill climbs over the past few years. He just likes getting out there and showing the public how quick these old cars can go.

1981 Mazda RX7:

Barry built the RX7 in 1989 with the advice of Neil Allport. It was first raced in 1990 and has seen many changers over the years. The RX7 was the only car to win the Race to the Sky 2wd rally course class in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2015.

Cole Armstrong - 1999 Nissan Skyline R34

2017 and 2018 d1 drifting champion, Cole is the driver of the 2001 V Energy drink 250GT Skyline, which is powered by an 800+hp rb30/26 straight 6. He has been involved in competitive drifting for the last ten years in New Zealand and worldwide, including competing in the Chinese World Drift Series, where he placed in the top five. Cole also competed throughout Australia with the ADGP. He is the 2016 and 2017 New Zealand Drift Champion with the D1NZ Championship.

1999 Nissan Skyline R34:

The Nissan G35 Skyline with a 5 speed sequential gearbox, Holset turbo, and over 800hp at the wheels.

Stephen Armstrong - 1982 Mazda RX7 Group C

Stephen has been involved in motorsport since the 1980s, predominantly campaigning Mazda rotary cars at club and national level. He competed in the Production Supercar Series in a giant-killing RX3, before being part of the team that started and ran the North Island RX7 Class (now Pro7). He was also part of the Adams Rally Team building cars and navigating for Paul Adams. This is Stephen’s fourth time competing at Leadfoot.

1982 Mazda RX7 Group C:

This car was built in 2010 as a detailed replica of Alan Moffat’s Peter Stuyvesant-sponsored Mazda RX7. Alan’s car competed in the ATCC and Bathurst and he drove the RX7 to four consecutive top-six finishes at Bathurst between 1981 and 1984. It was a hero car for Mazda rotary enthusiasts. The #43 car runs a fuel-injected 13BPP motor, 6-speed sequential gearbox and factory racing hardware. It is a very detailed tribute to the actual Moffat car.

Mike Ashton - 1989 BMW E30 M3

Mike has been racing since 2002. He has won many Targa classes from 2004 to 2010 with Mike Tubbs in his BMW M3. The two Mikes won the 2014 NZ/North Island Endurance series overall. Mike then partnered up with Rick and Dion Cooper and won the first-ever 12 hour endurance race in 2010, in a genuine Ford GT40 at Hampton Downs. Currently a BMW Race Series competitor, Mike came with his brother in law last year to support him and loved it so much he’s rapt to come back and have a go. This car is very quick on this tight road and with his tarmac Targa experience, it should suit Mike.

1989 BMW E30 M3:

This was a BMW E30 series race car originally. It did four years of close door-to-door E30 BMW series racing and was even a competitor in numerous endurance races. It has been stripped, upgraded and kitted out with the famous Group A M3 design and 2 litre twin cam touring car engine similar to European and British touring cars. It has a Group A close cut gearbox, a Giken Dodson Motorsport diff. This quick little car weighs approximately 900kgs and has around 270hp . This fantastically-designed little road should suit this tidy track car .

Fred Bailey - 1963 Ford Consul Classic

Fred is a retired mechanical engineer and has been involved in New Zealand motorsport since the mid-1960s. Fred joined the Triumph Car Club in the early 1970s with Allan Woolf and his team and he raced his Falcon UTE at Baypark and other club events. Fred then joined the Auckland Car Club in the mid-1970s, where he is still a member – competing in club and national race meetings with a Mini Cooper S, Ford GTHO Falcon, Ford RS2000 and Anglia twin cam.

1963 Ford Consul Classic:

This 1963 Ford Consul Classic Two Door Saloon is a very rare original 116E 1500cc two-door model. It was assembled in England and is possibly one of only two left in New Zealand.
Fred rebuilt this car some years ago for motorsport events, making a fibreglass bonnet, boot, front guards and bumpers to help reduce it’s weight. The engine is still the original non-cross flow design and is fitted with twin side draft weber carbs.
Fred says it is still fun to drive and a great challenge for an “”old boy and an old classic””.

Simon Bell - 1989 Subaru Legacy RSRA

Simon’s interest in rallying started way back in the 1970s, when his father competed in various local and international events, in a range of cars from Triumphs to Escorts. During the 1980s he watched and followed all the events and then in the 1990s became involved via Rally New Zealand. Finally in 1999, Simon purchased a very tired 1984 Subaru RX Turbo and began to do rallysprints. His first rally was the 2001 Greg Todd Memorial event in Maramarua, where he finished pretty much dead last. He persevered with that car and multiple engine calamities until 2004 when he brought his present car  – a 1989 Subaru Legacy RSRA. It won two championships in 2005/2006 and since then Simon is now involved with Rally New Zealand as a director and is also part of the NZRC team organising the New Zealand Rally Championships.

1989 Subaru Legacy RSRA:

This car was imported into NZ by Subaru NZ as a road car, as it was a rare Legacy RSRA. It got stolen and then recovered and then turned into a rally car. Dylan Turner ran the car from 1999 to 2002, then it was run by Barry Sexton for a few events and then Simon purchased it in 2004. It has won the Top Half Series Pre92 class in 2005/2006 and since then has been used for one or two events a year. Simon had a big accident at Rally Whangarei in 2010 and the car has had a big birthday, with all new paint and new running gear. Its as close as Simon can get it to a 555 Prodrive Legacy – its yellow and a heck of a lot of fun to drive.
[Images thanks to Jason Byrne.]

Kat Benson - 2001 BurgerFuel Mitsubishi Evolution 7

Katherine (Kat) is one of a new and emerging breed of female racers who race against the clock over a single flying lap, rather than within the traditional ‘first-past-the-post’ race classes. She is the owner and driver of the ‘2TEAZU’ BurgerFuel Mitsubishi Evo. She holds the 2013-2014 NZ Superlap Series Pro-Street Champion title.n 2015 and 2016 with solid results both years. Kat was the only female entered.

2001 BurgerFuel Mitsubishi Evolution 7:

Kat’s 2001 BurgerFuel Mitsubishi Evolution 7 race car was launched four years ago at the CRC Speedshow under the watchful eye of E&H Motors, Pukekohe, to compete in the NZ Superlap Series and overseas. It was also set up for a transition to circuit racing if required and is still road-registered and warranted.
Kat’s team shipped the Evo 7 to Australia to compete in the World Time Attack Challenge in 2015 and 2016 with solid results both years. Kat was the only female entered. In 2016 the car underwent the following upgrades: KAPS dogbox gearset, aero package, MCA suspension upgrade, full brake package upgrade, all new Turbosmart accessories and engine rebuild achieving 430kW.
This car has competed at, or attended, the NZ Superlap Series, World Time Attack Challenge, Leadfoot Festival, Big Boys Toys, CRC Speedshow, Automania, 4 & Rotary Nationals and was the NZ Performance Car cover vehicle.

Rick Bone - 1972 Datsun 1200 Coupe

Rick has owned, built and raced his purpose-built 1972 Datsun 1200 Coupe circuit car for the last 12 years. He has raced in various classes including SS2000, GTRNZ and GT2, with much enjoyment and success.
More recently taking a break from circuit racing, he has enjoyed the thrill and honour of attending the Leadfoot Festival in 2015 and 2016, gaining a second place in the Pre-1975 class in 2015, and first place in 2016, running a 2ltr Nissan SR20 Turbo. He has recently refitted the Datsun 1500cc pushrod injected motor originally built by Marsh Motorsport. Rick is excited to be invited back to be a part of this amazing festival.
This year he races in the memory and honour of his long-time friend, sponsor and owner of Auckland Engineering Supplies, Stephen Harris.

1972 Datsun 1200 Coupe:

This 1972 Datsun 1200 Coupe is a purpose-built circuit car, built in the early 90s for the SS2000 class.
The engine is a Marsh Motorsport Datsun A15 Pushrod, 1638cc 9000rpm 200+hp with a Cosworth crank. It is also dry sumped and fuel injected.
The Datsun motor has been refitted for some classic racing in the future and brought back to its original configuration,
The sound of the Datsun motor motor was something Rick missed when running the turbo motor.

Stephen Briggs - 2009 KTM 450SMR Supermoto Bike

Stephen has had over 35 years racing experience and held multiple New Zealand titles in junior motocross, speedway, road racing and Supermoto. He was a professional rider for 10 years at World Championship 500cc level on the BSL 500, including World Superbike rides for Muzzy Kawasaki and Lemstra Motoren in the Netherlands competing on a Ducati 998 Corsa. Stephen also rode for Netherlands Yamaha, competing in the SuperSport 600 class at the European Championship. During 1995-97 he competed on the then Italian-owned CR&S Britten in the World Championship Battle of the Twins & Bears Series and finished runner-up in the 1995 World Championship. Further racing included competing at World Championship Endurance racing for Phase One Kawasaki and representing KTM at the World and New Zealand Supermoto Championships.

2009 KTM 450SMR Supermoto Bike:

The KTM SMR model was built by the KTM factory specifically for the Supermoto World Championships. It is a single cylinder 450cc twin cam and makes approximately 60-65 hp. It has 97mm bore and four titanium valves. It has 320mm diameter brake discs on the front with 4-piston CNC race calipers and forged one-piece racing hubs. It comes with tubeless 17″ wheels, a factory-fabricated swing-arm, adjustable steering head angles, full titanium/carbon Akropovic exhaust system and a Suter slipper clutch. A bike identical to this was raced by Stephen in the NZ Supermoto Championships from 2009 – 2010, winning a number of titles.

Greg Brinck - 2009 One Pure Racing Audi S3

Greg has probably got one of the most unique and successful CVs in motorsport. A New Zealand Championship winner in motocross in the 1970s and 1980s, he raced Touring Cars in the 1990s and competed in Offshore Powerboat Racing from 2005 – 2013. Greg’s latest challenge was the 2016 Targa New Zealand back in October where after missing day one due to engine problems, he came back on day two setting fastest stage times in his class and climbing back to third in class by the end of the four-day rally. This is Greg’s first attempt driving in a hill climb, after having attended previous events hosting customers and flying the Giltrap Group flag. Greg is General Manager for Independent Prestige – the Giltrap Group company that looks after Aston Martin and Lamborghini here in New Zealand.

2009 One Pure Racing Audi S3:

The Audi S3 was commissioned by Audi NZ and built by International Motorsport to compete in the 2010 Production Championship. Simon Sceats competed successfully in it for one season and the car has been in storage since. Greg was interested in competing in Targa New Zealand and purchased the car in the middle of 2016 and prepared it for the Targa in October. The car is essentially a standard Audi S3 with a 2 litre turbo with a stage 1 engine tune, producing about 210kWs at the wheels. It is 4WD with a DSG gearbox.

David Brock-Jest - 1938 Lagonda V12 Le Mans

David began racing karts at age 11 and has competed at most circuits in Europe including such iconic tracks as Le Mans, Porto, Estoril, Dijon and Nurburgring as well as Laguna Seca in the USA. His focus has always been on pre-1960 cars, having competed in a range of marques including vintage Bentleys, Austin Healeys, Alfas, Elvas and Lotus. David has been racing, rallying and thrilling crowds in his V12 Lagonda for over 20 years bringing it to New Zealand for the first time six years ago and he is now a regular on the historic racing scene. Since emigrating, David and his daughter, Ana have built up Hooters, New Zealand’s largest fleet of vintage and classic vehicles available for hire.

1938 Lagonda V12 Le Mans:

These were the last cars designed by W.O. Bentley for the 1939 Le Mans 24 Hour. This car was rebodied in the early 1990s and has been extensively raced and rallied throughout Europe including the Monte Carlo Challange several times. It is the only one in Australasia.  Whilst racing at the Le Mans circuit David was clocked at 148 mph (238kmh) going down the Mulsanne Straight.

Bill Buckley - 1950 McIntosh Egli Vincent Replica

Bill has always been a racer and a Vincent enthusiast, running Vincents for racing and cruising. He has won on Vincents at speedway and road racing; the top prizes being Australasian and NZ titles at Western Springs. Bill has given back to motorsport with the promotion of Western Springs Speedway for the past 14 years. Bill employs over 350 staff around the world. He is the founder of Buckley Systems which manufacture machinery that is used in the computer world. If you talk, watch, listen to or use an electronic device, it has probably been built using a Buckley machine. Bill also has manufacturing plants making Esslinger Engines in L.A. for midget racing; Breka and Aggressor midget chassis’; and Terra off-road cars in Mt Wellington. He also has two hi-tech companies in Canada and Boston that are developing a Boron Neutron Capture Therapy which will be the best process to treat cancer. Along with all of this Bill still likes to compete and help others in their bid to achieve.

1950 McIntosh Egli Vincent Replica:

This is a 1950 Vincent Egli replica was built up by Bill from the motor out of the Speedway outfit.

Colin Buckley - 2008 F1 Kawasaki ZX10 Sidecar

Colin retained the Road Racing Sidecar NZ Championship from 1998 to 2001, competed at the legendary Isle of Man TT races from 1996-1998 finishing in a 28th, 20,19 and 16th places, and also finished 1st at the famous Australian Bathurst circuit in 2000 and fourth at the Australian Nationals in 2001. Robbie Shorter started off racing 250 2 stroke production bikes and then moved into passengering for a 1000cc sidecar.

After years of racing against each other, in 2015 Colin and Robbie were paired up under the international branding of Carl Cox Motorsport, and competed across the UK and Europe- achieving 10th in the World FIM F1 sidecar championship, 8th in the World FIM F2 (600cc) sidecar trophy and were 2015/16 New Zealand champions(also becoming the current lap record holders at all of NZ’s South Island circuits). They even finished 2nd in the Australian F1 Sidecar Championship in the same year after entering one round and setting a new lap record at Eastern Creek

At the gruelling 2015 Isle of Man on a Carl Cox Motorsport 600cc F2 bike, they finished 16th for the first race and 11th in race two, and became the fastest team ever from the Southern Hemisphere, lapping the TT Mountain Course at 108.79MPH average. The 2016 TT then bought the team a DNF with electrical faults in the first race and another strong 11th place finish in race 2.

2008 F1 Kawasaki ZX10 Sidecar:

This 2008 LCR Sidecar (aluminium monocoque chassis) was made in Switzerland by Louie Christian Racing. It has linked three-wheel braking,adjustable front and rear wheel suspension, features a 2014 Kawasaki ZX10 (1000cc) motorcycle engine producing nearly 200 horsepower, weighs in at 240kg(without riders)and has a top speed of 270 Kmph. This bike has previously placed second in the 2015 World Sidecar Championships and won 10 out of 12 races in New Zealand in the 2015/16 season.

Scott Buckley - 2006 Kawakaki ZX14r

Scott had early beginnings in junior motocross and speedway but the biggest part of his competitive life has been spent on two wheels – road racing motorcycles.  Scott started with 250 production bikes and moved through most classes to the very top of the sport, Formula 1/Superbike.

Scott raced 125 and 250 gearbox karts and raced senior motocross at 125cc national title level and 250 pro at club level.

Scott started racing speedway midgets in 1999, currently with a best of 2nd at the NZ Title, and a win in the GP Title. Midgets haven’t changed much over the last 20 years so in 2015 Scott built an innovative prototype (BSL Terra Midget) which is still under development.

Scott started building the BSL Terra-branded cars for off-road racing in 2008 and is currently ranked 2NZ in off-roading and is the Class 10 Champion.

2006 Kawakaki ZX14r:

This design is possibly a world first for a motorcycle engine off-road race car due to the engine being behind the rear axle to balance the car over rough terrain.
It was designed, built and tested by Scott Buckley of BSL Racing Ltd and adheres to the Off-Road Racing NZ Class 10 rules. This class includes all off-road vehicles not powered by a conventional production-type car engine.
Weighing only 600kg, the space frame BSL Terra is powered by a Kawasaki ZX14r motor, with 211hp @ 11,000 rpm (redline) and 106 ft lbs of torque. It has a BSL Racing-built differential; 4 x 10” Fox coil over shocks; three tube bypass extra rear dampers; electric power steering; CNC brake controls (bias adjustable); Wilwood calipers.
It also features three-point rear suspension with 17” travel and asymmetrical dual A arm front suspension with 18” travel.

Gordon Burr - 1968 Ford Escort 302 V8

Gordon competed in motorsport for 35 years mainly in classic and historic car events, including Porsche Bridgestone Championship races, Targa Rally New Zealand, in a Ferrari 308GT4LM. He competed in all New Zealand Festival of Speed events with an ex-Moffat Cologne Capri in the Historic Touring Car class and the ex-Algie Alfetta in the Historic Sports Sedans. Gordon has competed in car club hillclimbs in the ex-Ian Taylor Gold Star Championship V8 302 Escort. He has raced in the Leadfoot festival twice previously in the Ferrari and Alfetta.

1968 Ford Escort 302 V8:

The Ford is constructed by Ian Taylor from Wellington. It won the 1985/86 Gold Star Hillclimb Championship. Ian competed in all the southern region hillclimb championships and did several Dunlop Targa Rallies.
In Gordon’s ownership, it has done historic track racing and car club hillclimbs.

Allan Carter - 2013 Lancia Rally 037 Recreation

Allan Carter is a self employed automotive engineer restorer and co-owner with his wonderful wife Alexandra Gorringe of their Carteroni business. Allan spent several years on the Asia Pacific Rally circuit servicing rally cars for Hong Kong-based teams. A highlight during this time was when Michael Lieu and Hakaru Ichino achieved third place in the Hong Kong to Beijing Rally. Upon Allan’s return to NZ he worked extensively with Bruce Wilson of Wilson Motors. Allan and Alex have a large collection of Lancia cars and a large base of Lancia owners, whom they restore cars for. Allan and Alex’s love of Lancia led them to create the Lancia Rally 037 Recreation. This car is large part of Carteroni’s business as they build these cars for customers and also offer it as a kit.

2013 Lancia Rally 037 Recreation:

The Carteroni Lancia Rally 037 Recreation started life as a US-spec Lancia Scorpion in 1976. The front and rear of the car were removed to provide the cockpit of the current car. Tubular space frames were fabricated by Carteroni and copied from an original 037 owned by driver Gerry Duyveston. It is powered by the same 2litre, 4-cylinder Lancia engine as the original cars and is similarly supercharged. The gearbox is from a Lancia Gamma. The body work was completed at Carteroni and the body styling is by Pinninfarina. The suspension is copied from original design drawings and replicates the original car’s geometry. Since 2013 when the car became motorsport and road legal, it has travelled 12,500 miles. It has competed at the MG Classics, sealed and gravel hill climbs and has been used as a zero car for the Otago, Wairarapa and Daybreaker Rallies.

Neil Chappell - 2012 Meadspeed 650

Neil or ‘Chappy’ as he’s more widely known, got into motorcycle racing after his RG150 exploded ‘cruising’ home after work. It was rebuilt and then never returned to the road. He won regional championships specialising in smaller capacity classes. After competing in nearly every class, his strength was in developing and improving race machines. Chappy’s passion is to develop bikes, which led him to the Formula 3 class – the tuner’s stomping ground.
His race machine is a fully modified ZXR400 Ninja running a 650cc fuel injected twin motor. When Chappy isn’t messing around with his ZXR, he’s busy cleaning his 1973 Kawasaki S2a. It’s a 3 cylinder two stroke.
Chappy has found it hard to get out on the bikes as much as he used to as in 2014 he became a RNZAF helicopter loadmaster. He is based at Ohakea where the doorway of a NH90 helicopter is his office.

2012 Meadspeed 650:

The Kawasaki ZXR400 was a very popular F3 bike and Chappy competed on one and developed it. It ended up as a 450cc super-hot rod that revved to the moon but the maintenance burden was unbearable. So MeadsSpeed Fabrication jammed a newer 650cc fuel injected parallel twin into the beast. A full porting job was carried out by Brian Bernard and Colt Cams made some custom race camshafts. It runs 42mm throttle bodies, Je Forged pistons with Carrillo H beam Conrods, 14.5:1 compression, Balanced crank, flywheel removed, and Yoyodine racing ‘slipper’ clutch. The bike runs a custom Ohlins rear shock, Ohlins internals in the front, Brembo Cast Iron 300mm twin disc brakes, Dymag carbon fibre/magnesium wheels, custom fuel cell and carbon tank cover, hand built titanium exhaust weighing a grand total of 1.5kgs! The MeadsSpeed 650 has over 100hp and weighs less than 150kgs fully fuelled.

Tony Christiansen - 2007 Star VX Commodore

Tony lost both his legs at the age of 9 in a railway accident. His father built him his first go-kart at 11 years old and over 45 years on, his passion for motorsport has not wavered. Tony has raced Offroaders, Speedway Midgets, Sprint Cars and Saloons. He raced in Pre-65 driving a MK 3 Zephyr and a XP Falcon. He considers himself fortunate to have competed in the last meeting at the old Baypark Circuit. In 2008, Tony built a car and took it to Bonneville Speedweek where he recorded a speed of 189 mph. He also raced his Speedway Saloon car up the Cardrona Snow Farm road for the Race to the Sky’s final event.  Tony now enjoys drag racing his blown-altered and races STAR Cars in the summer series.

2007 Star VX Commodore:

This car races in the Star Car summer series and has a lot in common with its cousins, the Aussie Racing cars and the US Legends cars. Powered by a GSX-R 1100 high-revving race-bred Suzuki motorcycle engine, this car has brutal acceleration while full-size Willwood brakes give it unbelievable stopping power. Star Cars come with a 5-speed sequential gearbox and this particular car has an electronic gear shifter on hand controls for accelerator and brakes. Weighing only 560 kgs, it has 135 horsepower @ 11,000 rpm which offers an exciting power to weight ratio and a top speed of 220 kph.

Ross Clarke - 1984 TA64 Celica Group B

Ross entered rallying in the early 1980s with a Mk1 Escort Mexico then proceeded to a RX3 Mazda Coupe until late 1984. He started a business and a family around that time which slowed rallying until 1988 when he purchased a Mazda 323 BMFR 1600 Turbo to compete in the NZ Rally Championship and Rally NZ. Ross successfully finished both then he sold the car. In 2011 he built a Toyota RA20 Celica to compete in the Targa Rallies and in 2015 sold the car to a collector in the United Kingdom. The Toyota Group B car is the next chapter he would like to campaign in the NZ Classic Rally Championship.

1984 TA64 Celica Group B:

Of these recreations of a TA64 Toyota Celica Group B, only seven of the original 35 cars built by TTE (Toyota Team Europe) still exist in the world. Up until recently this was the only true attempt to replicate the original cars by performing the extensive fabrication work to the chassis as it had been done at TTE. The motor is a genuine TTE Group B (396 Evolution motor) only used in the Group B cars and IMSA series racing in the USA. It’s serial is #111 and it was built in 1985 and used by Juha Kankkunen in the Thousand Lakes Rally. The Motor is 2.1litre, 400hp, with one bar boost pressure.

Graeme Coley - 2001 Audi RS4

After being brought up watching and participating in gravel rallying with the Hibiscus Motorsport Club, Graeme was an avid follower of the Millen boys as they lived nearby in Mairangi Bay and he recalls avidly watching Rod in the V6 buggy on a ‘test’ course through the suburban streets. Graeme has since returned to racing and caught the Targa bug but wanted to compete in something more interesting than just another Subaru or Evo. The Audi has proved to be a hit with the spectators as it is a station wagon and Graeme secured a top 5 outright finish in a Targa event. He also competes in the 2K Cup and Endurance races.

2001 Audi RS4:

The car was built brand new with no expense spared by Ron McMillan at Road Race and Rally for the Targa. It featured MCA suspension and Movit brakes though it is still mostly in road car form. The Audi RS4 has a twin turbo V6 tuned by Cosworth and can run up 650hp . It was written-off in its first event but was re-shelled and campaigned by John McIntyre and Mike Eady to win in the Mainfield round of the endurance series. It returned to Targa trim in 2007 and has been campaigned in Targa events since. It is one of only two known B5 RS4 station wagons made into race cars in the world.

Mark Collier - 1989 Mazda MX5 Turbo

Mark has been racing in competitive motorsport for 20 years, starting in road motorbikes and later in motocross – where he was a nationally ranked rider on a Honda four-stroke CRF450, until age and family encouraged him out of racing bikes. Having competed for so long, doing nothing was not an option, so he joined the Auckland Car Club and built a road-legal MX5 turbo race car. In his first year, he finished third in the Classic Japanese Class. Mark’s first year at Leadfoot was 2015 and after such a fantastic time having posted times up Rod’s driveway very near the times of the famous cars he grew up dreaming of, he was very keen to return and try to match or better his last year’s time of 56.55secs. This year he is trying for a 55!

1989 Mazda MX5 Turbo:

Mark and his nephew Kasey decided that an MX5 was a good, affordable way to go racing and that the Auckland Car Club’s Classic Japanese Class offered a great, cost effective series. They built a 1989 MX 5 1600 Turbo that won best presented car in its first season, secured multiple race wins and third in class in its first year – all in one of the only road legal cars in the class. Mark is proud that “Wee1” was invited to the 2015 and 2016 Leadfoot Festival and traded times with cars he dreamt about as a huge motorsport fan growing up. This 1989 MAZDA MX5 has a 1600cc turbo with about 250hp at 14 PSI boost, 6 speed gearbox, 15×9 6ul racing wheels with Nitto 225×45 NT01 tyres, 300mm Willwood big brake kit and Koni race coilovers.

Glen Collinson - 2011 Ford Falcon XR8 – NZV8 Ute

After competing in the North Island Endurance Series for many years Glen moved into the Suzuki Swift Sport Cup for its final two seasons in 2012 and 2013. He then made the switch over to NZV8 Utes where he competed in his first year in the 2014 series. He decided to sit out 2015 and did only selected events.
Glen has recently completed the 2016 NZV8 Ute Sprint Series where he finished third overall. He will be once again aboard the Panorama Motorsport FG Falcon in the 2016/17 Championship, which commenced at the Supercars event in November last year at Pukekohe.

2011 Ford Falcon XR8 – NZV8 Ute:

This vehicle was built from a brand new BF XR8 ute for V8 ute racing in New Zealand. It was one of 15 brought into the country for the series, which started here in 2008. After going through a couple of owners, it was destroyed in a season-ending crash for one competitor at the Supercar event in 2013. It then sat in a Taupo garage for some months before being purchased by Panorama Motorsport in 2014 and it was re-built so that it was not lost to the category. It now resides in Hamilton and has become a spare chassis for the team, but is available for purchase if anyone was interested in going V8 Ute racing, as it is for sale.

Sloan Cox - 2004 Hillclimb Special Evo 8

Sloan started competing in the New Zealand Rally Championship at 15 years old and was accepted into the Elite Motorsport Academy. At 18, he upgraded to the current Taslo Engineering Evo 10 rally car. Sloan became the 2010 and 2016 New Zealand Junior Rally Champion and the New Zealand Hillclimb Champion in 2011/12. At the end of 2014 the Hillclimb Evo was purchased for Sloan to compete at more high profile events, such as Race to the Sky 2015, where he finished fourth. At the 2015 Leadfoot Festival, which was also Sloan’s first event in this car, he finished fourth and a year later finished on the podium in third. The last two years Sloan has finished second overall behind Alistair McRae and he will be pushing hard to knock Alistair off the top spot. Over the last year Sloan has been competing in Europe in the RallyCross Academy in a front wheel drive Renault Cilo and he hopes the skills he has learnt will help contribute to the win.

2004 Hillclimb Special Evo 8:

Cox Motorsport have owned the Hillclimb Evo since 2015 and the modifications are getting better every year. It has a 6-speed sequential Holinger gearbox with the lowest gear ratio giving the car a super-fast take off. It has a Borg Warner EFR Turbo for more power low down and weighs 1,000kg. A fresh tune gave it over 500kw at the wheels, but its 6 pot front brake calipers, 4 pot rear brake calipers can pull it up with ease. The Evo has a custom space frame set up and great power to weight ratio. Since last year’s event, there has been a focus on balancing the car and the radiator has now been rear mounted and suspension work has been done to improve the handling.

Steve Cox - 2002 F40 Silhouette

With over 30 years of racing, Steve has competed and been involved in all sorts! He began at club events like hillclimbs, sprints and motokanas and progressed to the Wellington Street Race back in the 1980s and numerous national and international rallying events, plus karting at both a local and national level. Steve has also competed in  circuit racing throughout New Zealand.   This will be Steve’s fourth visit to Leadfoot which he feels excited and privileged to be a part of once again.  He will be bringing along his ‘other woman’ – his prized Ferrari F40 Silhouette which has been a crowd favourite at Leadfoot over the years and promises another spectacular showing again in 2017.

2002 F40 Silhouette:

This car is a well-known replica of the iconic Ferrari F40. It is powered by a race-prepared twin turbo Lexus V8 pumping out 750hp. Drive is delivered via a heavily-modified Quaife 6 speed sequential transaxle. It was initially a five year project and is the only one left in New Zealand. It ran in NZ Super Sedans with great success in the mid 2000s before being retired. These days the only time it gets used in anger is at Leadfoot, and while not the ideal car for the driveway, Steve certainly enjoys throwing it at the hill.

Paul Dallenbach - 2006 Dallenbach Special

Paul is an eight-time Pikes Peak International Hill Climb winner, with three overall wins. He is a current record holder in the Open Wheel, Time Attack and Production classes. Paul’s other achievements include the VW Cup Rookie of the Year; Formula Atlantic Rookie of the year; second place finish at 24 hours of Daytona; three-time Alcan 5000 Winter Rally winner and two-time CHCA Champion. He has also competed in Trans-Am, Daytona Prototype, Can-Am, SCCA Trucks, ASA, Indy Lights and Super-Vee.

2006 Dallenbach Special:

The 2006 Dallenbach Special is the current Pikes Peak International Hill Climb record holder in the Open Wheel Class with Paul Dallenbach driving. He also set the qualifying record in Open Wheel and was the Victor Hill Climb winner in this open wheeler in 2004. It was the Pikes Peak Winner in 2006 driven by Wally Dallenbach Jr. In 2007 Paul drove it to victory at Goodwood, while Richard Meadan won Rookie of the Year in it in 2007 and Wyatt Dallenbach earnt the same title in 2012. This car also featured in Dirt 2.

Grant Dalton - 2016 FS450 Husqvarna

Grant is a professional sailor who started sailing aged 8 and went on to be awarded an OBE in the 1995 New Year Honours, for services to yachting. He has raced around the world seven times; the first five as part of the Whitbread Round the World Race.

His other passion is motor racing and in 2014, aged 57, Grant entered the Manx Grand Prix as a newcomer, and also the F1 Classic TT.
Grant’s 2014 Classic TT was a baptism of fire, given his lack of relevant experience. His best lap in qualifying in 2014 on his F1 Suzuki was 141.298kmh and he did not finish the Classic F1 TT, which was won by Kiwi Bruce Anstey at a race average speed of 195.691kph. However, Grant was back in 2015 and qualified for the F1 TT with a lap of 161.010kph. He also finished the 2015 Classic F1 TT.

2016 FS450 Husqvarna:

Grant will be riding a 2016 Husqvarna FS 450. This lightweight motorbike has a new chromium molybdenum steel frame and a potent 63hp, 450cc, SOHC engine. The FS 450 wears new WP suspension pieces, which are 380 grams lighter than the previous model’s.

The rear subframe is also shorter and lighter, with 30% of its three-piece construction made from carbon fibre composite.
The gearbox is a five-speed unit, featuring an Adler Power Torque Clutch slipper clutch and Alpina-laced wheels – 16.5″ in front and 17″ in the rear.
It runs the new Keihin Engine Management System (EMS) with launch control.

Steve Day - 1959 Briggs Mercury V8 Special

Steve Day is a New Plymouth-based engineering company director with a passion for early and historic New Zealand race cars. Steve has competed in various car club and Vintage Car Club events and owns a collection of historic, Australian and American muscle cars.

1959 Briggs Mercury V8 Special:

The Briggs Mercury Special is an historic New Zealand race car built by Brian Briggs, a relative of Barry Briggs of speedway fame. The car has an extensive motor racing history, running at Waimate, Ruapuna, Teretonga, plus beach racing in Nelson and numerous street events. The chassis is a combination of a Zeded Model A Ford chassis, hand-made aluminum body, and early V8 running gear with an Offenhauser equipped flathead V8 engine. The car is in the final stages of a full ground up restoration to compete in motorsport events.

Nic de Waal - 2003 Subaru WRX Targa Car

Nic started rallying an Alfa Romeo in the early 1980s doing club events in his native South Africa. He soon moved on to dealer teams and then landed his first works drive with VW/Audi in 1986, rallying a Mk2 Golf. The following year he moved on to driving an Audi Quattro for two years, followed by stints with Toyota and Nissan. Nic also started racing Group N and Touring Cars in the early 1990s and won numerous events before moving to New Zealand in 1996. After an 18-year drought he got back into motorsport entering a 2014 Targa event where he now is a regular competitor often finishing in the top three.

2003 Subaru WRX Targa Car:

In the last Targa event of 2015 Nic was involved in a massive off-road excursion which destroyed his 2002 Subaru. He found a previously-loved Subaru WRX Targa car which was given a new lease of life for the 2016 season. The new car sports 18” wheels, fitted with road-legal slick tyres and large 6-pot front brakes, MCA suspension and a 6-speed Modena non-synchro gearbox. It is fitted with an adjustable centre differential, allowing different set-ups for varying road conditions. Delivering more than 450hp through 4WD the car provides super fun on the twisty tarmac roads.

Michael Delmont - 1974 BMW 2002 Turbo

Mike has been involved in motorsport in one form or another since the late 1960s. His first competition vehicle was a 1952 Morris Minor which had a modified Austin 1800 engine with a Shorrock Supercharger transplanted into it. There were various other cars such as Ford 100Es and Ford Anglias with engine combinations from 1340cc to 1650cc. Mike then tried drag racing for some years with various combinations culminating in a Mk1Cortina with a tilt front. The engine was a 351 Windsor built by Mike Gearing which had two large turbochargers strapped to it. This car was street legal with a WOF but was tricky to drive on the street due to its prodigious output which was in excess of 1000hp. Mike then created the existing BMW 2002 Turbo, which he has raced and rallied all over NZ for many years with great success.

1974 BMW 2002 Turbo:

The car is a 1975 BMW 2002 Turbo which runs a 2.2 litre SOHC 2 valve 4 cylinder engine. It uses a large Holset turbo and makes in excess of 600hp and revs to 8500 rpm. It runs a Getrag close ratio 5 speed gearbox and a BMW plate LSD diff. It was built about 20 years ago and has gone through many evolutions over the years to get it to the performance levels and reliability that it now generally achieves. It has competed in many types of events over the years throughout New Zealand including circuit racing, tarmac rallies, hillclimbs and street races. The car has achieved 290kph on Pukekohe’s old back straight.

John Dennehy - 1986 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Zagato

John started his racing life after winning a sprint event at Goodwood in 1991 and then continuing as a pupil of the late Peter Gethin at his Mithril Racing Academy. John’s first race car was an Aston Martin DB5 and he went on to race other Astons, including the car he still owns. He won the V8 class of the Aston Championship in 1999 in this 1986 V8 Zagato. John also owned and raced two ex-Le Mans Group C cars including the 1984 Nimrod, in which he won the Roger St John Trophy in 1993. John also races the New Zealand Freighters Mk 1 Escort and is rebuilding the 1961 ex-Scuderia Bellancauto, Fiat Abarth Record Monza.

1986 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Zagato:

In 1985, Aston Martin returned to Zagato of Milan to design 51 V8 Coupes. This car, with an RS Williams 7 litre modification was raced extensively in the United Kingdom and Europe and in 1999 won the V8 class of the Aston Championship. In 2010, the decision was made to return it to as close as possible to its original road specification, retaining necessary race equipment. The car now weighs in at considerably more than its previous race weight at 1.82 tonnes and is now race and road compliant.

Allan Dippie - 1907 Sizaire et Naudin Voiturette Sport

Allan has been collecting and racing various cars since the early 1990s. His first race car was an MGTF, then he moved up to and MGB. Then a nice lightweight MGC followed for Targa Tasmania. Next was a very quick MGBGTV8, which was followed by the TWR Bastos Rover Vitesse – the car he brought to the first-ever Leadfoot Festival. Allan has competed in a lot of iconic long distance events such as the London to Sydney marathon rally and the 24 hours endurance race at Germany’s Nurburgring – as well as racing a Toyota Corolla from Argentina to Peru across the Andes, which took 23 days. At present he is either rallying a 1973 Porsche 911 or racing a 2016 GT3 Cup Porsche. However, he has brought something quite different to that to this year’s Leadfoot Festival.

1907 Sizaire et Naudin Voiturette Sport:

This car was made by Mr Sizaire and Mr Naudin 110 years ago in Paris. These two inventors and racing drivers had success in France and England from 1907 to 1909. A Canterbury farmer ordered a Sizaire from the factory and it arrived in New Zealand in 1907 then had some good results in the country’s earliest race events. The second owner, Bob Turnbull, found the car in a derelict state and restored it for the 1965 International Rally. Allan is the third owner of what is probably NZ’s oldest original race car. It sports a single cylinder 1460cc engine and has no gearbox but runs a three-speed differential. It was the first car in the world with independent front suspension and also has variable valve timing. It needs a riding mechanic to provide oil to the total loss lubrication system and that person will need to be brave!

Martin Dippie - 1927 Lagonda 2/4.5 Special

Martin is a Dunedin-based classic car enthusiast. He has raced his 1956 Austin Healey 100 for many years as well as campaigned his Mitre10 Mega-Sponsored Porsche GT3RS in many Targa NZ events. He is always competitive in the 2WD class and to many people’s surprise won the Targa event outright in 2013. It was the first time since Jim Richards won the event in 2004 in a Porsche 911 that a 2WD car had won. A more recent addition to his fleet is a 1927 Lagonda 2/4.5 Special. It is a 2 litre high chassis speed model that has been fitted with a 1934 Meadows 4.5 litre motor, triple SUs and Lagonda M45 running gear. It is a long distance endurance touring car having competed in many events in Europe including the 1998 London to Cape Town rally.

1927 Lagonda 2/4.5 Special:

This Lagonda Special started life as a 2 litre high chassis car and was the demonstrator for the Hanover Square London dealers Gaffikin and Wilkinson. In the mid-1950s it raced at Silverstone and in the 1990s was upgraded by marque specialist David Ayre with a 1934 Lagonda M45 motor and drivetrain.
The motor is a Meadows 4.5 litre fitted with a special 6 port Meadows competition head.
The car has an extensive rally history in Europe including completing the 10,000 mile London to Cape Town rally in 1998 and competing in the Rallye Monte Carlo, Le Mans, Le Jog and Brooklands to Barcelona events. It was imported into New Zealand in the late 2000s. It has triple HV5 SU carburetors, dual ignition and distributors, full sump and fuel tank guards, a modified cooling system and large capacity fuel tank to cope with arduous long distance endurance rallying conditions.

David Donner - 2005 Donner/Dykstra Pikes Peak Special

David Donner is from the United States and resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is a six-time Pikes Peak International Hill Climb winner. Three of those wins were achieved in the car he will be running at the Leadfoot Festival. His most recent win on Pikes Peak was this year in a 2015 Porsche GT3R. He currently holds the record in Time Attack 2 on Pikes Peak in a 2015 Porsche Turbo S. He continues to race in numerous Porsche series in the United States and other Pro racing events. In addition to Pikes Peak, he ran this particular car at the Queenstown Hill Climb back in 1998, winning the class. He also won his class in this car at the 2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed in the United Kingdom.

2005 Donner/Dykstra Pikes Peak Special:

This car is one of the few to win Pikes Peak on gravel and asphalt. Despite major revisions over the years, it retains the original spaced-frame, carbon-reinforced tub built in 1989. Designed by race car engineer Lee Dykstra, it was built by Donner Motorsport. It was one of the first to utiilise an Electronic Fuel Management system, ground effects and carbon fibre on Pikes Peak. The design is like an Indy car with the engine and gearbox mounted by only five bolts behind the driver making them a stress member. Large tunnels underneath the car help create a vacuum at high speed that literally sucks the car to the ground, enabling the driver to carry much higher speeds through turns without creating aerodynamic drag. The motor is an all-aluminum Chevrolet racing V8, with Motec electronic fuel injection utilising Methanol fuel. The 800hp car has more than 780Nm of torque.

Bert Dove - 1989 BMW M635csi

Bert started circuit racing in the early 1990s in a Triumph TR3A. He built the car up to become the quickest TR3 in the country and won the 1992/1993 season inter-marque classic car series held over several race meetings at the old Bay Park and Taupo circuits.
In 1994 the car had to be rebuilt after a 360 degree roll-over at a Taupo winter meeting. The car went on to win a number of trophies after that until sold in 2003.
Bert purchased an ex-Jeff Gordon NASCAR from the United States and he has entered the car here at the Leadfoot Festival for the last three events. That car has now been sold back to the United States.

1989 BMW M635csi:

The last year of production for the BMW 635 Coupes was 1989 and
52 coupes were built early in 1989 and of that number 20 were right-hand-drive units. The right-hand-drive units were a special run of ‘motorsport edition’ BMW 635s, with 292hp achieved by reworking the manifolds and engine management. The 1989 units were built to what is called highline standard
specifications, with full leather, air, power seats with memory, colour-coded
rear spoiler, bumpers and external mirrors. Its motor specifications are twin cam, 24 valve, 3453cc and a top speed of 254kph. The 635csi BMW dominated on the track in the mid-1980s, in Europe and closer to home BMW Australia had Jim Richards winning the touring car title in one.
We also had two 635csi cars racing in New Zealand in the hands of Neville
Crichton and Kent Baigent, both of whom had great success.

Andy Duffin - 1996 Mazda RX7

With a passion for Rotary-engined vehicles stemming from a misspent youth Andy turned to circuit racing to satisfy his need for speed! Starting his racing in the S22000 series in 1996 in a modified RX7 he quickly got the bug. After a break of several years, when the time was right, he purchased a Pro7 car. Three NZ titles later and it was time to go back to SS2000. Winning that championship in 2011/2012 his dream of racing a 20b or 3 rotor engine in the GTRNZ was realised. A big crash driving a friend’s Nissan at the V8 supercar meeting at Pukekohe in 2013 and a trip to hospital nearly ended his motorsport days. Andy recovered and won the GT2 2014/2015 title.

1996 Mazda RX7:

This is New Zealand’s fastest RX7 after being built in a mate’s dad’s garage in Hamilton, to compete in SS2000. It runs a 20b 3 rotor engine, is naturally-aspirated and makes around 515hp. The car had some serious aero added to it for competing at World Time Attack Challenge in Sydney, which it has been to twice. The RX7 will be running NOS for the Leadfoot Festival and that should give it a further 200hp! Last year it finished fifth overall, fastest naturally-aspirated car and fastest 2WD in the final 10. Leadfoot has become one of Andy’s favourite events on the NZ motorsport calendar.

Chris Dunn - 2001 Toyota MR-S "Mr Busa"

Aged 43 years, Chris has been competing in motorsport since age 18 and has raced almost everything from karts amd Mini 7 to NZV8 Utes and Super Trucks.
He was a former junior Clubsport champion and the first driver to ever win the outright OSCA Championship in a Japanese car (Toyota Levin AE101 with 2JZ twin-turbo Supra engine).
He drove at Bathurst in 2002 with John Bowe in a Budweiser-sponsored, Ford factory supported Ford Mustang Cobra RA in the Australian GT Production car two-hour race, placing second.
He has been the series organiser for the highly successful South Island Endurance Series for past 10 years, plus he is currently the popular 2k Cup South Island Series chairman.

2001 Toyota MR-S "Mr Busa":

This car was initially a 2001 Toyota MR-S. It is now powered by a turbo charged Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa motorcycle engine (1300cc) with a water to air intercooler. It uses the factory 6 speed motorcycle gearbox so it has a factory sequential with uprated Quaife internals. Uniquely it is chain drive from the engine to the fixed rear axle. It retains full floorplan construction with hand built sub frames and the engine has been moved forward about 300mm. It retains the factory body lines except about 300mm wider per side and has a mixture of fibreglass and carbon body panels. It uses NZV8 brakes, SACHS adjustable shocks and Porsche Cup tyres on 18inch wheels. It holds both the Production GT and Club racing lap records at Levels Raceway and weighs in at about 750kg and has 450hp. It was hand built in Timaru by Alan Dunn of Total Automotive.

Jason Easton - Tigcraft Aprilia 550

Jason has been road racing motorbikes for 18 years on everything from 125GP bikes, 250GP, 600 Supersport, Superbike and lately his own home-built bikes. He has won four NZ championships, seven NZ Grand Prix Titles and two NZ TT Titles as well as numerous race wins at Wanganui Cemetrey circuit and Paeroa street races. He has competed in the British 125GP Championship, the European Supermono Championship which involved racing at well known circuits of Spa franochamps, Bruno and Assen. He achieved top five results in every race. He has also done two Northwest 200 road races in Northern Ireland and two Isler of Man TT races -achieving credible results.

Tigcraft Aprilia 550:

This bike chassis was built in 2009 in England by Tigcraft. A one-man company, it makes one-off chassis. The motor is from a Aprilia 550 motard bike and everything else has been hand built by Jason or fabricated by friends. In 2010 the bike finished second in the NZ Championship with multiple race wins and lap records. Upgrades for 2011 saw a NZ title win and lap records at five race tracks around NZ.The bike has sat idle for the last couple of years while Jason concentrated on car racing. It now has a hand-built titanium exhaust system.

Ray Ferner - 1931 Ralph Wastson BSA FW32

Ray was brought up in a motoring family with a plethora of vintage and veteran cars including Alvis, Lea Francis, Minerva and Riley. A keen interest in cars developed and Ray spent much of his youth touring in an old Singer and Triumph TR6.
Ray’s more interesting vehicles include a rather pedestrian London Routemaster double decker bus and an Aston Martin DB2/4 MKII. The Aston had an early racing history and was class winner of the 1958 Tulip Rally and completed the Monte Carlo rally also in 1958. Ray recently restored the car from barn-find condition and it was a big job that took ten years. He has also become the keeper of the Ralph Watson BSA special and will campaign the car in various historic races and hill climbs.

1931 Ralph Wastson BSA FW32:

The BSA was developed into a racing special by Ralph Watson in early 1950s. The car was modified with a lowered chassis, a lightweight body and doubled horsepower from the original. Ralph raced the car until 1954 when he sold it to develop the Lycoming Special.
Thirty years later the car returned to Ralph and he restored it back to its 1950’s form but with a new lighter body, new gears, a higher final drive ratio and a lighter real axle. Ralph raced the car around New Zealand and further developed it in the late 1980s to include rotary valves.
They were a real engineering challenge and sealing the combustion chambers and the oil system took much experimentation. The result was more horsepower and more torque across the rev range. Ralph machined a new crank case from an aluminium billet. The BSA has been extremely reliable and raced often in this configuration.

Ian Ffitch - 2002 BRM 1000 Superquad LT500R/GSXR1000

Ian has accumulated close to 40 national titles over nearly 30 years of racing. He has enjoyed success overseas and was the only non-American rider to win a United States national title achieving this back in 1996. Ian took 3rd in the prestigious 12 hours of Pont De Vaux in France in 1999 however some of his most special moments have being achieved at home competing on his Superquad at not only Race to the Sky but here at the Leadfoot Festival. At Race to the Sky Ian regularly placed in the top ten overall taking out top position in the quads all but once when he had a DNF. But bigger than all this was when he became the inaugural winner of the Possum Bourne Memorial trophy for his 3rd overall and 1st resident Kiwi home in 2004 – a feat he repeated at the last edition of the race in 2015.

2002 BRM 1000 Superquad LT500R/GSXR1000:

This Superquad was hand-crafted by 2 Way Industries with pure speed and handling in mind to conquer Race to the Sky and although it’s definitely not designed for tarmac and it’s a handful, it’s still fun to ride at Leadfoot. It started as an early 1990’s Suzuki LT500R 2 stroke quad before being replaced with a 2001 GSXR1000R in 2002. The original frame was modified to take the larger engine and only 20% of the frame is original and only 10% of the whole bike is original, with the rest custom-built. The engine package putting out around 140 rear wheel horsepower was sorted by Auckland’s BRM Dyno tune while the rest was built by 2 Way Industries’ owner Jason Way in Auckland. The suspension is custom-built by PEP suspension, in America, and handles the extra weight and power and maximises the many tuning features. The BRM1000 has a more than 230kmh top speed.

Ian Ffitch - 2008 HONDA TRX450R

Ian has accumulated close to 40 national titles over nearly 30 years of racing. He has enjoyed success overseas and was the only non-American rider to win a United States national title achieving this back in 1996. Ian took 3rd in the prestigious 12 hours of Pont De Vaux in France in 1999 however some of his most special moments have being achieved at home competing on his Superquad at not only Race to the Sky but here at the Leadfoot Festival. At Race to the Sky Ian regularly placed in the top ten overall taking out top position in the quads all but once when he had a DNF. But bigger than all this was when he became the inaugural winner of the Possum Bourne Memorial trophy for his 3rd overall and 1st resident Kiwi home in 2004 – a feat he repeated at the last edition of the race in 2015.

2008 HONDA TRX450R:

This 2008 HONDA TRX450R has a highly modified engine from Sparks Engine Racing USA, but runs the standard bore and stroke making it 450ccs. It runs a standard frame with mostly aftermarket chassis components. The suspension is by United States’ company PEP and its A-arms and steering components are made by Laeger custom fabricators. Its top speed is 120kmh but it is light, so you can be freely aggressive on the tarmac.

Tanner Foust - 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport

Tanner is a versatile and multi-talented driver known for his supreme car control. He has a proven track record of podium placements, national championships and world records. Tanner is a three-time US Rallycross champion, who has also won four X Games gold medals and two Formula Drift championships.
This year he drove the Rockstar Energy Drink Volkswagen Beetle to runner-up in the 2016 Global Rallycross Championship. Tanner narrowly missed the title after a strong season that saw him take seven podiums in 12 rounds. He landed in the record books with an unbroken streak of 26 consecutive heat race wins.
The former Top Gear USA host also showcases his driving dexterity in films and television. He is featured as a stunt driver in major movies, including the Need 4 Speed, Bourne Legacy, Bourne Ultimatum, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, Dukes of Hazzard, Red Dawn and Iron Man 2 movies.

2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport:

Using the lightweight Cayman GT4 as the basis, Porsche Motorsport has developed a near-standard racing version. Just like its race-worthy production sibling, the Cayman GT4 Clubsport is powered by a 3.8-litre flat-six engine. The racing version features a Porsche double clutch transmission with shift paddles on the steering wheel and a mechanical rear-axle locking differential. The lightweight suspension strut front axle is taken from its big 911 GT3 Cup brother, which is campaigned in Porsche’s 20 one-make championships around the world. The impressive racing brake system is fitted with steel brake discs all round measuring 380-millimetre in diameter. Tipping the scales at just 1,300 kilograms, the Cayman GT4 Clubsport, delivered ex-works with a welded-in safety cage, a racing bucket seat as well as a six-point harness, is truly lightweight. See Tanner’s expanded driver profile in the front of the Leadfoot Programme.

Elliott Frame - 1974 Alan Mann Mk1 Escort

Elliott (24) is an engineer from Auckland who has had a passion for motorsport and classic cars since a young age. At just 14 he purchased his first Mk1 Escort which he learnt to drive in. He then began modifying and then racing what was essentially his daily driver. Four years later, he purchased his second Mk1 Escort which he has turned into a race car, with the help of his dad, in their carport over the last six years. The car was completed earlier this year and Elliott has begun his journey into motorsport by taking part in tarmac rallies, hill climbs and circuit racing. He is thrilled to make his debut appearance at the Leadfoot Festival.

1974 Alan Mann Mk1 Escort:

This car was purchased in 2010 as a standard 1300cc automatic Mk1 Escort. Elliott has built the whole car in his parents’ car port over the past six years. Everything from the panel repairs and modifications to the homemade suspension have been undertaken to create a replica of the Alan Mann BTCC car. The Escort is powered by a 2litre SOHC Pinto engine with side draft Weber carbs . It has a 5 speed Toyota gearbox and Hilux diff with a Cusco LSD. It has adjustable coilover suspension all round with a 6 link rear end and Wilwood brakes front and rear, whilst inside features a works-style dash with period Smith’s componentry. Elliott would like to thank his dad Mark who has spent many a weekend on the spanners and in the co driver’s seat.

Graeme Fraser - 1997 BMW E36 M3

Tauranga’s Graeme Fraser has been rallying and racing for 40 years – competing in 100 rallies, 180 races, plus many hill climbs, rally sprints and rally cross events. A  self-funded amateur competitor he has won two national titles, in rallying in 1987 in a Group A Toyota Starlet and in endurance racing in 2016. A recently retired chartered accountant, he grew up on a sheep station in Hawkes Bay and has been addicted to petrol since he started driving tractors aged 7. He loves the Steve McQueen quote: “Racing is life, everything before and after is just waiting”. He believes the most important achievement in motorsport is to get to the start line, after that “what will be, will be”. He always remembers the  first time he saw a rally car competing – Rod Millen in his Phillips Mazda RX3 on the Waimak  riverbank in 1976 – absolutely mind-blowing!

1997 BMW E36 M3:

Graeme’s Inca Orange BMW M3 was built in Germany in 1997. It has been a race car since 2009 and was previously owned by Wayne Cowely and Bob Sievwright. It runs a normally aspirated BMW E46 M3 S54 3,246cc straight-six engine developing 380hp revving to 8,200 rpm. The gearbox is a NZ-built TTI 6 speed sequential with a 4.7 BMW diff. The cars weighs 1150kg and achieves 0-100kph in around 4.3 secs. Brakes are AP Racing, suspension Proflex and with 18″x 9″ wheels on Hankook tyres. Graeme won the 2016 NZ Endurance Championship Class 2 and BMW Race Series Endurance Championship in it. This is probably the best-prepared and fastest of the many E36 BMW M3s racing in New Zealand and even though it is 20 years old, it is a current race winner at NZ Championship level against modern, normally aspirated and turbo cars in the 3.5 litre category.

Hayden Gare - 1976 Mini Leyland

Hayden Gare is a 24-year-old diesel mechanic from Ohaupo, New Zealand. He began participating in motorsport at the age of three on dirt bikes -progressing through the years of trail rides and enduros. He got his first taste of circuit racing in a borrowed car and after this spent numerous hours in the shed with his father Jerome building a custom Toyota-powered Mini to dedicate to circuit racing. Hayden’s first race season was the 2013-2014 Super Mini Challenge open class, which he won, The following year he also won the the 2014-2015 Super Mini Challenge open class after some hard battles. Currently Hayden is racing with the GTRNZ community in the GT3 class and always thinking of ways to make the little Mini go faster.

1976 Mini Leyland:

The car began life as an ordinary Mini waiting to be put back on the road as a father/son project. After a few years it got a roll cage then another year passed and it acquired a Toyota 4age 1600cc motor. The build took the Gare family and friends around five years before its first race outing in 2013 where it won the Super Mini Challenge 2013 – 2014 open class championship then managed to go back to back and win the open class again in 2014 – 2015 . The car is up to its third race season and now it lives life chasing bigger cars in the GTRNZ race series in the GT 3 class.

Matt Gaskin - 1990 R32 Nissan Skyline Quad Cam V8

Growing up in a Motorsport family it was inevitable that Matt would get the bug. His family has several national speedway titles to their name. After a stint on the dirt qualifying for multiple national titles and winning a Wellington championship Matt decided to give tarmac racing a go. Matt has competed in several Targa New Zealand events always finishing. He has won numerous hill climbs and strives for top results at every event. “There’s not much that beats the excitement of racing on a new hill with cold tyres and brakes.”

1990 R32 Nissan Skyline Quad Cam V8:

The R32 Skyline started out life with a RB25 turbo and 5 speed factory gearbox. It now runs an all alloy Nissan Quad cam VK56 V8. Same engine used by the Kelly brothers in the V8 supercars but with less restrictions. The engine is dry sumped, has 13 to 1 compression and produces 580hp at the wheels running on e85 fuel. It has custom built CNC’d manifolds and throttle bodies. Gearbox is a TT Industries 5 speed sequential. Engine Management is controlled by a Link G4 extreme ECU which enables flat shifting and launch control.

Jason Gibbs - 1990 Honda Civic EF9

Jason is mad about Hondas and racing, He has successfully competed in two seasons of the Honda Cup, finishing an impressive second in class and 10th overall in his rookie season. Jason has done numerous race car liveries for others in the racing community and hopes to build on this involvement in the coming years. Growing up around cars and itching to learn to drive and then drive fast has been a focus point as long as he can remember.  So when the opportunity came up for Jason to persue his passions on the track he jumped at the chance to get into the thick of it.

1990 Honda Civic EF9:

After being rescued from death’s door, this genuine EF9 Honda Civic has been transformed into a track weapon. It is fully equipped with a forged 1800cc Vtec engine producing 160wkw, quad throttle bodies, upgraded suspension, brakes and drivetrain. Weighing in at just 900kgs this makes for one seriously quick package. It’s period-based livery was inspired by the mid 1980s Motul Honda Civic based in Japan. The ef9 is a cult classic and is becoming rarer all the time. All the work on the car has been done locally in Hamilton courtesy of Andrew at Waikato Honda and Mark at Motivation. The engine was built by Ivan Udy at Udy Automotive and tuned by Linn at CDM.

Roger Greaney - 1956 Buckler DDII

Roger has been involved in motor racing for the last 50 years – starting with crew work for rallying, then he spent a few years racing speedway saloons and for the past 25 years has raced historic cars. He is also heavily involved into the restoration side as well. Roger also helped the late Ashley Stichbury with his race team (Westbury Racing) winning a couple of titles along the way. He is  part of the AFRICA racing team from Hawkes Bay – (work out what the word means or ask Roger himself.) They are a bunch of old racers who like to be around cars and drivers and enjoy them. Many thanks to Rod and Shelly for putting on this world class event. Roger has  been to Goodwood a couple of times and he thinks this event matches it.

1956 Buckler DDII:

This particular car was raced by Vic Simkin from Northland in the 1950s and early 1960s. Its restoration was undertaken in 1990 and it has been raced by the current owner at every race track, airfield circuit and also the last Wellington street race. The car has been rebuilt to period specifications and still runs drum brakes all round. Roger has unfinished business at the Leadfoot Festival and if you see him in the pits, he will tell you the story!. Roger is proud of the fact that this car has raced for 25 years and has never failed a scrutineering audit and he has a letter from Motorsport New Zealand congratulating him on this.

Chris Green - 1974 Mazda RX3 Savanna GT

Chris is the younger of the two brothers that make up Green Brothers Racing. He is passionate about all things automotive but especially the Mazda rotary engine. An accomplished drag racing pilot, Chris has driven the Green Brothers Racing ‘shop wagon’ to a very respectable 8.8 second quarter mile. Not bad considering it’s a street-driven 323 station wagon! Chris is driving Andy Duffin’s RX3 Savanna GT coupe as a way of repayment for all the hard work he has done on Andy’s Time Attack RX7.
Instead of swinging spanners Chris will enjoy driving at an event – although Andy still expects him to work on the RX7 between runs!

1974 Mazda RX3 Savanna GT:

This RX3 Savanna GT coupe was imported from Japan in the condition you see it in today. Although only used for karting shows and the odd sealed event in Japan, it has many rare and hard to find accessories on it that were purchased from Mazda dealers back in the day – including those crazy wheel arch flares!
Now belonging to Andy Duffin, it will have a complete rebuild over winter including a full roll cage and a significant upgrade in the engine department. The engine and driveline remain relatively stock at the moment although the 13×9 inch front and 13×11 rear wheels make for plenty of grip. It is piloted by Chris Green of Green Brothers Racing fame for this event.

Layton Hammond - 1973 Mk1 Ford Escort with a Duratec engine

Layton has been competing on the race track most of his life. Previously in his Mini Clubman until purchasing his MK1 Escort in 2009 and having great success with numerous podium finishes in the Manawatu Winter series. Recently this car has been fully rebuilt from the ground up, including an engine transplant and various brake, suspension and body changes. These changes made the car even more competitive, dropping 3 seconds on his previous personal best at Manfeild. He has been the Classic Winter Series Class and Overall Champion for two years running. Layton has also recently been expanding away from the race track and is now making appearances at the local hill climbs and other tracks around the country.

1973 Mk1 Ford Escort with a Duratec engine:

This Mk1 Ford Escort was previously running a 1780cc stroked cross flow Kent engine producing 160hp but it now houses a worked, 2.0L Ford Focus Duratec motor. Producing over 240hp at the wheels the power is delivered via the MX5 gearbox, Toyota rear LSD diff to 205/50R15 rims. Almost everything on this car has been custom made, from the fibre glass body parts to the electronic individual throttle body setup and exhaust headers.
The engine is a 2.0L dry sumped Ford Duratec, with a ported head, custom cams, forged bottom end with high compression pistons, 48mm throttle Bodies, which are all controlled via the Link G4
The suspension, brakes and drive-line are made up of Bilstein coil overs all round, 4 link rear end, adjustable castor and camber arms, 285mm front discs with Wilwood calipers, 266mm discs and Nissan calipers, 2008 Mazda MX5 gearbox, Toyota F Series diff and Altezza LSD.

Keith Hamnett - 1979 Vauxhall Chevette

Self confessed petrol-head, Keith has a life-long love of all things ‘car’, but high on the bucket list for many years has been the Leadfoot Festival.
Starting out in the UK, Keith’s passion was for stock car racing and rallying, both behind the wheel and as part of a service crew. On moving to New Zealand in 2007 he re-kindled his love of motorsport, so retirement has never really been a consideration, because the lure of a V8 has proved too much. The Chevette was Keith’s last rally car in the UK, so when this particular car was seen at Hampton Downs with Tony Lynch, he just had to own it – especially because it was in the exact colour of the rally car. A dream come true.

1979 Vauxhall Chevette:

Re-engineered from the suspension upwards, this 1979 Chevette is a dream to drive. It was built for Targa and circuit racing. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, this Chevette has a 4 litre Lexus V8 engine which has been completely reworked, producing 327hp and 288 ft pounds of torque. With a top speed of 260kmh (plus) and a rev limit of 8500rpm it makes for an exciting ride. The gearbox is a Toyota W55 Supra 5 speed with a custom gear set and the rear axle is a modified Hilux LSD 4.5:1. All the brakes and both front and rear suspension have been custom-engineered for the car.

Scott Harland - 1978 Leyland Mini

Scott started racing back in 2010 by buying a road-going 1978 Mini and then building it all himself at home. He then went on to race it for the next five years in car club events with the Taranaki Car Club and South Taranaki Car Club plus other lower North Island events.
He picked a Mini to race because he likes them and they are classic. Scott wanted to race in A class (0-1300cc) and it doesn’t matter to him if he is last overall against a field of 4WDs and turbos – if he is having fun that’s all that matters. In early 2016 he gave the Mini a freshen-up and a retro look. Over the last six years he has been A class points champion six times for Taranaki and two times for South Taranaki.

1978 Leyland Mini:

This 1978 Leyland Mini started off as a stock road-going car that Scott bought in 2010. He then striped it out and sent it off to get a cage then everything else has been done at home in the shed with some help from his brother and dad. The current setup is nothing special but it gets Scott out there doing what he loves. The motor is 1293cc running 40mm side draft weber carb. The gearbox is bone stock with only an upgraded clutch fitted. It has adjustable suspension and shocks all the way round and 10 inch rose petal wheels for the classic look. Scott has never had it on a dyno and tunes it the best he can at home and if it goes good he is happy. He has competed in close to 70 events over the last six years and it has only let him down once.

Andrew Hawkeswood - 2016 Mazda 2 AP4

Andrew started racing dirt track cars at Meremere Dirt Tack Club aged 15 and competed in his first hill climb aged 17. He has been involved in National Championship rallying since 1995, but only committed to full seasons four times in the last 20 years. He has finished on the podium three times. Andrew was a National Hill climb champion in 2002; has competed in the Asia Pacific Rally Championship and has been to Pikes Peak International Hill Climb twice – narrowly missing victory there in 2005 due to a puncture. He has also raced off-roaders, offshore power boats, speedway, endurance racing and the Hump 100 Camel Race. Andrew will be competing in the 2017 NZ Rally Championship for the final time.

2016 Mazda 2 AP4:

This is the first of the new generation AP4 rally cars being built by Force Motorsport for the NZ Rally Championship (NZRC) and there are now being exported to Australia and China. There will be seven cars in the 2017 NZRC using the same platform and components including the Hyundai I20 that Hayden Paddon will use at Otago and the Holden Barina that Greg Murphy will drive. Andrew will be using the first of the 1600cc turbo Skyactiv engines designed for the Mazda AP4 rally cars at the Leadfoot Festival. There are currently two more Mazda 2 AP4 cars being built – both with the new 1600 turbo Skyactiv engine.

Garth Hogan - 2006 Ford GT

Garth has been involved in motorsport most of his adult life.This has predominantly been in the world of drag racing as a competitor, administrator and track owner. He has also participated in speedway events as a sponsor and car owner and has made several trips to compete at Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the USA.

In later life he has been involved in collecting classic cars which have mostly been those produced in various guises by the Ford Motor Company. This collecting includes an involvement with the Warbirds and Wheels collection of aircraft and cars located at the Wanaka Airport which also hosts the annual ‘Gathering of Geezers’ charity dinner that acknowledges New Zealand’s past motorsport champions and associated motorsport personalities.

2006 Ford GT:

To celebrate 100 years of Ford, in 2005 the company produced a GT40 look-alike car, called the Ford GT. Production numbers were limited and in 2006 there was another batch of the cars produced with a total of 4200 cars made over the two-year period. The Ford GT is approximately 10% bigger than the original GT40 and where the 1966 Le Mans-winning car had a 485hp 427 cubic inch (7 litre) pushrod V8 running through a 4 speed gearbox, the 2005/2006 car has a supercharged 5.4 litre DOHC V8 producing 550hp and driving through a 6 speed gearbox. It can record a 0 to 100km time of 3.3 seconds.

Leigh Hopper - 2004 Subaru STi C Spec RA

Leigh Hopper is a regular competitor in Targa events. He entered his first Targa event in 2007 in a standard WRX STi Subaru only to bin it on the fourth day. Having caught the bug, subsequent Targa entries have generally been Subaru variants running in the modified 4WD category with registration HTR969. With five event wins, Leigh is a top contender but also carries a healthy reputation for regularly binning his cars (fortunately no injuries) including shaving some bark off a 1m diameter pine tree here at the Leadfoot Festival Hopefully he will survive the main Targa event to line-up at Leadfoot in 2017.

2004 Subaru STi C Spec RA:

This is a Subaru STi C spec RA Targa car. It has many of the mechanical components of Leigh’s previous Targa cars. The last car experienced an unceremonious encounter with a power pole during the prologue for the October 2015 Targa Rally. Built by Leigh’s nephew Ricky Gray of Mach1 Engineering, the car has a healthy 400kw output and is coupled to a 6 speed Modena sequential gearbox. Extracting reliability has been a progressive exercise over the years and Leigh has made incremental improvements and adjustments to keep up with and on occasions ahead of other competitors with far more modern computer-assisted technology.

Barry Howard - 1947 Bruce McLaren Stanford Special

Barry’s first racing experience was in 1975 in a vintage invitation pre-Grand Prix race at Pukekohe, driving his 1932 Sunbeam Saloon. He has extensive hill climbing experience with different sports cars and motor bikes and competed at club level at Hawkes Bay, Chelsea and Pebblebrook hill climbs. Barry is an enthusiastic motorsport owner/driver. He purchased the Bruce McLaren Stanford Special in 1993 in poor condition and completed the car’s restoration in 2010. Barry has been invited and has attended six previous Leadfoot Festivals in 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

1947 Bruce McLaren Stanford Special:

Built as the Stanford Special in 1947 by Bob Crisp, he hill climbed it throughout New Zealand, winning the South Island Championship in 1950/51 and the New Zealand Championship Hill Climb Northern Sports Car Club in 1952. Bob sold the car to Bruce McLaren in 1955 and Bruce fitted an 1172cc Ford engine, then raced it and won a sports car race at Western Springs in May 1956, and an autocross at Kumeu in November 1956. He also raced the car at Muriwai Beach. Barry purchased the car in 1993 and finished restoring it in 2010. The car features a 1937 Standard flying 8 chassis and Ford 100E running gear. It is 1172cc and supercharged, with a hand-built alloy body.

Ben Hunt - 1999 Subaru STi Coupe

Ben is very passionate about all forms of motorsport and has been competing in the New Zealand Rally Championship since he won the inaugural Rally New Zealand Rising Stars Scholarship in 2009. Along the way he has picked up various titles before winning the 2015 New Zealand Rally Championship in his 2008 Subaru WRX STi. Ben is now a Subaru of New Zealand Brand Ambassador and competes in the NZRC in a brand new 2015 Subaru WRX STi. He is busy testing and preparing for the Hunt Motorsport team’s 2017 NZRC attack. Be sure to check out Ben’s car in the Subaru’s tent as the marque celebrates 25 years of the WRX at the Leadfoot Festival.

1999 Subaru STi Coupe:

Owned and built by Dan Kane, this Subaru produces a massive 450kw and has a 6 speed Modena Dogbox behind it. The coupe runs STi a front and rear LSD driveline and Dunlop 03G tyres. This car is always under development. Ben drove the coupe at Leadfoot in 2016 and managed 6th overall with a time of 52 seconds. The team left with a list of upgrades for the handling and braking package. When the car is not at Leadfoot it is driven by the owner Dan Kane and mainly used for gymkhana and track days on full opposite lock. Make sure you visit the car in the pits and admire the craftsmanship of its engine.

Dave Ingram - 1957 Jaguar MKVII M

Dave has been racing since 1987 in the same car that he is racing today.
He has competed many times in the Skope events in Christchurch, the Castrol Charity Classic in Manifield, Levels in Timaru, Wigram Airforce Base, Hampton Downs, and in the occasional Hamilton Car Club events, in more recent years.
Dave has always owned Jaguars since 1982, and goes to the National Jaguar Rallies that are held every three years. He is one of four people that have been to every rally since they began.
He raced last year at the Leadfoot Festival for the first time and came 4th in his class. Dave would love the oppotunity to better that placement.

1957 Jaguar MKVII M:

This Jaguar was purchased in 1986 from Hokitika, in poor condition with a seized engine and a really bad green paint job.
Dave didn’t want to restore it, so he decided to turn it into a race car.
With many hours spent by himself, friends and family, the car evolved with a new motor, disc brakes, and a wonderful RED paint job.
It raced at the Taga in 1995 and 1996, fininshing second in both events.
Dave has won the Neville Boon cup, and the Andrew O’Neill Trophy in 1999, along with the Sybil Lupp Trophy.

Tim James - 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport

Tim has competed in Targa, NZRGT, NIRDEC, SIRDEC and the Pirelli Porsche Series. His highlights are winning the 2013-2014 Pirelli Porsche Series and Motorsport New Zealand Porsche Championship and various class placings in Targa. With motorsport you get some lows, which are made up of a couple of big moments – one being in the Bathurst endurance event in 2015.
Tim has support from race engineer Aaron Robinson and mechanic and 2k Cup racer James Parkinson. He has also had lots of help over the years from Continental Cars, Castrol and Woods. Special mention goes to Viv James who supports this motorsport passion. Tim competed in the 2015 Leadfoot Festival and is looking forward to running a Porsche up Rod and Shelly’s driveway in 2017.

2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport:

The Leadfoot Festival will be this GT4 Clubsport’s first event, so Tim and his team are on a journey to create a little history for this cool car! The GT4 is a Porsche factory race car built to compete in the GT4 class racing in Europe and the USA, which is also becoming a popular endurance race class. The GT 4 Clubsport has a 3.8 litre motor and paddle shift pdk gearbox. It is running on the Porsche GT3 suspension and brakes. The car has air conditioning, which is a real treat for the driver! It is a full factory race car. Big thanks to Tony and Luke at Continental Cars for making this car real.

Paul Jones - 1972 Toyota Levin TE27

As a mechanic by trade, Paul’s interest was mainly in the servicing of both rally cars and track cars going back to 1978 on the RX3, RX7 and VR4 cars of Stuart Eyre. Paul then moved on to an AE86 and Mazda 4WD belonging to Ken Adamson. His recent involvement has been in NZ Touring cars as a mechanic for Lance Hughes and the BMW racing series for Mike Ashton. He has competed in a handful of endurance races both as a mechanic and driver and won the three-hour race at Manfield as the back up driver for Lance Hughes in the ex-Jason Bargwanna series-wining TLX NZ V8. Paul was also second overall in the first 12 hour race at Hampton Downs in 2010

1972 Toyota Levin TE27:

This car was developed by Toyota NZ in 1972 into a rally car, as part of a three-car team to compete in the 1973 Heatway Rally.. Alan Brough owned the car for a year after Ian then it went onto Steve Lachman, Rob Aitken and Paul has owned it since 2007.
It is running similar to how it did in the 1973 Heatway except for the addition of rear disc brakes. It also displays its original livery.
This body shape in New Zealand had KE25 as a model code but this car came standard from the factory with a 2TG engine which makes it a TE27.

Darren Kelly - 2011 Nissan R35 GTR

Darren started out as a kid racing go-karts and dirtbikes with his dad. His first drift car came when he was 16 years old when he got an R32 GTST. While he has gone through many cars and had many builds, Darren has never gone away from Nissan. Currently he has an R32, R34 (Pro Championship winning car) and R35 all set up for drifting.

Starting with an R32 chassis, he competed in many drift events becoming NZ Pro-Am Champion in 2011-2012. His goal of stepping up to a pro drive soon became a reality when he switched to the Nissan R34 chassis where in his second season he won the D1NZ Pro Championship in 2014-2015.

A more competitive unique chassis was born and the partnership with Nissan and the R35 was unveiled to campaign the 2016-2017 Pro Championship. Darren enjoys amazing NZ events such as the Leadfoot Festival.

2011 Nissan R35 GTR:

This car started as a bare shell from Dodson’s Motorsport and over the space of two years has turned it into what we have here today. It’s been an extremely hard and long build with everything being custom made and very few off the shelf parts. Driveline: This GTR runs an 800+hp dry-sumped RB30det with a TTI sequential 6 speed gearbox, Winters 10.5inch quick-change diff and Driveshaft Shop axles which spin an 18×11 Work wheel coated in a 265 Zestino semi slick. Steering: Ireland-based TDP created a huge lock steering kit to bolt into the R35 chassis. Cooling: This car has a Fenix radiator mounted in the boot. ECU: Link ECU supplied Darren with the Link Thunder and their Link Dash 2 Pro.

Brett Killip - 1995 Mazda RX7 Series 6 'Batman'

Brett started racing in local Hamilton Car Club events as a keen 16 year old in a Mini, before moving up to a Toyota Starlet. He had numerous class and club wins then went on to Mazda Pro7 RX7 racing in 2003. Brett won the North Island Champs back-to-back seasons in 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 and won the New Zealand Champs in 2008/2009. He took a few years off from driving to run the team and won more New Zealand and North Island championships as a team manager. Brett moved across to the SS2000 series and has finished third and second, then won the championship in 2014/2015, resetting all North Island lap records in that season. A mechanic by trade, Brett is heavily involved with the three rotor racing team of Andy Duffin. Waikato born and bred, Brett lives in Ohaupo with wife Rochelle and two kids Mikayla 6 and Tyler 4.

1995 Mazda RX7 Series 6 'Batman':

Imported into the country in 2008 as a road car, this RX7 was stripped and built into a race car to run in the SS2000 series by Brett and his team over the next two years. It runs a Green Brothers racing-developed Mazda Rotary 13B peripheral port engine, 6 speed sequential gearbox and Koni shocks. In SS2000 trim it has to weigh 1180kg so ballast weight is used to bring it up to minimum weight requirements. It runs a Link engine management system with data logging to keep the engine tune and temperatures under control. It is a current lap record holder at all North Island tracks for SS2000. Brett is always looking for more ways to extract extra power and speed from it and his team have improved the car year on year.

Glenn Leach - 1964 Ford Lotus Cortina

In the late 1960s, Glenn raced the last two years of group two saloons in a 1963 Lotus Cortina. Around the same time, he contested hill climbs and grass track racing around the North Island in a 1964 Cortina GT. He was also a member of both Auckland and Thames Valley Car Clubs. Glenn is the ex-Mayor of the Thames-Coromandel District Council. During his term as Mayor he was instrumental in the return of Rally NZ to the Coromandel. This is his fourth Leadfoot Festival and thanks must go to Rod Millen for rekindling Glenn’s love of motorsport. Glenn is looking forward to competing on a more regular basis around the country in his retirement.
He currently resides in Kuaotunu with his wife Trudi.

1964 Ford Lotus Cortina:

This car is running a SR20DET Nissan 320hp 6 speed C/R Box and has a Toyota Hi Lux LSD diff. It is painted in Alan Mann colours.
In 1964 Ford contracted Alan Mann Racing to run the works Cortinas in the European Touring Car Championship. The lead driver was Sir John Whitmore. The team was highly successful with a number of wins but did not take out the overall championship. The following year improvements were made with a class win and the overall championship win. The car proved to be reliable and quick. BRM built the engines and they were producing 150hp. The racing weight was 770kgs, creating a great power to weight ratio.

Allan Lewis - 1972 Datsun 240z V8

After years on the side line at motorsport events, Allan decided it was time to have a go himself, so in 2004 he competed in the Targa Tour in a BMW Z3 Coupe. That was that – he was hooked. He was worried the Z3 wouldn’t have enough power to compete in the main Targa, so a plan was hatched to shoe horn a big motor into a small car. This was the birth of the 240z V8 that Allan built himself. Allan’s first competition event was Targa Rotorua 2007 and he has competed in most Targa events since. Last year Allan had the opportunity to have a go at the Leadfoot Festival, which he really enjoyed and he is hoping to become a regular.

1972 Datsun 240z V8:

The 240z V8 was built between 2005 and 2007 to compete in Targa-type events as well as the odd track day. The start point was a standard 240z that Allan fitted with a supercharged LS1 Chevy V8 under the hood. To handle the 700-odd-horspower, everything else in the drive line had to be upgraded. Over the next couple of years more horsepower was added, with further upgrades need for the drive line to cope. The theory was if the engine had to come out, it had to go back with more power – who can argue with that? For the last few years the car has run trouble-free and is one exciting ride.

Marty Loughnan - 2010 Lancia Stratos Group 4

Marty grew up in the Waikato and competed through the 1970s in rally cross, hill climbs, rallies and other club events in a Holden V8-powered Vauxhall Viva HB. He greatly enjoyed competing against the likes of Stu McFarlane ,Brian Audas and of course the Pukekohe boys in their V8 creations. He was also competing in gymnastics nationally at the same time and is still involved with coaching today. Whilst living in Auckland during the marriage phase, he decided he needed a Lancia Stratos so set about building one from scratch  – 20 years later it was on the road (as was the wife).

2010 Lancia Stratos Group 4:

This car was built over a period of 20 years in a small garage under the house. First a wooden buck had to be made then this was cut up to make the returns for the panels. Moulds and then panels were taken from this. The chassis is made from folded 2mm panel steel to replicate the original. The original Stratos was fitted with a 2.4 V6 Dino motor and gearbox but a Lancia 2.8 V6 motor and gearbox is fitted to this replica. Fabricated inlet and exhaust manifolds replace the originals and are topped off with three downdraft Dellorto carbs. Suspension is as per the original and the brakes are vented discs with 4 pot callipers. Patterns were made for the wheels and they were cast and machined locally.

John Marslin - 1965 replica Rod Coppins MK11 Zephyr:

John is 70 years of age. He joined the Wellington Car Club in 1963 and started racing in 1965. In 1974 John raced an XA Falcon coupe for four years, then a RX3 Mazda till 1983 when he then shifted to Rotorua in 1984 and built a panel beating and paint shop from scratch.

In 1991 John found Jim Palmer’s first 1971 Holden XU1 in a wrecker’s yard and rebuilt it and raced this car on and off until 2012. John also drove the XU1 in the 1996 Targa Rally .  John has also been racing the 1965 replica Rod Coppins Zephyr Corvette. He also managed Joe McAndrew and his rally car for the 1992 and 1993 rally seasons.

1965 replica Rod Coppins MK11 Zephyr::

John Climo of Levin built the replica Zephyr for Rod Coppins to drive at the 1983 Ardmore reunion. Rod achieved three firsts a second and a fitth place.

Rod, who had been very sick, died five weeks later. This was the last racing car that he ever drove. Since then Jim Richards did some laps in it at the Wellington Street Race and then Denis Marwood drove it at Wigram. John purchased the car in 2000 and has changed the car a wee bit to look more like the original car. It now has a 350 Chev blue-printed motor, a Richmond Super T10 four speed gearbox and a Woolsley 6/110 diff. This car has competed in five different festival race meetings at Hampton Downs.

Phil Mauger - 1937 auto Union type c. Replica

Phil started racing in the early 1970s with a Datsun 1200 which he eventually turbocharged and mid-mounted the engine. He also drove his father’s Stanton special crop duster race car off and on.
Phil moved on to a Begg 018 F5000 car for about 10 years. Then he had the privilege of owning a Denny Hulme M23 McLaren which he has driven at the Leadfoot Festival twice. He owned that car for about ten years then sold it and bought a Lexus LFA.
Phil has also been racing a Porsche 997 GT3 for 10 years as well.
A recent purchase has been a BTCC Nissan Primera that Matt Neil raced in the late 1990s.

1937 auto Union type c. Replica:

When Phil had the M23 McLaren at the Goodwood Festival of Speed he had the opportunity to buy two V12 Rolls Royce meteor engines and this is where the Auto Union idea came from. It is a replica of a late 1930’s Auto Union Type C hill climb car with dual wheels on the rear. Because the motor is physically larger, Phil had to build the car about 20 per cent bigger. The work has been done in Christchurch by John Crawford at Motorsport Solutions and it has taken about five years to complete. The motor is a V12, 27 litres with 1500 ft lbs of torque.

Joe McAndrew - 1985 Audi Quattro S1 E2 Group B Rally Car:

‘Smokin’ Joe McAndrew is one of New Zealand’s most successful rally drivers with a record three national championship titles, won in 1993, 1994 and 1996 to his name. Joe was also the London to Sydney marathon rally overall winner in 2004. He also won the 2002 World TWE Marathon and was the Targa NZ winner in 2006/07. He has over 25 national event wins to his name.
Joe ran this car at Leadfoot Festival in 2015 and is looking forward to running it again and beating his time. He is driving the car for his mate Peter, who has also been involved in rallying for a very long time.

1985 Audi Quattro S1 E2 Group B Rally Car::

This Audi was built up using original factory parts and bought into New Zealand from Finland to run here in awesome events such as the Leadfoot Festival. It also runs in the New Zealand Rally Championship rounds in the classic class. This Audi has only ever rallied on a few tarmac events in Finland.
The Audi has just undergone an extensive rebuild in New Zealand to comply with this country’s classic rally regulations. It is a full works-spec Audi Quattro, including the engine, which is a whopping 550hp.

Dean McCarroll - 2013 Juno CN

Dean’s first race car was his Juno. This wasn’t just a case of dipping a toe into the murky waters to see what race car driving was all about but more like diving in head first! This was a ‘real’ race car and it was fast! There were some nervous times in the first few races, but Dean soon found he could foot it with the rest of the field. In his rookie year in the NZ Sports Car Series he was runner up in the championship, and went on to win it the next year. Dean participated in the Leadfoot Festival in 2015 and loved the challenge of his first hill climb racing up Rod’s challenging drive way. After hitting a tree on the Saturday and a quick rebuild later he was 4th fastest going into the top ten shootout – only to blow it with a spin and ended up finishing 10th.

2013 Juno CN:

The Juno is a sports prototype race car that was designed and built in England. This car was made in 2008 and purchased new by Dean in 2012. It runs a 2 litre Honda K20A Mountune engine developing 245hp at the wheels. Power is delivered via a Hewlands 6 speed FTRS sequential gearbox using the Shiftec paddle-shift system. The dash and data/sensor acquisition are from AIM. Brakes are Performance Friction mono block on 270mm vented discs. Wheels are OZ Racing magnesium alloy F3 one piece rims. It has a TIG welded tubular space frame chassis with integral roll structure and uses ultra light composite multi piece body-work. It has a highly efficient aero package featuring a newer spec front splitter, a rear aero foil plus a highly efficient rear diffuser. The cockpit is designed primarily for racing, but can take a passenger. The car weighs 570kg without the driver.

Paul McCarthy - 1974 Ford Escort RS 1600

Paul has been involved in motor racing since his early teen and actually racing since he was 21 years old. He has raced various cars but has an affinity for small 4 cylinder saloon and sports cars. Paul has owned various RS Fords and Mini Coopers. He currently owns two RS Escorts and one Lotus Europa

1974 Ford Escort RS 1600:

This car was built to GRP 2 specifications and represents a 1974 DRM Zakpeed car. It has an all alloy BDG engine with Lucas mechanical fuel injection, alloy atlas rear end and centre lock wheels. It’s wet weight is 720kg.

Stuart McFarlane - 1974 Porsche Carrera 911

Stuart started competing at the age of 15. He was a top competitor at Mystery Creek Rallycross events in the mid 1970s in a purpose-built rallycross Mini. After his driving career ended in 1980 after a serious eye injury, he took up rally co-driving with many top NZ drivers, including Stuart Eyre, Gary Smith and Ken Adamson. He even had the opportunity to co-drive with Bjorn Waldgard. Stuart competed in the 2000 London to Sydney marathon rally with ex-McLaren team boss Alistair Caldwell.
Recently Stuart has been competing with his son Brad in classic rallying in a Porsche 911, including competing in the Silver Fern Marathon Rally around the South Island last November.

1974 Porsche Carrera 911:

This is an old classic 1974 Porsche gravel rally car. It is running rally suspension, so the crowd should see plenty for front wheel lifting in the corners. It may be not the fastest up the hill but it is quite spectacular! The Porsche has a 3.0 litre air cooled engine with a close ratio gearbox and limited slip diff The car is a classic unrestored car with the odd rust bubbles to prove its age.  

Donald McLean - 2001 Subaru WRX STi RA Spec C

Donald has been a member of the Dannevirke Car Club for last 30 years and racing since age 16 in everything from club events to rally and hill climbs. Donald has multiple event wins and podiums over the past years. He raced a MK1 Ford Escort with a mid-mount V8 for most of his career. He has raced this Subaru for four years. Donald and his son Michael competed at the 2016 Leadfoot Festival with Michael coming away a fraction faster. This year, Donald is back with an upgraded motor to attack the demanding driveway.
His other accomplishments are: 2014-15 New Zealand Hillclimb Championship runner-up (gravel); 2014-15 New Zealand Hillclimb Championship runner up (tarmac); 2015 fourth place Ashley Forest Rallysprint, where he couldn’t complete top four run-off due to a broken axle.

2001 Subaru WRX STi RA Spec C:

This car was originally a stock standard road car and was owned by Monster Motorsport in Japan before coming to new Zealand with Richard Mason, who used it as his daily driver.
Donald bought the car three years ago as a father and son project and has built it up as a hill climb/rally car. The Subaru is built to a very high standard with development still being undertaken on the car every year. It has been raced by Donald and his son Michael in over 80 events over the last four years without any crashes or major break downs.
This year the motor has been put into tarmac setup with more power than last year. The Subaru is well known for its unique sound and aggressive antilag.

Michael McLean - 2001 Subaru WRX STi

Michael is one of the young up and coming rally talents in New Zealand.
He competed in the LeadfootFestival in 2016 in his restricted gravel spec rally car and was well on the pace. Now he is back this year with an upgraded motor to tackle the driveway.
Michael has competed in club events from the age of 14. This year marks his second year in a rally car and has seen him win his class in the Central Region Rally Championship and also win the rookie driver title.
Michael has competed in many well-known events like the Ashley Forest Rally Sprint and the New Zealand Hill Climb Championship.
Michael has the support of NZ’s WRC star Hayden Paddon and 2016 rally champion David Holder.
Michael was selected for the 2016 New Zealand Elite Motorsport Academy. He will compete in the 2017 New Zealand Rally Championship.

2001 Subaru WRX STi:

The car was originally brought in 2014 and had only competed in one event before it was purchased by Michael’s team.
He and his team have developed the car over the past two years of ownership and although it is built to New Zealand rally spec, it is almost completely production based.
For this year’s Leadfoot Festival the restrictor will come out and a tarmac set up will be run to better his times from last year. The car runs a 2.5L turbo set up with a 6 speed box and link ECU.
This year the car has a new colour scheme as the team now race under Switched Motorsport.

Rob McNair - 1931 Riley Nine Special

Rob is an aircraft engineer by trade and his business specialises in the restoration of vintage aeroplanes and classic cars. Rob’s passions include vintage aviation in his Tiger Moth, yachting and classic cars of all periods. Rob’s current projects include building a Pitts Special aerobatic aeroplane and a vintage-style ultralight aircraft with his son Louis and his father Wallace. Rob’s current work project is the building and restoration of a set of wings for a Beech Craft Staggerwing, which is being restored in Wanaka in the South Island. Rob’s vintage motoring includes using the Riley whenever possible and competing in club hillclimb events. The Leadfoot Festival is definitely the highlight of Rob’s motorsport calendar.

1931 Riley Nine Special:

Rob built his car based on Riley 9 components and fitted with an engine from a De Havilland Tiger Moth. He was inspired by the Brooklands Riley, the Type 59 GP Bugatti and the GP Delage from 1927. He is an aircraft engineer by trade and had just restored a Tiger Moth for himself when the Riley project was starting to happen. The remaining engine parts left over from the Tiger looked like a obvious solution for his vehicle special. Rob incorporated aircraft-style riveting on the body and aero instruments of the period, to give the car an aero-nautical feel. The result is a car with performance similar to proper Grand Prix cars of the time and it has intriguing details. Aero-engined cars were famous for record-breaking and high-speed touring in the early days due to their effortless performance with the big engines. This is also the case with Rob’s Riley. It has been campaigned at the Leadfoot Festival four times, with the highlight being winning the pre-1960 class here in 2016.

Alister McRae - 1998 Vantage Motorsport Subaru

The McRae name has been synonymous with rallying for three decades. Father Jimmy and sons Colin and Alister have, between them, won just about every title worth winning. Alister’s first foray into motorsport was at the age of twelve, when he took up motorcycle trials and motocross. But it was always rallying where he would demonstrate his true colours and success. Class wins at Scottish and British Rally Championship (BRC) levels soon culminated in becoming British Rally Champion with Nissan in 1995. Further years in the BRC mixed with numerous wins at WRC level in Formula 2 led to his services being secured by the newest manufacturer to join the World Rally Championship – Hyundai. Mitsubishi and Subaru followed, before three years competing in the Asia Pacific Championship with Proton – winning the title in 2011. Alister also won the Race to the Sky in 2015 driving the Vantage Subaru.

1998 Vantage Motorsport Subaru:

“Driven by Alister McRae, the Vantage Motorsport Subaru WRC Special finished second at last year’s Leadfoot Festival behind Rhys Millen – after setting the fastest-equal time with Rod Millen.
It is an ex-Prodrive Subaru 1998 WRC car, which was driven and crashed at Rally NZ by Finnish driver Kuha Kangas in 1999. The damaged shell was purchased by the late Possum Bourne
In 2001, after rebuilding the car, Possum drove it to victory at Race to the Sky (RTTS) in 8min 34sec.
In 2003, Vantage Motorsport purchased the car after Possum’s death.
From 2004-2007, Swedish WRC star Kenneth Eriksson drove the car at RTTS, finishing runner-up on two occasions.
In 2011 and 2012, Vantage-supported driver Emma Gilmour drove the car at the Leadfoot Festival.
At the 2015 RTTS – equipped with 850hp – Alister McRae drove the car to victory hitting 240kph and reaching the top in 8min 17sec.

Jimmy McRae - 1979 Ford Escort RS1800 MK2:

Scotsman Jimmy McRae might not have started rallying until he reached 31 but he wasted no time in notching up no fewer than five British Rally Championship titles. He also obviously passed on his driving talent genes, as two of his sons became international rally stars. Like their father before them, both Colin and Alister (who is also racing at the 2017 Leadfoot Festival) won British crowns. Colin went on to become the first British person and the youngest to win the World Rally Championship (WRC) Drivers’ title in 1995.

Jimmy made his WRC debut 19 years earlier in 1976, after only a couple of years rallying and he soon became a works driver for Vauxhall.

In the European Rally Championship, he was runner-up in 1982, while his highest placing in the WRC was fifteenth in 1983.

Throughout his career, Jimmy drove for a number of different teams, including Opel and Ford – reaching a pinnacle during his time in the Rothmans Rally Team, driving an Opel Manta 400.

Though mostly retired from motorsport now, Jimmy still occasionally competes in historic rallies and some Scottish Rally Championship events. In October last year he marked a very special milestone in his career – competing in the Wales Rally GB, 40 years after he first appeared on Britain’s round of the FIA World Rally Championship. Fittingly, he celebrated that anniversary back behind the wheel of an identical Vauxhall Magnum to the one he campaigned back in 1976.

1979 Ford Escort RS1800 MK2::

Jimmy McRae’s Leadfoot Festival steed this year is a Ford Escort RS1800, which is owned by Gary Smith of Hamilton.
The car was built as a replica to the works RS1800 Escorts that were made famous by Ford Motor Company during the years it was based at the former Boreham airfield in the United Kingdom, where their cars were prepared and tested.
Ford had a long and successful history in rallying, winning the World Rally Championship in 1979 with the Ford Escort RS1800 and drivers Hannu Mikkola, Björn Waldegård and Ari Vatanen.
This RS1800 has competed in the 2010 Silver Fern Rally and in 2011 came it second in the NZ Historic Rally Championship.
It came to the Leadfoot Festival in 2012 and in 2014 did the Silver Fern Rally for the second time.

Steve Midgley - 1968 Austin Minibusa

Steve is a 49 year old contractor from Hawera, South Taranaki . He started motorsport at the aged of 10 racing motocross and raced till the age of 36, in that time he won many club championships and in 1989 won a 250cc New Zealand title. He has spent the last 10 years building the Austin Minibusa and now competes at events like circuit racing, street sprints and hill climbs

1968 Austin Minibusa:

This Austin Mini has a 2006 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa engine fitted in the rear of the car and is chain drive to the rear wheels. The car weighs 620kg and has approximately 200hp. Everything has been hand built by Steve in his car shed and took 2.5 years to build. It has won 3 NZ super mini challenge open class titles and 2 overall NZ super mini challenge titles in addition to many hill climbs and street sprints.

Rod Millen - 1974 Mazda RX3

Motorsport and racing legend and all time nice guy, Rod developed a reputation as a leader in rally driving in NZ in the 1970s. Moving to the USA in 1978, Rod turned his attention to off-road stadium racing where he dominated the Mickey Thompson off-road racing series. He became the only driver in the twelve-year history of the series to win three consecutive Grand National Sport Truck titles.
During Rod’s racing career, he conquered the famous Pikes Peak Hill Climb, where it has become known as ‘Millen Mountain’.
Rod captured the record for the fastest ascent as well as achieving the fastest overall time, five times. The challenges of Pikes Peak became part of the inspiration to create the Leadfoot Ranch racetrack driveway which this weekend will become the perfect hill climb.

1974 Mazda RX3:

The Mazda RX3 was a very rare car in rallying. Rod’s RX3 was a three-time winner of the New Zealand Rally Championship from 1975-1977. This immaculately prepared RX3 was built by Rod’s brother-in-law Peter Davidson, a name many rally fans will recognise. The aggressive flared wheel arches and the sound of a screaming Rotary engine is a sight to behold and provides a real flashback to Rod’s hat-trick of title wins in the late 1970s.

Rod Millen - 1906 Durracq

It’s difficult to beat Rod Millen. Behind the wheel he is a motorsport legend with championship titles collected around the world – from Pikes Peak to Baja to Transsiberia and beyond. In business Rod built an empire on innovation and quality, and at home he’s an ordinary guy who loves time on the land and hosting family and friends.

1906 Durracq:

Built in 1906 as one of the Team Cars for the first Grand Prix held at Le Mans, the 3 Darracqs all withdrew with valve problems but the car went on to America a few months later where it won the Vanderbilt Cup at Long Island. In 1910, it was purchased by Malcom Campbell in England and christened Bluebird – the first of a long line of his cars, boats and aircrafts. Campbell raced the car with success until selling it in 1914 to his friend Neville Minchin. In 1960, the engine was acquired by Bob Beardsley who set about the task of finding the correct parts to recreate the car into its original form. Although Bob never got the car to run he did succeed in piecing together the major parts into a rolling chassis, so saving the project. Anne’s pestering over a 20 years period finally saw its purchase in 2003 and complete restoration by her husband Wallace McNair. The car has been returned to its 1906 Grand Prix form but still incorporates some of the mods done pre WW1. Technical details; 4 cylinder 180mm x 140mm, 14.25 litre, 4 speed Darracq gearbox with 1.75:1 axle, top speed 100+ MPH at 1650 RPM.

Derek Mitchell - 2005 Saker SV1- MRX

Derek Mitchell is a Hamilton based race car fabricator with his son Nick. They have been buildings race cars since 1993. Derek started his racing in Pre’65 with his flame dressed Chevy Nova with great success then proceeded on to a Super GT in a Camaro then brand new Holden Monaro.

Derek is responsible for a huge amount of race car builds across the country including designing and constructing the NZV8 TLX chassis, 30+ SsangYong utes, Central Muscle cars and a number of wild GT and trams-am racers. With the next generation of Mitchell racers coming through, young Taylor Mitchell (9) is looking to follow in his grandfathers and fathers foot steps in New Zealand motor racing.

2005 Saker SV1- MRX:

2005 Saker SV1- MRX
Once run by Alan Duncan in the old Super Sedans class, the Saker made its way to Derek’s workshop where the Mitchell lads tore the car back to its bare bones and gave it a ground up rebuild to the MRX standard. This included updating the factory Saker body work to something a bit more modern, like the LMP style raised nose, top exit radiators and the MRX rear aero package. It runs a 400 cu small block Chevy putting out 650hp backed by a G50 transaxle. The cars unique sound comes via a set of stepped 180 degree headers and custom MRX muffler which is definitely a high light of the car. The car weighs just under 1000kgs, couple that with the 650hp and the low lying nature and high aero of the car make for a serious track weapon.
The car has been sitting idle for a couple of years while for sale, but it’s time for this machine to get out in the public eye and make a name for itself.

Greg Murphy - 2012 Holden VE Commodore V8 SuperTourer

Greg was born and bred in the Hawkes Bay and started his motorsport career at the local kart track at the aged 8 years old. Winning the inaugural Shell Formula Ford Scholarship in 1990 was his entry to car racing. After initially chasing the single seater path and a life in the USA, Greg took the opportunities offered by the Touring Car categories in Australia and began a professional career that spanned 20 years. Driving for a number of Super Tourer, ATCC and V8 Supercar Teams, he amassed over 400 V8 Supercar starts that included 28 race wins, 13 pole positions, 83 podiums, two Sandown 500 victories, one Bathurst 24 Hour victory and four Bathurst 1000 victories. Never one to mince his words, Greg has now retired from professional competition and is enjoying the local NZ rallying scene.

2012 Holden VE Commodore V8 SuperTourer:

This 2012 VE Holden Commodore V8 SuperTourer has a Pace Innovations fabricated chassis, LS7 7 litre Chevrolet aluminium V8, normally aspirated engine producing 585hp. It runs a Quaife 6 Speed sequential gearbox and its weight is 1200kg.
This car was campaigned by Greg from 2012 -2014 in the NZST Championship, where it won the championship in 2013 and 2014 and won 22 races from the 57 entered. The Holden is now based at Hampton Downs where it is used for hot lap experiences and corporate ride days. Both Greg and this car competed at Leadfoot 2016 for the first time, with mixed results – a lack of steering lock caused some issues at the hairpin.

Greg Murphy - 2016 AP4 Holden Barina Rally Car

Greg was born and bred in the Hawkes Bay and started his motorsport career at the local kart track at the aged 8 years old. Winning the inaugural Shell Formula Ford Scholarship in 1990 was his entry to car racing. After initially chasing the single seater path and a life in the USA, Greg took the opportunities offered by the Touring Car categories in Australia and began a professional career that spanned 20 years. Driving for a number of Super Tourer, ATCC and V8 Supercar Teams, he amassed over 400 V8 Supercar starts that included 28 race wins, 13 pole positions, 83 podiums, two Sandown 500 victories, one Bathurst 24 Hour victory and four Bathurst 1000 victories. Never one to mince his words, Greg has now retired from

2016 AP4 Holden Barina Rally Car:

The Leadfoot Festival will be this car’s first outing. It has been built as part of the AP4 rally car class, which has been designed to replace the aging Group N Rally regulations. AP4 is aiming to be a cost-effective WRC look-a-like class that utilises the small car category that so many manufacturers compete in for market share. Already eight manufacturers are represented for the 2017 NZ Rally Championship, which has meant a resurgence in the popularity of rallying in New Zealand.
Greg’s Holden has a Hawkeswood Motorsport AP4 Holden Barina body shell and suspension. It runs a GM 2.0 litre Ecotec 4cylinder engine reduced to 1.8litres with a Garrett GTX 2860 turbo charger. It has a
Life Racing ECU; Motec PDM and dash; Sadev 6 speed sequential gearbox and 4WD Brembo calipers; Tilton pedalbox with AP cylinders; Supashock dampers; Racetech seats and safety; a bespoke body kit
and Speedline wheels.

Andrew Mygind - 1972 Datsun 240Z

Andy first competed in motorsport in the Wairarapa while at secondary school and continued to campaign a modified 1966 Mini in various clubsport events in the lower North Island during the late 1970s. Career and family intervened and later in life with none of his children wanting to have a serious shot at karting, Andy devoted his energy to re-launching his own twilight motorsport career by buying a 240Z and running it first in trackdays, then in the ERC race series. From 2008 he started competing in Targa events, with daughter Abbie and son Ari sharing the navigator’s job. Andy now runs with legendary Z campaigner Anthony Baker as his co-driver and mentor and they won the 2WD Classic Targa Rotorua this year. Andy has also achieved moderate and controversial success in a return to the ERC race series – this time running closer to the front in the hotly-contested Arrow Wheels group.

1972 Datsun 240Z:

These cars in Japan initially ran either the now rare twin cam S20 or single cam L20 6 cylinder injected or carburetted engines. Cars were reputed to be running 250hp when competing at Fuji so the S20 was like Japan’s Ford/Cosworth BDA albeit a far rarer engine. The 240zs had a brief WRC rally history during the early 1970s but were hard to tame on gravel with the driver sitting nearly on top of the diff. The 240Z achieved more success in the USA, dominating SCCA/IMSA with Pete Brock, Bob Sharp and Electromotive-prepared cars showing Porsche, Alfa Romeo, BMW and Corvette the way.
The BuildLink Z remains registered and warranted to compete in Targa tarmac rallies. It now runs a 300hp bored, stroked and injected L28, through a Quaife dog leg close ratio gear set in an original Datsun casing through a Nissan/Quaife ATB final drive – set to a high 4.6 for Leadfoot!

Ernie Nagamatsu - 1959 Old Yeller II Buick Special

Ernie is the driver of the 1959 Old Yeller II Buick Special. He was a good friend of Max Balchowsky, the builder of this legendary race car. Ernie has raced Formula Fords in SCCA racing a Swift DB1. With the help of Max, Ernie started Historic Racing with the 1964 Shelby Cobra CSX 2203 with a hard-top and he has raced the Shelby Cobra for over 34 straight years at international events. He has owned and raced the Old Yeller II for over 27 straight years. The Old Yeller II has raced at over 12 Goodwood Racing Events as well as racing in New Zealand and Australia. Ernie and the Old Yeller II have won the Rolex Phil Hill Monterey Cup, first Bruce McLaren Perpetual Trophy in New Zealand, and the Rolex Australia F1 Grand Prix Historic ‘Winner’ trophy.

1959 Old Yeller II Buick Special:

The 1959 Old Yeller II Buick Special has been racing almost continuously since 1959 with only a short break of four years. It was driven by some of the most important race car drivers of its day and has won major sports car races as well as breaking track records along the way. The legendary drivers of the Old Yeller II in 1960 were Dan Gurney (two times), Carroll Shelby (two times), Bob Bondurant, Bobby Drake (first Birdcage Maserati driver in USA), Billy Krause (first Cobra driver for Carroll Shelby), Paul O Shea (national champion Mercedes 300 SL) and Max Balchowsky. The Old Yeller II was the classic ‘underdog’ race car built by Max and Ina Balchowsky and known fondly as the ‘Junkyard Dog’ – that challenged all of the very best factory teams from Europe.

Tony New - 1990's Formula 1 Sidecar (Long Chair)

The 35-year-old driver David McArthur hails from Te Awamutu. Dave has been riding dirt bikes from a very young age before deciding to give road racing a go. He raced solo bikes for a number of years including Superbikes before turning his attention to sidecars. The 46-year-old passenger/swinger Tony New also comes from a two-wheeled solo back ground, racing motocross for 12 years, then Super Motard (dirt bikes converted to road bikes), before switching to sidecars. Sidecar racing is a two-man effort as the passenger is needed to stabilise the bike and provide ballast whilst cornering. This is their fourth season of sidecar racing and they hope to achieve some good results but most importantly have as much fun as they can.

1990's Formula 1 Sidecar (Long Chair):

The Mad Racing Sidecar was originally built in the early 1990s in NZ by Gary West. Gary raced it for a number of years with great success until he retired and the sidecar got parked in storage. In 2012 the sidecar was reborn with a full back-to-chassis rebuild by Isle of Man racer Robbie Shorter and British sidecar great Barry Smith, It was restored with a 2004 Suzuki GSXR1000 Superbike engine and was immediately competitive in its first outings. Dave McArthur purchased the sidecar for the start of the 2013 season and has had an absolute ball as he and Tony New have learned to race these unique machines. They are constantly improving every time they hit the track.

Malcolm Ngatai - 2012 Murray Gordge Built Superstock

Christchurch’s Malcolm is a 44-year-old self-employed speedway Superstock driver. His results include 1NZ in 2009 and he raced the world champs in 2010 in England. Malcolm is a five-time winner of the Battle of the Stocks and he was second twice. He was sportsperson of the year in 2010. At the South Island Championships, he was first or top three in 2011, 2012 and 2015 and first club person of 2010. Malcolm was the highest club point earner in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013. He was also second in the New Zealand GP in 2014. Malcolm was the Canterbury champion in 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2015. He was the best mechanically prepared in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014. He won the best presented car in 2003, 2005, 2009 and 2012. He also won the Manawatu Superstock Champs in 2012 and is a three-time Huntly Speed Fest winner.

2012 Murray Gordge Built Superstock:

Ngatai Racing’s SuperStock is a custom built car specifically for speedway racing in New Zealand. The chassis was built by renowned engineer and past New Zealand Modified Champion Murray Gordge from the Taranaki district. It is powered by a naturally aspirated Toyota quad cam V8 built by Midwest Motors (Graham Morrison) in connection with Dave Rosewarne of Cylinder Head Specialists in Christchurch. Due to strict rules and regulations the SuperStock class is restricted to 248 cubic inches with a compression ratio of no more than 10 to 1 and all engine must be carbureted. The engine produces around 450 – 500 horsepower and is delivered to its alloy Winters quick change rear end via a custom built Raptor gearbox with Tilton triple plate clutch system. Stopping power is provided by wildwood brakes whilst the suspension is cantilevered in the front with adjustable Penske shocks and a coil over package in the rear. Getting horsepower onto speedways clay surfaces is very difficult and like most of the car, this is achieved using a purpose built Hoosier tyre approved by speedway’s governing body Speedway New Zealand. Obviously this helps achieve parity amongst the class New Zealand wide. SuperStock racing is unique to New Zealand and it’s full contact racing rules are not seen anywhere else in the world. This simply means SuperStock racing isn’t for the faint hearted.

Tim O'Connor - 2014 Caterham – Lola SP/300.R

Tim’s motorsport started with rallying in the late 1960s, both as a driver, co-driver and organiser. After competing in the NZ Targa in a BMW CSL and then a Ferrari 355 Challenge, Tim decided to go circuit racing and in particular compete in endurance events. The replacement to the Ferrari 355 Challenge was the 430 Challenge which in turn was replaced in 2012 with the new and current Ferrari 458 Challenge. We compete annually in the North and South Island rounds of the NZ Endurance Series from May through to October, as well as the annual Highlands 101 meeting. This October Tim hopes to be at the inaugural Hampton Downs 101 meeting. Tim and his team are looking forward to another great event and going faster again at the 2017 Leadfoot Festival.

2014 Caterham – Lola SP/300.R:

The SP/300.R has a lot of Lola in it, the chassis is based on the aluminium monocoque chassis found in the firms B08/90 Sports 2000 and track day design. Much work has been put into the aerodynamic development taking styling cues from the Lola Le Mans Prototype range, complete with double roll hoops and the distinctive exhaust exits. Power comes from a two litre Ford Duratec built in house by Caterham and fitted with a Rotrex Supercharger. The engine produces 300bhp and drives the rear wheels through Lola’s Formula 3 gearbox, complete with Hewland internals. This means that the rear end of the SP/300.R is almost identical to that which can be found on the Lola B05/30 F3 chassis with the suspension pickups, uprights and damper layout all being shared. However a hint at what may be to come lies in the fact that the Duratec engine has a 30bhp push to pass function which increases the revs slightly for a short period. It’s something Caterham had engineered in as they intend on the car forming the basis of a new one make series in 2012. Another spokesperson for the development team added “we wanted this to form the top rung of our development ladder, and we felt we were losing long term customers there.” It is a thinly veiled reference to Radical which specialises in products in this performance bracket and price range, and it seems inevitable that at some point the new Caterham and Radical will go head to head on track.

Scott O'Donnell - 1984 Ford Capri Mk II 3 Litre

Scott is a long-term classic car and endurance racer from Invercargill. He has completed five 24-hour races and six 12-hour races around the world mainly in Porsches (996 to 991 GT3 models). He started racing Alfa Romeos in 1989 in classic events, then progressed to endurance events in a Sierra Cosworth and the Targa in Escorts, a V8 Jaguar and in the 2014 South Island Targa, he drove a BMW Mini. Scott has formed a collection of Ford touring cars, which is on show at the renowned Bill Richardson Transport World in Invercargill. Has competed in two previous Leadfoot Festivals in diverse machinery ranging from a Porsche RSR to a Dodge NASCAR. Scott is  looking forward to some sideways action in the Sierra Cosworth this year.

1984 Ford Capri Mk II 3 Litre:

This is a Ford Capri, specifically a Mk II 3 litre. It was imported from England as a production saloon race car from the famous stable of Gerry Marshall. Once in New Zealand it was purchased by New Zealand driver Bill McFarlane and was maintained and co-driven by Wayne Murdoch, of Timaru. It was modified into Group A race-spec in 1984.
Wayne Murdoch was famous for hitting a shipping container in the 1985 Wellington Nissan Mobil Street race, which created the need for a new front to be shipped from the United Kingdom. It was driven by Wayne Murdoch and Bill McFarlane again in the 1986 Nissan Mobil 500 race in Wellington, where it came 13th.

Scott O'Donnell - 2016 Porsche 991 GT3 Cup Car

Scott is a long-term classic car and endurance racer from Invercargill. He has completed five 24-hour races and six 12-hour races around the world mainly in Porsches (996 to 991 GT3 models). He started racing Alfa Romeos in 1989 in classic events, then progressed to endurance events in a Sierra Cosworth and the Targa in Escorts, a V8 Jaguar and in the 2014 South Island Targa, he drove a BMW Mini. Scott has formed a collection of Ford touring cars, which is on show at the renowned Bill Richardson Transport World in Invercargill. Has competed in two previous Leadfoot Festivals in diverse machinery ranging from a Porsche RSR to a Dodge NASCAR.

2016 Porsche 991 GT3 Cup Car:

This 2016 Porsche 991 GT3 Cup Car was brand spanking new, out of Germany’s Stuttgart factory last year. It is owned and driven by Scott O’Donnell and his friend and long-time racing partner Allan Dippie in the 2016 South Island Endurance Series, where it finished fourth amongst some serious GT machinery.
The Porsche has a 3800cc engine, which produces about 460hp and it has a 6 speed sequential gearbox with paddle change. Additional features are Bosch Motorsport ABS and a driver helmet and body cooling system. Porsche build roughly 300 to 500 GT3 Cup cars per model (964, 996, 997, 991) to service the Carrera Cup races series worldwide.

Harry Orpwood - 1937 Willy’s Coupe

‘Hot rod’ Harry has been in the hot rodding car scene for over 40 years. He has got a 32 5 window coupe and model A Tudor that he built and took out to Bonneville for the festivities.
He rebuilt the original Jennings special, which was a Fiat Topelino in the 1990s which was fitted with an overhead valve 368 Lincoln engine. Harry raced it for a short time at special events like the PDL Alfa and the Waimate 50. Recently he has been resurrecting this 37 Willys Coupe, which belonged to Red Dawson, who raced it in the late 1950s and through to the mid-1960s, with great success. It has a twin four barrel 58 Corvette engine and four speed gear box.

1937 Willy’s Coupe:

This is Red Dawson’s Willys coupe that raced in the late 1950s until the mid-1960s. It raced at Pukekohe, Matamata street race, Ardmore and Bay Park. With its 1958 283 Corvette engine and its twin fours, it used to be very competitive. It also runs a 39 Ford diff with hydraulic brakes front and rear. The technology was very basic but very effective on the track. Red always drove the car with haste and always left a trail of smoke out of the corners.
The car was recently in the Hot Rod magazine.

James Penrose - 2016 UCM16

North Canterbury-based James has proved himself in karts, winning nine New Zealand Sprint Kart Championships over a range of classes. He has been nominated twice for Junior Sportsman of the Year for the sport. His experience in Formula Ford gave him the experience to excel in Formula SAE going on to compete in Melbourne in UCM15 at the 2015 Formula SAE competition placing second in the autocross event.

2016 UCM16:

UCM16 is the University of Canterbury student-designed and built Formula SAE car. A new car is built from scratch every year and competes in Melbourne in the Australasian Formula Student competition. The car’s livery pays homage to the late John Britten and his remarkable bike, the Britten V1000. John, the bike and his team were an inspiration to the student team that built this car. This year’s car sports a 4WD electric drivetrain consisting of four outboard electric motors mounted and geared with custom-made planetary gearboxes and 10” carbon fibre rims. This is a major change from last year’s single cylinder 450cc Husqvarna engine and turbocharger. The car has a carbon fibre monocoque chassis and large aerodynamic wings, all in accordance with FSAE rules. The use of carbon fibre links back to the V1000, which could be considered a pioneer for the material’s use in motorsport.

Mike Pero - 1989 Yamaha TZ250W

You’ll know the name from Mortgages and Real estate but today he’s here as Mike Pero motorcycle racer. Mike calls himself a blast from the past. Young Mike was first a New Zealand Road Race Champion at the age of 17. He won six NZ Championships including the 350cc and 500cc racing classes in the 1980s. Mike set a NZ land speed record for 350cc machines, which still stands today and he is the only New Zealand rider to ever win four New Zealand Grand Prix titles on four different machines in one day. Mike is riding a Yamaha TZ250W which is a two stroke factory-built Grand Prix machine from the late 1980s. In the past three years Mike has competed at half a dozen classic meetings both here and in Australia. As he said he’s 30 years later and just out for a Sunday ride today.

1989 Yamaha TZ250W:

Owned by Rod Price of Helicraft Helicopters, of Wanaka, this Yamaha TZ250W was restored in 2014 by Rod and Mike for Mike to compete in a Melbourne event in January 2015. The machine finished third equal over the weekend. Since then Mike has piloted the bike three times and this weekend is one of his favourite events. The high gearing of a TZ Grand Prix machine does not ideally suit the hill climb here but it certainly sounds different to most competitors with the high pitch note of a two stroke. It is a 250cc factory-built road racer with reverse cylinders, power valves and it is capable of 230kph. This motorbike was one of the most popular Grand Prix contenders of its time and is still considered one of the very best handling 250cc speed machines of its day.

Nathan Pilcher - 2006 Holden Commodore Magnum NZ Touring Car

Nathan has been racing since the age of 15. Starting in speedway in Cromwell, Nathan won the Otago Production Saloon Champs at the age of 18 in his home-built Mitsubishi V3000. He quickly moved onto circuit racing in a 1962 Ford Anglia 105E and competed in the Pre-65 Saloons across the South Island. Nathan, who always liked a challenge, then bought a Super Six Holden Commodore and turned it into a endurance race car, which he won many trophies in. Nathan made the step up into NZV8 Touring Cars three years ago and in his first season finished fourth in the championship as well as being awarded Best Presented Team. He finished second at the 2016 Southern Thunder national race meeting in the NZ Touring Car event in January. Nathan and his partner Kirsten travel all over New Zealand to motorsport events.

2006 Holden Commodore Magnum NZ Touring Car:

This car was originally built by Cambridge’s Nick and Mike Ross. It was raced in the NZV8 Touring Car Series by Nick Ross and Matt Booth before being sold to the Pilcher Racing Team in 2014. It runs current NZ Touring Car Class 2 Specs with a 5000cc Holden V8 engine producing about 420hp. Controlled parts include the manifold, carburettor, exhaust, cam, flywheel and clutch, 4 speed Jericho dogbox, locked rear diff, V8 Supercar-style aero package, including front splitter, side skirts and rear wing, Motech ADL2 dash and sensors, PFC brake package, Advanti wheels and Dunlop slicks, Bilstein shocks and King springs in all four corners. It has a top speed of about 265kph. This car not only sounds good but also blows flames at almost every corner.

Andrew Porter - Nissan NISMO Leaf RC

Andrew was a relatively late starter to the motor racing scene, however when he entered his first race back in 2003, it was in a 6 tonne Supertruck and he came 2nd in the Championship in his debut season. From there he never looked back, and he currently holds 4x New Zealand Supertruck titles along with 3x track records including the ‘Supertruck class’ record at ‘Race to the Sky’. He raced 2x seasons in the NZV8 class, and was 2007/8 Rookie of the Year. In 2015 he was 2nd Overall NIEDRS 1 hour Championship, and 1st in the 6 Hour with Sam Fillmore.
On debut of GT3 racing in the GT3 Nissan Nismo GTR at Hampton Downs with Clark Proctor they were the first Kiwi team home in a credible 11th place first time out, and plan to contest the 2017 North & South Island Endurance Series.

Nissan NISMO Leaf RC:

The Nissan Leaf Nismo RC is a 100% electric racing machine produced as a prototype in 2011. It employs the same power unit as the mass-produced Nissan Leaf, however the motor is a mid-ship rear wheel drive layout with the battery box housed in the rear-end of a carbon monocoque. It utilises double wishbone-style rear suspension and AP racing brakes all round. In July 2011, the car participated in England’s most popular motorsport event, the Goodwood Festival of Speed, leaving a distinctive motor and inverter sound in its wake. Thanks to the carbon monocoque and other lightweight parts, the curb weight of the Nissan Leaf Nismo RC is just 925kg – a third less than that of the passenger model. Maximum outputs for this car are 80kW and 280Nm giving a 0-100kph time of just over 6 seconds.
Clark and Andrew Porter will be giving this car a run.

Darcy Prendergast - 2016 Honda CRF 450 Super Motard

Darcy has a mixed racing history, taking part in Race to the Sky for eight years in succession, racing a Super Quad. He has competed in Super Motard racing – on track and street circutis – both at club and national level; cross country enduros; quad racing, club and national and road racing – all at club and national level. Darcy also competes in car racing at club level. He enjoys the competition of racing and the people involved, along with having fun. He claims he would race anything.
The Leadfoot Festival is one of his highlight events and he makes the trek from Canterbury to enjoy the people, the venue, the atmosphere and the variety of vehicles, which are magic.

2016 Honda CRF 450 Super Motard:

This is a purpose-built Super Motard bike constructed by Andrew Rudd from Dynoworx in Ashburton.
The 450cc motor pumps out 59 rear wheel horsepower or approximately 67hp at the crank – around 12hp more than a stock CFR 450. This output equals 149hp per litre at the crankshaft which is extremely good for a single cylinder engine of this size. Extensive headwork, stage two cam, Dynojet Power Commander fuel/ignition management, a standard Honda piston (believe it or not) and many hours testing and tuning on the Dynoworx dynamometer ensured this bike has class-winning performance. The transmission has a slipper clutch to reduce engine braking on downshifts allowing the bike to steer from the back end at corner entry.

Clark Proctor - Nissan NISMO Leaf RC

From the age of 15 Clark has been involved in the dynamics of wheels, speed and racing. He started with motorcycles, road racing and motocross. At age 17 he became more interested in four wheels and started racing stock cars. He quickly moved through the grades in the first season from C to A grade.
Over the following 20 years, six new cars were built and raced by Clark. All engineering work on the cars, including engine rebuilds were undertaken by Clark in his own workshop.
Clark is the owner/managing director of Metalman N.Z. Limited – a well-established scrap metal exporting business with its head office in Auckland.
He brings the same passion and will to succeed to his driving as he has used to create this highly successful business.

Nissan NISMO Leaf RC:

The Nissan Leaf Nismo RC is a 100% electric racing machine produced as a prototype in 2011. It employs the same power unit as the mass-produced Nissan Leaf, however the motor is a mid-ship rear wheel drive layout with the battery box housed in the rear-end of a carbon monocoque. It utilises double wishbone-style rear suspension and AP racing brakes all round. In July 2011, the car participated in England’s most popular motorsport event, the Goodwood Festival of Speed, leaving a distinctive motor and inverter sound in its wake.
Thanks to the carbon monocoque and other lightweight parts, the curb weight of the Nissan Leaf Nismo RC is just 925kg – a third less than that of the passenger model. Maximum outputs for this car are 80kW and 280Nm giving a 0-100kph time of just over 6 seconds.

Clark Proctor - 1973 March 73A – F5000

From the age of 15 Clark has been involved in the dynamics of wheels, speed and racing. He started with motorcycles, road racing and motocross. At age 17 he became more interested in four wheels and started racing stock cars. He quickly moved through the grades in the first season from C to A grade.
Over the following 20 years, six new cars were built and raced by Clark. All engineering work on the cars, including engine rebuilds were undertaken by Clark in his own workshop.
Clark is the owner/managing director of Metalman N.Z. Limited – a well-established scrap metal exporting business with its head office in Auckland.
He brings the same passion and will to succeed to his driving as he has used to create this highly successful business.

1973 March 73A – F5000:

This was March’s first production F5000 car, following the relative success of the 1972 F2-based car. March records say six were built and five of these can be seen in contemporary race results.
Clark bought this F5000 in 2010 and raced in the Tasman Revival series in 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15.

Glen Raymond - 2011 Land Rover Tomcat

Glen is a 50-year-old branch manager from Tauranga, who is passionate about motorsport, especially Land Rovers, 4WD and off-road racing events. He has competed over the years in 4WD winch challenges and off-road racing events, including the Taupo 1000 on several occasions. Glen originally campaigned a 1985 110 Land Rover in production class 2 and enjoyed reasonable success – earning a few placings and the odd trophy along the way. He has been competing in his Tomcat for the past 18 months in class 8 against the significantly larger thunder trucks, until it was fully complied for road use. At the Nelson off-road racing endurance event in 2016, Glen finished first in class.

2011 Land Rover Tomcat:

Glen and Samantha imported this 2011 Land Rover Tomcat from the UK two years ago from Tomcat Motorsport UK and it took 14 months to get it complied and registered for the road in NZ. This Tomcat was the works demonstration vehicle for UK-based Tomcat Motorsport and it toured around the UK and Europe. It is based on a lightened but strengthened Land Rover Discovery chassis with a roll cage and fibreglass body. Its running gear is Land Rover with strengthened axle housing, powered by a 4.2 litre 320hp TVR V8 engine and 5-speed manual gearbox. Since arriving in NZ it has had hydraulic bump stops fitted along with a larger capacity fuel tank and a communications system. It has competed in off-road racing (now class 6 road legal 4WD) and the inaugural rally cross event but being road legal it can be used for other events like Targa.

Andrew Redward - 1988 Mazda RX7 FC3S

Californian-born Andrew Redward has been competing in the D1NZ National Drifting Championship since it’s inception 13 years ago. A frequent podium placer in NZ, he has recently spent time competing in Australia where he won the Drift Allstars event held at Sydney Motorsport park and placed second at Drift Wars in Perth. His 1988 Mazda RX7, powered by a 550hp Chevy LS2 V8, is now back on NZ soil and driving at events all across the country. With his agressive driving style and maximum attack attitude, he is here to put on a show for the crowds! With fiance Katherine (Kat) Benson also entered in Leadfoot with her BurgerFuel Mitsubishi Evo, this couple are motorsport enthusiasts through-and-through. Make sure to get down to the pit paddock and meet this duo in between runs.

1988 Mazda RX7 FC3S:

The iconic Mazda FC3S RX7, has one of the original chassis that kicked off the drift craze in the early 1990s. Andrew and his team have built this car from the ground up, swapping out the Rotary engine for a 6 litre LS2 V8 from a Holden Commodore, which produces 550hp at the wheels. Running a Gforce dog engagement gearbox, Winters quick change differential, all custom New Zealand-built suspension and driveline components, a lot of thought has gone into the build. This car weighs in under 1100kg wet with driver and has a near perfect 51/49 weight distribution thanks to it’s lightweight fibreglass panels and minimalistic approach to styling. Watch this go up the hill, as it is an absolute rocket.

Stuart Rose - 1990 Toyota Hilux

Stuart is a self-employed earthmoving contractor in Taranaki .
He has been racing the ute since 2005 in Targa and tarmac rallies. He was seeded 113th in his first rally and came home 9th overall!
Stuart has regularly placed in the top 10 in the Taranaki tarmac rally .
He has won Targa Rotorua and led Targa NZ classic category for the first three days and ended up second in the classics and 9th overall.
Stuart also races speedway – currently running in sprintcars – was 2NZ in modifieds in 2009.
In his spare time he enjoys fishing and having a beer or 7 and enjoys motorsport in general.

1990 Toyota Hilux:

This Toyota Hilux is Stuart’s old work ute!
It started out as a bit of a laugh one night – the lads reckoned he should put a V8 in it and do some car club events. The next week a Toyota V8 turned up with a invoice attached.
It has turned out to be competitive from day one and was built with big brakes and a pedalbox from the start, which meant not much to upgrade in that department further down the track .
Although, there has been a few other modifications, with the track widened, floating hubs fitted and several gearbox upgrades.
And of course there was the supercharger added so that the Hilux now runs a supercharged 4lt Toyota V8, g force dog box, floating hubs. The dog lives on the back!

Terry (Terence) Roycroft - 1925 Bugatti Type 35A

Terry was born in 1943 and raised in Glen Murray in an endless torrent of racing, sports and touring cars.
He started an apprenticeship fitting/turning/machining at 15, then started speedway racing at Western Springs aged 17.
In 1966 he became a Marine Engineer with Union Shipping Company.
In 1968 Terry was a Marine Engineer with the NZ Shipping Company.
Later he was an engineer at coal-fired generating stations in London, Toronto and Meremere in NZ.
From 1978—85 Terry was a Marine Engineer with Nauru Pacific, Central Pacific. From 1986—96 he worked for Contract Engineering NZ Steel, Glenbrook. From 1991–2003 Terry designed and built a high-speed amphibious vehicle with patented wheel-retraction and sold the rights to Gibbs Technologies. He was also a consultant for the ‘AQUADA’ HSAV programme in Detroit Michigan. When he retired in 2003, Terry prepared the Ron Roycroft Type 35A Bugatti for racing and rallying.

1925 Bugatti Type 35A:

This Type 35A Bugatti was raced in England in the 1920s and 1930s. It came to New Zealand in 1947 with Bryce Clinkard and was raced by Ken Hemus to 1949/50. Ron Roycroft bought the car in rough condition in 1951 and raced it to 1953 when he installed a new 1948 XK120 Jaguar engine, with a Moss gearbox. Ron intended the car for beach racing and hillclimbs, but it also raced in a few major events when needed.
The car won the NZ Championship at Dunedin in 1954, and was first New Zealander home at Ardmore in 1956 against a strong international field. It was first New Zealander again in 1956 at Ryal Bush, where it was timed at 155mph. It had many other wins and places at club events in the 1950s.
It is currently fitted with an original XK120 engine with a C-Type head and 2” sandcast SU carburettors.

Andrew Rudd - 2015 Honda Supermotard CRF450R

Andrew is a motorcycle mechanic and dyno technician from Honda Country/Dynoworx in Ashburton.
After starting out riding off-road, Andrew has ridden successfully in motocross, supercross, cross country, and road racing events throughout the South Island. More recently, he has been competing in some road racing and supermotard events.
Andrew finds the supermotard bike a perfect way of combining off-road and road racing skills.
His passion for modifying and tuning bikes with the desire to succeed, saw him take the NZ 250cc beach race title on his Honda CR250 two-stroke at the Burt Munro Challenge 2015.
He is also the 2016 up-to-600cc New Zealand Hill Climb champion, and the overall New Zealand Hill Climb champion after the Burt Munro Challenge.
Andrew enjoys going racing with mates and having a good time on and off the track.

2015 Honda Supermotard CRF450R:

Built by Andrew, this Dynoworx CRF450R has been increased from 45 to 59 rear wheel horsepower, which makes for a great power-to-weight ratio. A DynoJet Powercommander V is used to adjust fuelling and ignition, with a slipper clutch for controlled rear wheel sliding on corner entry and sticky Metzeler tyres for getting the power to the ground.
Since building the Dynoworx CRF450R bike, which Darcy Prendergast rode at the Leadfoot Festival in 2015, Andrew has had success at street races in the South Island, including first in the 2015 and 2016 Greymouth street race; first in the 2016 Port Nelson street race; first in the King of the Port race, first in the 2016 Methven Mountain street race and first in the King of the Streets round one.

Carl Ruiterman - 2009 Subaru WRX STi

After breaking his elbow competing in motocross, Carl focused his time on racing cars. In 2007, his first season of drifting, Carl won all three drift championships running at the time – the D1NZ Championship, NZ Drift Championship, and Drift Revolution. He backed that up with another NZ Drift Championship and runner-up D1NZ.
He has also competed in the Red Bull World Drifting Championship in USA, qualified second in the World Drift Championship rounds in Hangzhou and Tianjin China. Since then Carl won the Possum Bourne Memorial Tarmac Rally, has done 4WD drift, gymkhana, and rallycross demos. Now he is entered in the New Zealand
Off-Road Championship where he became the North Island Off-Road Champion, and North Island U class champion in his first year, and backed that up with the North Island S class Championship title this year.

2009 Subaru WRX STi:

The 2009 Subaru WRX was built by E & H Motors with the intention of turning it into a drift car to compete overseas. Once the roll cage, and engine was built, it was tested in its original All Wheel Drive set-up and the car was so much fun to drive, it stayed 4WD. The car has been used for select 4WD drifting demos, hill climbs, rallycross, and tarmac rally events.
It has been retired for three years but the excitement of competing in the Leadfoot Festival has been the motivation to get it running again.
It features an E & H-built EJ20 engine, Borgwarner turbo, Kaps sequential gearbox, STi diffs, relocated radiator and custom rear axles.

Kevin Sanderson - 1984 Toyota Hayabusa Starlet

The first event Kevin competed in was the 1974 Woohill Rally in a Holden Torana XU1, coming home seventh outright. He has done numerous hill climbs over the years in a variety of cars – his most memorable being his VW Beetle powered with a Chev Corvair flat 6, which won the Auckland Interclub Hillclimb Championship several times in the 1980s, Another winning car, a lightweight rallysprint Subaru RX Turbo was jointly-owned with rally legend Possum Bourne. This car also secured the Auckland Hillclimb Championship. Kevin worked servicing/crewing for Possum on his NZ and international rally programmes from the mid 1980s until Possum’s untimely death in 2003.

1984 Toyota Hayabusa Starlet:

The KP61 Toyota Starlet was built in 2006, firstly powered with a Toyota 1580cc 5K pushrod engine and T50 close ratio gearbox. In 2012 Kevin repowered it with a 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa gen 2 engine, which is 1340cc producing 198hp@10200RPM. It has a 11400rpm limiter and comes standard with an ultra-close ratio 6 speed gearbox. The engine gearbox unit is very lightweight and weighs under 80kg. The diff is a 1984 AE86 with TRD limited slip diff. The brakes are Willwood 4 pot calipers. In the 45 events this Starlet has done with the Hayabusa engine, it has been super reliable, finishing 44 of them. Its best result to date was first outright in the Taupo Classic 2WD Rally in August 2016.

Brent Scammell - 2017 Honda CRF450RH

Brent Scammell (or ‘Scam’ as he is known), is a Honda motorcycle dealer in the deep south town of Winton. He is a current and former New Zealand Vet Motocross Champion and accomplished street racer – having won the Burt Munro Challenge three times.
His hill climb experience, includes a NZ Hill Climb Championship title.
Brent also navigates for former World Jetsprint Champion Chris Munro in a 1250hp super-boat. Brent is currently competing in the NZ Jetsprint Series but is delighted to take the opportunity to compete in the Leadfoot Festival.
His Honda CRF450RH Supermoto bike is the ideal weapon to tackle the twist and turns of Rod and Shelly Millen’s private grounds at Leadfoot Ranch.

2017 Honda CRF450RH:

This 2017 Honda CRF450RH motocross bike is modified for hill climbs and street races and is brand new from the ground up. With a radical departure from the traditional engine layout on a motocross bike, Honda has gained a claimed five and a half horsepower increase with their new intake design that routes air over the rear shock mount rather than around it. This allows a more direct intake, as well as a better downdraft layout, for a better intake angle into the cylinder. The design seems like such an obviously better way to get a more efficient intake. This bike is fitted with a titanium pro circuit twin exhaust, 320mm brakes, Talon race wheels and graphics by Koarse Graphics of Dunedin.

Leon Scott - 2001 Mitsubishi Evo

Team LSM run one of NZ’s fastest Evolution time attack cars with 10 years of podium finishes and they are the 2016 overall Superlap Championship title holders and own the pro open class championship-winning car driven by Leon Scott of Auckland. We have competed in time attack racing and superlap racing in NZ now for over 10 years and have run the same car through various stages. Now sporting a 700hp, 2.3 race engine backed by an Albins dog engagement gearbox, the car is an insane fire-breathing animal and completes its wild look with a wide-body Voltex kit and 295 semi slick tyres. Leon and the team have stayed true to the roots of the sport and competed from the start with semi slick tyres (not full slicks) and hold the fastest semi slick lap in the superlap series with a 1.09 flat at Hampton Downs.

2001 Mitsubishi Evo:

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR runs a 2.3 stroker engine, Holset pro-40rs turbo charger, Albins close ratio dogbox, 700hp on pump fuel, 295/30/18 Hankook TD soft tyres, custom-built external canister suspension, custom aero package (both hill climb and time attack), Voltex full wide-body kit and a custom graphics kit.
Its race highlights include: Second place NZ Time Attack Series Championship pro-am 2011; second place pro open champion 2012 NZ Superlap Series; third place pro open champion 2013 NZ Superlap Series; second place pro open champion 2014/2015 NZ Superlap Series; and first place pro open class championship win and overall winner 2016 NZ Superlap Series.
This car has fastest lap times recorded on Mylaps at: Hampton Downs: 1.090 (semi slick tyre); Pukekohe new track: 1.105 (semi slick tyre); Taupo full circuit: 1.34 (semi slick tyre), Manfeild: 1.121 (semi slick tyre).
It is a privateer car with no monetary sponsors

Andrew Sinclair - 1986 Holden Commodore VK

Andrew started his motorsport career at 18 years of age by joining his father Keith in Offshore Powerboat Racing in the iconic monohull ‘Chindit’. It culminated 10 years later with 1.3, 2 and 6 litre NZ Championship titles and appearances at both the European and World 2 litre Championships. A 10-year hiatus to focus on business and family finally ended with a move back into motorsport via the Central Muscle Car (CMC) Series.
Andrew won Group 2 and the overall championship in his second full year competing. This was a highlight, as was organising and competing in CMCs first two visits to the Sydney Motorsport Park, to compete at the Muscle Car Masters.
Andrew’s other passion is a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner powered by a 472 cubic inch Hemi and he is currently building a VH Valiant Charger (Hemi-powered of course) to compete at Bonneville.

1986 Holden Commodore VK:

This Group 2 Commodore is actually Andrew’s wife’s car. She has graciously lent him her Holden as he had previously wrecked his own Commodore at turn one at Pukekohe. It is a 1986 VK replica of Alan Grice’s famous 1986 ‘Chickadee’ that was not only the first Group A car to lap Mt Panorama at over 160kph (average) in qualifying but went on to win the race.
Power is supplied by a dry-sumped 401 cubic inch ‘Little Paw’ Torque Power engine and transmitted through a G Force 4 speed gearbox and a Ford 9” diff (just as the Grice car had).

Rayden Smith - 1968 Ford Lotus Escort Twin Cam

Rayden’s first event was a club hillclimb in a Singer special around 1962, followed by gymkhanas and grass track events, mainly with a Cortina GT. After establishing his farming career and when time allowed, he followed another passion with bikes from around 1975 and participated in club motocross and trials then went onto hare scrambles and enduros at national level.
In 1989 Rayden realised a childhood ambition by racing a Ferrari at that year’s Ardmore Reunion, rekindling his interest in the sport.
In 1990 he purchased the Willment Ford Twin Cam with its first competitive event the
1993 Telecom street race at Hamilton. Other tracks it has successfully competed at include the original Taupo circuit, Bay Park, Manfeild, Pukekohe, Whenuapai, the Whangarei street race, Hampton Downs and Leadfoot Festival.

1968 Ford Lotus Escort Twin Cam:

This is an early Escort Twin Cam provided from Ford’s Boreham plant to the John Willment Group and developed to Group 5 specs.
Imported into NZ by Jim Carney in December 1969 for Jim Richards and raced under the livery of ‘Carney Racing’ then ‘Radio Hauraki’, the car was often referred to as the ‘Richards’ Escort’. Jim put on many giant-killing displays against larger and more powerful cars – winning or placing highly on tracks around NZ. He also won every round of the 1971 BNSW 0 to 4200cc National Touring Car Championship.
The car was also used by Jim and Faye as their bridal car when they married in 1972.
It was purchased by Lin Neilson and raced competitively on all the South Island’s tracks and in the OSCA series.
Its specs are: Ford Lotus Twin Cam 1720cc, Ford 4-speed with Quaiffe internals, LSD, brakes disc front and drum rear.

Spencer Steele - 2013 PVA Kidwell/Arnold Special

Spencer Steele began racing in 1992 on ice in a highly modified Willys jeep, and enjoyed numerous wins and 13 points championships. He then moved on to Colorado and began hill climb racing in 1999 and achieved success with 5 points championships in the open wheel division along with numerous wins. Spencer started racing the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2000 and has competed in four different vehicles in the Open Wheel and Unlimited divisions earning two fifth places, two second places, and three consecutive wins from 2010-2012. In 2013 he began desert racing with the Crossfire off road trophy truck team and competed in the Baja 500 and 1000 co-driving to a hard-earned 16th place finish in the 2015 Baja 1000.

2013 PVA Kidwell/Arnold Special:

The Phoenix was originally built as a Wells Coyote, a purpose-built Pikes Peak Hill Climb car. Paul Dallenbach and his team set the overall record on Pikes Peak in it in 1993 and was thirrd in 1994. It was then put in a museum until 2002 when it was brought back to the mountain. The car raced in the Open Wheel division from 2002-2009 and won the race seven times. It was moved to the Unlimited division in 2010, then added twin turbos for the 2011 Pikes Peak which ended in a DNF because the car produced so much horsepower that it twisted the rear axle. In 2012 a wreck forced a complete rebuild of the car into its current form. Spencer drove it in the 2013 Pikes Peak Unlimited division and finished fifth in 9mins:57secs.

Paul Stichbury - 1958 Humber 80

Paul has been involved in motorsport and the motor trade industry since 1959. He has raced at national level but mainly at club level.
Paul is the father of the extremely talented driver Ashley Stichbury, who tragically died 15 years ago following a cerebral hemorrhage. Ashley had been rated by former Austrian Formula One driver Alex Wurz, as one of the two best drivers, alongside the late world champion Ayrton Senna, who he had driven against.

1958 Humber 80:

This car was purchased new by Harold Heasley, of Rangiora, and he won the NZ Saloon Car title in it during the 1959-60 season. It was then sold to Doctor Dick Langley of Napier and then Dave Bruton also of Napier. The Humber remained in Hawkes Bay as a club car.
Paul purchased it in the 1980s and tidied it up. He and his late son Ashley raced it in classic saloon events.

Peter Sundberg - 1932 Alfa Romeo 8C Monza

Peter’s racing career started in the seventies, where he was fortunate to gain full sponsorship competing in those “golden days” when race meetings attracted sell out spectator crowds. He competed with distinction, gaining a reputation, usually justified, as a somewhat wild and spectacular driver. Car of choice back then was the venerable Lotus Twin Cam Escort, highly modified. Peter has also rallied, both on gravel, in a Rotorsport prepared Mazda RX3 and on Tarmac in a Ford Escort Cosworth and then in a very quick Group B MG Metro 6R4, both in New Zealand and Ireland. He has also competed in classic motorcycle racing, on a Manx Norton, Moto Guzzi or MV Agusta 4 cylinder.

1932 Alfa Romeo 8C Monza:

The dominant racing car in the early 1930’s, the Alfa Romeo team was run by Enzo Ferrari prior to the manufacture of his own marque. Truly a piece of Italian mechanical artistry, this particular car is powered by a straight eight supercharged 2.6 engine. In its day, capable of winning almost every event in which it entered.  

David Thexton - 2005 Subaru Impreza STi

David has been involved in motorsport since 1976 and has competed in around 300 rallies in New Zealand and overseas. He has also driven for two seasons in V8 Supercar racing and one season of Porsche racing in Australia – with his best result a 16th at Bathurst in 2003.
David has won many rallies and rallysprint championships in his earlier competition years. David currently competes in a 2005 Subaru Impreza STi sponsored by Possum Bourne Motorsport, which he and his wife Mandy own. David’s ambition is to get into the top 10 at the Leadfoot Festival this year. David and Mandy are going to be competing in the 2017 New Zealand Rally Championship (NZRC).

2005 Subaru Impreza STi:

This car was originally built for Chris West who ran it for one national rally championship season before it was purchased by Richard and Sara Mason. They went on the win three NZRCs in this car.
This Subaru has been modified by Possum Bourne Motorsport for the Leadfoot Festival with a larger-than-standard Borg Warner turbo, front-mounted intercooler and a Kaps sequential gearbox.
The car weighs around 1450kg, as it is still in rally trim, with steel doors, boot and bonnet. The engine produces 550hp at 7000 rpm with 600Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. For Leadfoot the car is running Pirelli tyres on 18 inch rims.

Ben Thomasen - 2017 Polaris Razor XP 1000 Turbo

Ben is a 34-year-old professional driver for Polaris NZ and competes in the Oranz Off Road Championship. In 2015 he was NZ1 overall and first in UTV class. Ben was also the 2016 Shortcourse champion.
He has been involved in national Motorsport all his life including motorcross for 15 years before a life-changing accident in 2008 left him with a spinal cord injury and forced the change back to four wheels. Ben competed in D1NZ drifting from 2003-2006 with a highlight 3rd in NZ placing in the 2004 season. He began rallying in his 2005 Subaru Impreza from 2010 with the best result of 2013 HillClimb Champion.
The Leadfoot Festival is one of his favourite events of the year and Ben and his team are grateful to be a part of it.

2017 Polaris Razor XP 1000 Turbo:

This 2017 model Polaris Razor XP 1000 Turbo is powered by a Prostar 1000cc twin cylinder turbo charged 4stroke engine, with a CVT transmission with 2 or 4WD selected on the dash. Standard they are 105hp at the wheels but currently our race UTV is 160hp at all 4 wheels. Top speed is standard 121kmh, while our race UTV clocks 150kmh. It weighs about 700kgs having added an extra roll cage. It is suspended by FOX Shocks. The Polaris is currently running in the Oranz S UTV class which is for turbo models and allows modifications, although factory engines including internals and drive lines must remain factory. Suspenion, wheels, track and bolt on parts are allowed.

Anne Thomson - 1957 D Type Jaguar Replica

Anne has been involved with owning and racing Vintage and Veteran cars for many years including the 14 litre Grand Prix Darracq she has raced at speed during previous Leadfoot Festivals. Most of her racing to date has been in the Edwardian class. The D-Type Jaguar is new to the stable and having a car with brakes that work will be a new experience for her.

1957 D Type Jaguar Replica:

Built during 1990 and 1999 as a replica of the works D Type Jaguars that won the 24 hours of Le Mans race in 1955, 1956 and 1957 with many other successes and places in major events.
The Jag is based on the original D-Type XKD 534 when it was still in New Zealand and owned by Noel Foster. This car has a full alloy body built by Ray Larsen. The motor is a 3.8 litre Jaguar with 3 twin choke Dellorto Carbs with dry sump lubrication. As a Le Mans entry, the D type was capable of speeds in excess of 180 mph at Mulsanne but was tractable enough to be driven to and from the circuit. The E type Jaguar followed the D type with similar construction but with IRS.

Mike Tubbs - 1992 BMW 325i M3 Coupe E36

Mike competed in his first motorsport event in 1998, the same time as buying the ‘Foxing’ BMW 325i coupe. From 1998 – 2011 Mike rallied in most Targa events achieving class wins and top 5s overall. The North Island endurance race series was also a favourite race event for him and co-driver Mike Ashton and they had an exciting outright series win in 2004. The car #31 BMW 325i/M3 coupe and Mike were also active in Hamilton Car Club events and Taranaki rallies for 12 years also. ‘Foxing’ is the car’s nickname and Mike’s is ‘Tubbsy’. Motorsport is so enjoyable and he is looking forward to many more events again after a busy business period over the last four years.

1992 BMW 325i M3 Coupe E36:

In 1993 this E36 BMW coupe driven by Brett Riley was 4th in the Wellington 500 street race and 1st in class. The NZ Touring Car Championships from 1994 – 1998 saw the BMW Motorsport team car #31 driven by Brett Riley and car #2 driven by Craig Baird competing, with Craig winning from 1994 to 1997. Brett was 2nd and won in 1998. Jason Richards also raced car #31 from 1994-6.

Al Unser Jr. - 1915 Stutz

Al is a two-time Indianapolis 500 winner and goes by various nicknames – Little Al, Al Junior, or simply Junior.

Hailing from the United States, Al was racing sprint cars by age 11. After high school, he was already in the World of Outlaws series of sprint car racing. He soon moved into road racing, winning the Super Vee title in 1981 and the Can-Am title in 1982.

Al’s first Indy win came in 1992 defeating Scott Goodyear by 0.043 of a second, the closest finish in Indianapolis 500 history. In 1994, Unser again won at Indy, this time with Penske Racing.

He also has a whole list of titles to his name, including the Can-Am Championship (1982), IROC-International Race of Champions (1986 and 1988) and the CART Indy Car World Series (1990 and 1994). In 2009, he was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.

1915 Stutz:

Nicknamed the Stutz or ‘the car that made good in a day’ this race car was imported into New Zealand in 1923. It raced successfully in many events at the Muriwai beach races and winning NZ Cup in 1926, 27 and 28 outright when owned by Bob Wilson. Bob later donated the cup to the NZ Grand Prix Association and it is now the NZ Grand Prix premier trophy.
The car is now owned by the Southward Museum Trust and is on display at the Southward Car Museum
It’s achievements included third at Indianapolis in 1915, at 140.9kph average and second at the 1919 Indianapolis 500.

Mike Vincent - 1973 Hillman Avenger

A local Whitianga resident Mike started out in motorsport as a member of the Hamilton Car Club in 1987 aged 17and began competing in club hill climbs and sprints driving a 1300 Mini.
In 1991 Mike entered his first rally in his Hillman Avenger and competed throughout the 1990s on gravel and tarmac rallies.
In 2000 Mike began competing in Targa and continued until 2007, where he achieved first overall classic at Targa Rotorua and third overall classic in the main event.  Mike competed in last year’s Leadfoot Festival after eight years break from motorsport and spent most of the weekend trying to knock the rust off and get up to speed. His intention this year is to improve on his best time of 60.3 seconds and feature in the top 10 classics.

1973 Hillman Avenger:

This 1973 Hillman Avenger has been owned, developed and campaigned by Mike in regional, national and Targa rallies since 1992. Rolling it in the second stage of his first rally, Mike learnt quickly what it meant to own and run a rally car, with many countless hours spent with his team of supporters. Revenga has been improved and upgraded continuously over the 25 years that Mike has owned it and is currently in group 2 specification. It runs a 2 litre Brazilian engine that produces 200 flywheel horsepower through a tilton twinplate clutch and alloy Quaife 5 speed gearbox to Escort LSD rear end. The car weighs 900kgs in rally trim and has Bilstein suspension. Its Series 5 Mazda RX7 brakes take care of the stopping duties.

Ross Webster - 1962 Renault Dauphine Hill Climb Special

Ross took up motorsport in 2002 and since then he has competed in many NZ Targa events and lots of hill climbs and sprints all over the North Island.
He has competed in four Targa events with the Dauphine back in 2002-2004 and then another three Targas in a Nissan. He has also done some co-driving and service crewing on various cars.
His circuit racing has been limited to a few track days and a four-hour endurance race at Manfeild.
Ross is a member of the Pukekohe Car Club and enjoys doing club events in the Auckland and Waikato districts.

1962 Renault Dauphine Hill Climb Special:

This is a 1962 Renault Dauphine built by Ross and some other Renault enthusiasts. The original 850cc engine and 3 speed gearbox has been discarded and is now running a 1600 R17 Gordini motor mated to a modified Renault 4 speed gearbox. All up without the driver the car weighs 660kgs. Just about every part of the car is modified including fiberglass guards from France, three stud Madin wheels (also from France), quick rack steering and a front mount radiator but it still retains the infamous swing axle rear suspension. It makes an ideal hill climb car due to its light weight and good traction.

Dave West - 2000 Freightliner Argosy Supertruck

Dave has always enjoyed watching motorsport and did a brief stint on the dirt track in his late teens. After then work always seemed to get in the way. Finally, he managed to get the work/ life balance organised better and raced dirt track for seven seasons during which he won several class and feature titles. Then he decided it was time to build a NZ Supertruck. Dave had watched these racing as a teenager and has been involved in the transport industry for 20+ years. With support from his family and lots of businesses he deals with on a daily basis this idea was able to become reality. After a rather bumpy first season he finished the season second in class. He is looking forward to starting next season with a little more knowledge onboard.

2000 Freightliner Argosy Supertruck:

TThis vehicle was built into a race truck for the 2015/16 New Zealand Super Truck series. It is powered by a Series 60 Detroit engine, running compound turbos producing around 1600hp. This is transferred to the tarmac through an Allison automatic 6-speed transmission. Front suspension is leaf spring with an anti-roll bar and the rear is custom three-link with panhard and anti-roll bar. The Koni adjustable shocks are used in the four corners. A major crash at its second event necessitated a full rebuild, including a new cab. Dave went on to finish the season with a couple of race wins and second overall in class.
Dave and his team are looking forward to having some fun up ‘Millen’s mile’ in February.

Mad Mike Whiddett - Badbul Mazda SP3 RX8

Mad Mike has always had a passion for all things extreme and fast.

He raced motocross from the age of 6 and placed second at the New Zealand 1997 Pro junior 85cc motocross champs. Pre-adolescence he also competed in BMX then eventually transitioned into the extreme sport of freestyle motocross to compete as a professional for three years.
He then made the switch to another form of motorsport which gave him that same rush of adrenaline but with the safety of a roll-cage and thus his drifting career was born in 2007.

Now backed by some of the world’s biggest brands Red Bull, Mazda, Mobil1, Nitto, Rotiform, Holinger, KW suspension, Turbo by Garrett, Snap-On Tools, PWR Performance, and Wilwood, Mike competes in four pro drift-spec Mazda rotary powered cars all over the globe. He received over 4.5 million views on You Tube after his ‘Conquer the Crown’ drift project up Queenstown’s Crown Range. Mike was also the first NZ drift driver to receive an award from Motorsport New Zealand for Outstanding Achievement.

Badbul Mazda SP3 RX8:

ENGINE: Pulse Performance Race engineering (PPRE) 20B 3-rotor; Monster
Bridgeport; lightened/balanced rotors; cross-drilled eccentric shaft; Pulse Performance Race Engineering (PPRE) apex seals; modified stationary gears; Garrett GTX-45 Turbo; custom merge exhaust manifold; Turbosmart Mad Mike Signature Edition 60mm Power-Gate 60 external wastegate; Redline Performance 6″ intercooler; Turbosmart blow-off valve; K&N air filter, custom 3.5″ stainless steel exhaust system; custom fuel cell; 2x Bosch Motorsport 044 fuel pumps; Bosch Motorsport lift pump; high-flow fuel lines; Turbosmart adjustable fuel pressure regulator; custom fuel rails; high-flow injectors; Gilmer belt drives, custom catch tank and overflow bottle; Redline Performance alloy radiator; 2x Setrab oil coolers; intercooler and radiator water sprayers.
ENGINE MANAGEMENT / ELECTRONICS: Pulse Performance Race Engineering (PPRE) Tuned Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 ECU; custom loom
DRIVELINE: Holinger RD6S-SS Sequential 6Speed; Clutch & flywheel by Direct Clutch; Autosport Dynamics / Winters quick-change rear end; Autosport Dynamics limited slip differential; custom Driveshaft Shop axles & hubs
SUSPENSION / CHASSIS: KW Suspension 3way Adjustable, FD3S RX-7 steering rack; Megan Racing steering arms; URAS tie-rods; Megan Racing tie-rod ends, MMM steering knuckles, Custom tube frame
WHEELS / TIRES: Front: 17×10″ Rotiform SLC, Nitto NT05 225/40R18 tires; Rear: 18×11.5″ Rotiform SLC , Nitto NT05 (dry) and Nitto INVO (wet) 265/35R18 tires
CABIN: Six-point weld-in rollcage; Takata Racing seats – custom MM; Takata Racing belts belts; RacePak digital dash; Autosport Dynamics hydraulic e-braker lever, Lifeline fire extinguisher system; D2 Racing air jacks; custom switch board
BODY: Hybrid Lab wide body kit; BN Sport vented hood; Seibon carbon fiber doors; Seibon carbon fiber trunk lid; Sard GT wing; custom CRE8GRAFX livery

Mad Mike Whiddett - 2013 Mazda RX8 13B Superlite

Mad Mike has always had a passion for all things extreme and fast.
He raced motocross from the age of 6 and placed second at the New Zealand 1997 Pro junior 85cc motocross champs. Pre-adolescence he also competed in BMX then eventually transitioned into the extreme sport of freestyle motocross to compete as a professional for three years. He then made the switch to another form of motorsport which gave him that same rush of adrenaline but with the safety of a roll-cage and thus his drifting career was born in 2007. Now backed by some of the world’s biggest brands – Red Bull, Mazda, Mobil1, Nitto, Rotiform, Holinger, KW suspension, Turbo by Garrett, Snap-On Tools, PWR Performance, and Wilwood – Mike competes in four, pro drift-spec Mazda rotary-powered cars all over the globe. He received over 4.5 million views on You Tube after his ‘Conquer the Crown’ drift project up Queenstown’s Crown Range. Mike was also the first New Zealand drift driver to receive an award from Motorsport New Zealand for Outstanding Achievement.

2013 Mazda RX8 13B Superlite:

This Superlite short course race truck is powered by the Mazda RX8 13B naturally aspirated engine. Suspension is a Fox Racing triple by-pass and the Gearbox is a Mendeola 4 speed transaxle.

Gaz Whiter - 1997 Nissan Silvia S14

Gaz is the four-time NZ National Drifting Champion, which is a current record and he has also achieved runner up three times.
Amongst other things he was the 2010 NZ Drift Nationals Champion, Rotary Jamboree Champion and number one qualifier in the World Time Attack Drift Australia.
Gaz’s awards include; 2009 Kaipara Sports Person of the year, D1NZ Spirit of Drifting award and D1NZ sportsmanship superstar award.
Gaz has also competed in the Red Bull Drifting World Champs in Long Beach USA.
He is a qualified builder by trade and in his spare time is an avid fisherman.
Although currently not competing in the D1NZ Championship, he is concentrating on events such as Leadfoot Festival, grassroots and one-off events.
This gives him more time to spend with his recently welcomed son Connor.

1997 Nissan Silvia S14:

Gaz Whiter’s S14 Silvia was built in the shed at home. It is a new build from the team and is a very basic drift machine designed to do one-off events and demos, while keeping the cost of drifting to a minimum, yet still allowing Gaz to compete should the opportunity present itself.
It has an around 400-500hp V8 engine and runs a Nascar 4-speed gearbox. It has Tein suspension throughout, custom steering arms (for a big steering angle), GTR rear diff and axles, a Wilwood brake system, a 40 litre fuel cell running 100 octane gas, a Link computer, Origin Labo body kit, carbon doors and an Origin Labo bonnet.

Curt Whittaker - 2000 Nissan R34 Skyline

Curt is the current D1NZ National Drifting Champion. This is his second championship title, with his first time being crowned drift king in 2012. Since custom building the R34 he has been a strong, consistent competitor having six consecutive season podium finishes in the D1NZ. In 2011 he won the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge in Sydney, and at the 2016 Leadfoot Festival he placed third in the Best of Show (behind Scott Dixon and Tanner Foust). Curt and RATTLU are strongly supported by a strong crew of family and friends who travel from all over the country to his various events.

2000 Nissan R34 Skyline:

The R34 GTR was custom-built from the ground up by Whittaker Motorsport. It started off running a 2JZ engine which was reliable at the time, but is now fitted out with a 410ci small block Ford V8 thanks to Rattla Motorsport. This is a much needed addition in order to remain competitive within various competitions. It has a custom wide body and Z tuned body kit, and is currently running 750hp+. The car has always been a strong package and a force to be reckoned with thanks to Curt and all the Whittaker and Rattla Motorsport crews. After six gruelling seasons in this car it is still one of the strongest and most reliable packages out there.

Scott Wilkins - 2016 Kawasaki H2R

Scott is a 39-year-old businessmen from Tauranga. He is a former motorcycle shop owner, Pukekohe Motorcycle Club president and life member, supercross promoter and still current Motorsport New Zealand steward and clerk of the course.

Scott has raced nearly every form of motorcycles available, from an early age, as well as a few years in speedway saloons. He is currently racing street circuits on a super motard kx450f and motocross on a kx125. In addition Scott is attempting to go after the motorcycle and outright New Zealand land speed record on the Kawasaki H2R.

Having grown up racing motorcycles and in a racing family, he is continuing the family tradition.

2016 Kawasaki H2R:

Kawasaki produced the highest horsepower production motorcycle ever made, an incredible 330hp from the supercharged 1000cc 4-cylinder motor. Prompting the development of the Ninja H2R, was a strong desire to offer riders something they had never experienced. Convinced that a truly extraordinary riding experience would not be found on a motorcycle that merely
built on the performance of existing models, the design team committed to developing the “ultimate” motorcycle from a clean slate.
The bike needed to deliver intense acceleration and an ultra-high top speed, coupled with Supersport-level circuit performance. Help was enlisted from other companies in the Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) Group, precipitating an unprecedented level of inter-company collaboration. Developing the Ninja H2R as a closed-course model allowed an unadulterated pursuit of performance – free of the limitations that street riding would impose. The resulting new model offers a sensory experience surpassing anything that riders can find today.

Ray Williams - 1970 Ford Capri V8 Perana

Ray has been racing for more than 45 years and has won more than 300 races.
He has raced a variety of cars, from Ford Escorts, Nissans, MGs, Porsches, Formula Fords through to Formula 5000 and a March Indy Car.
In 1996 he set the New Zealand Outright Land Speed Record at 316 kmh in his Porsche 930 Turbo (some NZ records still stand today).
In 2006 Ray was part of the team to set NZ Endurance Records for 1 hour, 6 hour, 12 hour, 18 hour and 24 hour (these Records still stand).
He is still racing (and winning) as he approaches 70 years old.

1970 Ford Capri V8 Perana:

This 1970 Ford V8 Perana was built in South Africa as a Production Car.
The engine is a Ford Windsor V8, producing 460hp.
Neil Tolich built this car and won his class in Targa NZ several times.
Neil also won many races in the Classic race series.
Lucky for Ray, Neil decided to let him buy it from him.

Ray Wilson - 1995 Audi S2 Coupe Quattro

Ray started driving in car club events in the 1970s then did his first rally in 1974, in an 850cc Mini.
His highlights include a first in class in the 1979 Motogard Rally with a 1275 GT Mini.
He was first in class three years in a row on Rally NZ in 1984, 1985 and 1986 in a 1300cc Toyota Starlet.
The change to 4WD and the 1600cc Mazda 323 produced a second overall and first New Zealander on the 1988 Rally NZ and seventh in 1989. In 1988 Ray also finished second in the first FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship series.
In 1989 and 1990 Ray drove a Ford Laser Turbo in the NZ Production Car Championship for the Ford dealer team.
In 1990 Ray debuted the Mazda 323 GTX at the WRC in Perth.
Ray is driving for the Stewart Motorsport team in their Audi S2 Coupe Quattro.

1995 Audi S2 Coupe Quattro:

When Malcolm Stewart passed away a few years ago from motor neuron disease (MND) Sue Stewart and the team decided to return to rallying to honour him and to promote awareness of neurological disorders and in particular MND.
The car chosen was the Audi Quattro – a car made famous in NZ rallying by both the factory works team and Malcolm.
The car you see here today is a Group A, 1995 Audi S2 Coupe Quattro. 2200cc, turbo charged, about 320 hp, 6 speed gearbox and the famous Quattro 4WD. It was built in NZ by the team for the 2016 rally season and debuted here at Leadfoot last year.

Allan Woolf - 1958 Volpini Formula Jr.

Allan has been a motorsport competitor for some 60 years starting with the Auckland Car Club hillclimb series, driving a 1933 Ford Y, 8hp. This car did the Indianapolis and Hepolite car trials and gained a second overall. Many saloon car races followed like the GTX series driving a Holden GTR. In 1972 daughter Sue was Allan’s co-driver in the Heatway Rally and in 1973 son John co-drove the Heatway in a Ford Capri.
Allan drove in many long distance races including the Benson & Hedges series. He also drove a Toyota Sprinter in the Wellington Street series, Manfeild, and Pukekohe.
Allan has raced the Production class in a Fiat 124 at Baypark, Manfeild and Pukekohe. He also won the NZ Saloon Car Championship in 1975 in a Ford Escort.
In 1983, Rod Millen lent Allan a RX7 Mazda to drive at the Pikes Peak Hillclimb and he won the rally car class’ Rookie of the Year. Allan did the event again in 1984 and 1986 driving Rod’s 4WD RX7 cars.

1958 Volpini Formula Jr.:

This car is one of just fifteen built. Count Johnny Lurani, the originator of the Formula Junior, purchased this car. It spent the next three years as a ‘hire and drive’ racing car, including a spell of ice racing in Sweden. Lurani sold the car to Mr Lombardi in Italy but it slowly fell into disrepair, until purchased in the mid-1980s by Geoff and Barbara Manning. They brought it back to New Zealand and completely restored it. The Volpini made its debut at the 1989 Ardmore Grand Prix reunion and has been raced in historic meetings throughout New Zealand. It has won its class in the Thoroughbred & Classic Car Owners Club (TACCOC) Historic four times since 1990.
In 2005 the Volpini was sold to Allan.
Considering it is vintage with engine and drum brakes from the 1950s, its 88hp does it proud.

Grant Woolford - 2016 FS450 Husqvarna

Grant is the owner of the Cyclespot Group. He has been riding bikes since he was 7 years old. That means that at the age of 42 Grant has ridden motorcycles for 35 years. He raced for 20 of those years in motocross.
After watching the Leadfoot Festival in 2015 he knew he had to race up the world’s coolest driveway. He competed last year and couldn’t wait to get back to the Leadfoot Festival this year after having such a great time.

2016 FS450 Husqvarna:

This 2016 Husqvarna FS450 is a factory-built supermotard that produces 70hp with a top speed of around 200kph. These bikes are used for closed circuit racing but it is very well suited for hill climbs such as the Leadfoot Festival. The bike is running full slick tyres that will be heated with tyre warmers to get maximum grip. The tyre surface at any one time will be about the size of a fifty cent coin.

Fanga' Dan Woolhouse - 2016 VF Holden Commodore

Daniel is also known as ‘Fanga Dan’, and is a two-time D1NZ Champion and professional drifting driver from Whangarei. Daniel competed in a purpose-built Nissan S15 Silvia which went on to win the 2006 D1NZ Championship in just his second year of full competition. He went on to compete in his LS2 V8-powered Holden VZ Commodore, in the 2013 D1NZ Championship Series, in which he became the 2013 New Zealand Drift Champion. In 2015 he began  competing in his 2016 VF Holden Commodore, which is powered by a Supercharged LS2 V8. Century Batteries is his naming rights sponsor.

2016 VF Holden Commodore:

This is a FDC V8-powered VF Holden Commodore, fully built and prepared by Zane at Checkered Flag Automotive in Whangarei. It boasts an 2028 860hp super-charged LS2 V8. Tuned by the well-respected Glen Suckling at GDS Automotive. It features:
– Adjustable Sway Bars; Link G4 Engine Management; Winters 10inch Quick Change Diff; Vortech Supercharger; Electronic Throttle Control; Tein Custom Suspension by Iain Wilson at Autolign; TKO600 Dogset Gearbox; RaceTech FIA Safety Gear; AP Racing Brake System; Fenix Radiators; 18” VCP Cosmis Racing Wheels; TRI-ACE; Racing King Tyres 265/35/18
Would you believe this vehicle used to be a police car ?

Bevan Wright - 1965 Gulf Almac Cobra 427R

Bevan has been a competitor in grass roots level motorsport for the last 25 years, competing in street sprints, hill climbs and circuit racing. He has had a passion for racing Minis, Escorts and his Cobra replica. He also enjoys racing and meeting other drivers at any level of the sport.

1965 Gulf Almac Cobra 427R:

This 1989 Almac Cobra 427R is a 1989 Shelby Cobra replica built by Graham Berry Race Cars as a purpose-built race car in the classic race series. The Cobra has been a front runner with the Whittaker’s Tuscan, Stew McCondack’s Ferrari and has raced against the Lighting Direct Porches plus the PDL Mustang at Ohakea Airbase, and at the Wellington Street Race. The Cobra is powered by a 454 Chevrolet LS7, Hillborn injected and dry sumped. It is running about 650hp. The bodywork is Kevlar. Bevan brought the Gulf Cobra to Leadfoot in 2013, and is keen to back to get into the top 10!

Allan Wylie - 1936 Ford V8 Coupe

Allan Wylie is a mechanic from Christchurch, whose first experience of motorsport was when he sneaked into the Levin Motor Races at age ten to see what all the noise was about. The experience must have had a profound effect on him because he went on to make cars his life’s work and a hobby as well. He first participated in the sport as a teenager by crewing for, and later driving, a TQ midget at Templeton Speedway and he has dabbled in club level motorsport on both two and four wheels ever since. Allan was a founder member of BEARS motorcycle club in 1983 and later helped his friend John Britten build and race motorcycles. For 32 years he worked at Auto Restorations in Christchurch – first as workshop foreman and later as general manager -working on a wide range of vintage and classic cars.

1936 Ford V8 Coupe:

Allan bought the 1936 Ford Coupe in 1969 and has driven it on most days since then. The coupe has been refined and developed over the years to make it faster, more dependable, comfortable and fun to drive. It currently runs a 59A flathead V8 engine with an Eaton M90 supercharger, EFI and solid state ignition controlled by a Link computer. The engine is backed by a Toyota W50 5-speed gearbox and a Falcon rear axle with LSD. Anti-roll bars, panhard rods and telescopic shocks help the handling. Allan relishes the opportunity to drive the Ford at events, like Leadfoot, where skids are encouraged, not punished.